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  1. Agree totally with Snooty, I gave him the benefit of doubt due to not having his own team of coaches. But it is no better so time to go while we have enough season to get someone in to get us up the table . If the supporters had been in the ground he would have been gone
  2. Our midfield is one of our main problems as most teams go through it without a challenge. I know we've missed louongo but he gets injured every couple of matches anyway. But other than that the physicality is not there
  3. Now is probably the best time to renovate . Knock down the lepps and rebuild ; i should imagine the price would be cheaper in the current climate and plenty of options for builders no disruption to fans. Go on Mr Chansiri go for it
  4. He will be better than bannan. He can tackle for one and always looking for a forward pass and then supporting. Doesn't have to be back with the center backs looking for the ball. So much more movement when he plays
  5. That reply is absolutely class gid me a reyt belly laugh
  6. Unfortunately for him he will be remembered in the abject performance against the pigs but even more unfortunate for him was he was playing alongside the commanding lees . Hopefully he can kick on as i know alot of clubs were after him initially
  7. Get rid our midfield is one dimensional with Bannan. Went to qpr in the cup with hunt and hutchinson in the middle we had a combative middle of the park made a change !
  8. Now i have nothing against Mr Chansiri and hope he has success with us . But what will it be for him build a new team ? Knock the lepps and build a new stand with bars shops underneath , try and move us to a new modern stadium ( which i hope not ! ) As i don't think he will leave but you never know. But as we all know done correctly he could and should resurrect our Great club
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