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  1. Alot of Wednesday players are out of contract at the end of the season which is a blessing. Probably the right time to start bringing youth through.
  2. I make you right. No guarantees they will even find one, nevermind if it'll actually be effective. I just wonder how long supporters would be prepared to wait to return to matches. Suppose this goes on beyond the 20/21 season.
  3. I do feel for those clubs. They are dependent on ticket revenue. Would hate to see any club go bust. Still, the game needs to have a look at itself and we may need to reconsider transfer fees, wages and the role of agents. The bubble was always going to burst.
  4. Don't get me wrong I'm not for rushing back all I mean is I wonder if it will mean that next season is behind closed doors too. Absolutely have to put health and welfare at the top of the list and until this covid has done one I wouldn't want to attend a game anyway. Yea, I heard about the plague being found in Mongolia. Can be treated with anti biotics I believe but with people getting more immune to the effects of anti biotics it is worrying.
  5. I can see a few clubs getting into big financial trouble. Wigan won't be the last by any stretch.
  6. I wonder when fans will be allowed back in stadiums and if we will see reduced capacities for the foreseeable. As much as it is good having football back, not being able to attend is frustrating. I wonder if 20/21 will be a right off for the most part...which then begs the question what will the financial implications be?
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