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  1. Windass for me. Cant have been easy playing in the heat, but he looked lively and was making runs. He wanted the ball and he didn't drop off massively at any point. A few others looked like they hadn't even turned up. Credit to DM for the win. He made the right calls... Bakinson, Byers and Gregory changed the game. We looked a different team when they came on.
  2. Fair play to DM. He made the big calls at the right time today. The substitutions changed the game. He didn't dwell, he pulled his finger out and got us the three points. I thought Byers and Bakinson both took the game by the scruff of the neck, it clearly galvanised us. I thought Windass was bright throughout. Not a classic, not as many chances created as you'd like to see but an ugly win is still a win. Very happy with that. Charlton are absolute shithouses... I like that. That number 24 (Inniss) was a right pain in the arse all game, sly digs all over the shop. I thought Sean Clare was lively for them too. They'll do fine this season. Proper awkward team and well coached. Onwards from here.
  3. You're not wrong. I really don't want us to find ourselves in a position where we are looking for a new manager. Maybe it would work out but it could end up being a complete disaster. I still have faith that Moore can get us out of this division but increasingly I'm not sure he can do it without a really solid, tactically astute and experienced assistant. I never thought we'd win the league, I just think there will be a better organised outfit that sweep all before them. There are some obvious contenders. There's absolutely no reason that we shouldn't be a clear second best team in the league that grabs the other automatic spot. The good thing is we haven't lost... which could have easily happened. we've started with a draw against a handy side. Portsmouth will be fighting it out for a playoff spot no doubt. They will be up there. What matters is how we respond to this game. I think we will see a reaction and I believe defensively changes will probably be made by the time we play Charlton and hopefully that is where the campaign can really start. I don't know how I feel about the MK game. I think a draw there will be a fine result. Home form can't be patchy, we depend on it.
  4. Darren is a nice, genuine bloke. I really want to see him succeed... but maybe he's in need of a better assistant to compliment what he brings in terms of spotting a signing and being a guy that the players like working for. You can't ignore glaring tactical weak spots. I think Moore has a lot of qualities but I do have questions about how he reads games. Second half we we were getting roasted out wide... getting bullied, bundled past and coming undone by the resulting crosses. Maybe switching it to a back four after going 2-1 up would have been wise. It's too early to make rash judgements on him or the team just yet. we are going to see another 2 or 3 players joining which may be the key signings for the season. A pacey striker, another centre half and possibly an out and out number 10 to take pressure off Bannan, especially if he is likely to play a deeper role. I seriously want to see a different approach to clamping down on opposing wingers/wing backs by the next league game. Keep the faith. It will improve.
  5. It was like watching two different teams. First half Wednesday looked assured, fresh and in control. Started the second half so sluggishly. The defending in the box was non existent for their 3 goals... absolutely atrocious. It was clear that the team needed freshining up but Moore just kept delaying making the changes. That really is two points dropped and in the end you could say they were lucky to finish the game with a point. I think you have to allow first game syndrome but questions of the defence need to be asked and Moore needs to be prepared to make big calls quicker when it is obvious the team are starting to fade.
  6. Looking to go to the game but is it only the north stand that is open?
  7. Growing up I remember Orient coming into school and flogging season tickets for a tenner out the back of a van. Great days... price put me off a bit though. I couldn't justify paying anything like that for a ticket, Premier League... Champions League or World Cup. At the end of the day, it's a game. When you're having to double check every item you're sticking in the basket and you've got kids to feed and clothe... it ain't happening. There was a time I would have loved us to be back in the Prem. When you had he likes of Henry there, Shearer still doing his thing, Drogba... but now, I actually think the league ain't as exciting to watch as it was. I'd say the mid 2000's was actually its peak. The Championship is easily my favourite because it's an absolute arse to compete... tough as hell and entertaining. You start selling tickets at silly prices and I'd probably start watching local non league.
  8. Fair comment that. I think this is going to be a ridiculously tight season. I'm hopeful of automatic but wouldn't bet on it... there will definitely be a surprise package in the league. We can lay a marker down against Pompey. Get the fans on board from day one... an opening day defeat and big wins elsewhere isn't what's needed. Still, I'm keeping positive... we have more going for us than against.
  9. Anyone else having a problem getting tickets online? It's saying they are available then when I go on it's blank. Bit of a pain in the arse... know i can buy on the day but I'd rather save mucking about and sod phoning the ticket line...
  10. What interests me most is what do the players think of him? How do they respond to him? All the talk suggests he is respected and has the players on side. He came to a club in chaos. Everything that surrounded Wednesday was negative and having to deal with that was far from ideal. Not only are you rebuilding a squad but you're having to change a mentality and bring back pride and confidence. You're also having to win over a weary and long suffering set of supporters. Again, on that score he has done very well IMO and should be applauded for the work he has done. I see parallels between the job DM has done and will continue to do with us and what Mark Robbins had to deal with and change at Coventry City. Patience can definitely pay off. I genuinely believe he is the right man at the right time and this will be a big season for him and the club. I fully anticipate us to get down to business and boss the division. Top two is on the cards barring any disasters.
  11. Released by Coventry and still without a club. Anyone think he could be a good addition to the squad? Had his problems with injury but he has age on his side and could be handy to have as an option on the bench and as backup. I'm surprised someone hasn't taken him on.
  12. Alot of Wednesday players are out of contract at the end of the season which is a blessing. Probably the right time to start bringing youth through.
  13. I make you right. No guarantees they will even find one, nevermind if it'll actually be effective. I just wonder how long supporters would be prepared to wait to return to matches. Suppose this goes on beyond the 20/21 season.
  14. I do feel for those clubs. They are dependent on ticket revenue. Would hate to see any club go bust. Still, the game needs to have a look at itself and we may need to reconsider transfer fees, wages and the role of agents. The bubble was always going to burst.
  15. Don't get me wrong I'm not for rushing back all I mean is I wonder if it will mean that next season is behind closed doors too. Absolutely have to put health and welfare at the top of the list and until this covid has done one I wouldn't want to attend a game anyway. Yea, I heard about the plague being found in Mongolia. Can be treated with anti biotics I believe but with people getting more immune to the effects of anti biotics it is worrying.
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