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  1. He was rhe wrong side of the attacker for every goal because he is not a defender also because he can't put that into his game but good going forward
  2. Very poor thought he was last season Don't think he should bd in the team stick ikew fella on the right
  3. He was poor that ball that he just kicked out of play then berated johnson what was that about and some of his passes just put the defence under pressure early days but he looks suspect to me
  4. Does it look like there is seating on the triangle on the bottom of the Lepps ??
  5. I don't know if its been mentioned but st james park Exeter. But there were alot of us there in 1980 Typically Wednesday crap result great day out !
  6. Bpf its ano from me Hunt release Palmer release Dunkley release Brown release Luongo will probs go Windass will probs go Storey would keep if possible Dean would keep if possible Sow release
  7. Absolute legend . Was at Southend when his shirt was covered in blood. Hope all bodes well for him and his family
  8. For all those that said BPF had not much to do he should have commanded his box and told bannan to leave it and claimed the ball .Myself and all around me voiced the same . It was a major factor in their goal For all his good saves his mistakes this season have cost us dearly. Other than that we are an ageing team and require some good youth in with a spine of experienced players. Our team was thrown together at the start of the season and only just fell short. All said and done i have enjoyed this season and am looking forward to next season
  9. They let us down today same as Tuesday very poor
  10. I thought it was mainly down to Iorfa he played them onside as he was behind our line of players then with a bad header which gave them the corner which in turn led to the goal
  11. Berahino couldn't lace my boots and i am 58 and a defender ffs
  12. Nml was pants today and paterson the only reason we lost was we had nowt up front ! Give Cadamartri a go surely he has more to give than them . And don't get me wrong i rate nml. But just give us some attacking options
  13. Can he recall Johnson aswell please
  14. It made the b side on Terry Curran's singing the blues no less
  15. We've had plenty of lost cants more like and a few we would like to loose!
  16. Growing up we always sang The Wednesday then three claps. I have never heard any other clubs chant the whatever they are called , although a few call themselves the villa or the arsenal for instance.. Anyhow i miss this chant and hope it gets resurrected at some stage ! All the best to you all have a great Christmas and New Year Up The Wednesday
  17. Not from any of those footballers who haven't been jabbed then obviously
  18. Get a life we had 4 12yr olds with us who were on the pitch for the 2nd goal and one ran on for bannans shirt great to to see so much enthusiasm for The Wednesday loved it
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