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  1. Can he recall Johnson aswell please
  2. It made the b side on Terry Curran's singing the blues no less
  3. We've had plenty of lost cants more like and a few we would like to loose!
  4. Growing up we always sang The Wednesday then three claps. I have never heard any other clubs chant the whatever they are called , although a few call themselves the villa or the arsenal for instance.. Anyhow i miss this chant and hope it gets resurrected at some stage ! All the best to you all have a great Christmas and New Year Up The Wednesday
  5. Not from any of those footballers who haven't been jabbed then obviously
  6. Get a life we had 4 12yr olds with us who were on the pitch for the 2nd goal and one ran on for bannans shirt great to to see so much enthusiasm for The Wednesday loved it
  7. Blatter is bang on those mentioned are not fit to wear the shirt imo
  8. I just wish that him or gregory would launch themselves at one of those hard low crosses that go in be brave it might not go straight in and force at least a save how many have gone begging in the last few games ?
  9. C'mon then were any of you there ? We took about 1500 a good night out i think we went from bradfield rd club AWAW
  10. Well done to the U18's a good win in the fa youth cup well done lads keep it going Southampton up next
  11. He got totally bullied and out played saturday by oliver !
  12. Can't get a tune out of Wing or Shodipo who both played well by all accounts last year or Corbeanu . I don't think we really use our wingers well at all. They don't seem to recieve the ball much at all
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