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  1. Is it just me or are we reading too much into this? When I go to Hillsborough there's young fans everywhere, Owls in the Park, young fans everywhere. Personally I don't think they are that bothered about comfort, what they're eating/drinking, how bad certain players are. They just enjoy the occasion being out with their mates, dads, mums etc. with thousands of others on matchday. Maybe it's the influence of us older fans constantly whinging and whining, understandable as that maybe that puts them off. I know my daughter can't wait to get back and my son and his mates are getting season tickets
  2. Can I ask why you've been a huge fan? My opinion of him is at the opposite end of the scale and I struggle to see how anybody rates him as a footballer.
  3. Haha!! Same here. Me and my brother staring at each trying not to go mad.
  4. It's not all about the tackling though, he simply isn't aggressive when in possession of the ball. When was the last time he actually ran at player to get past him, draw a foul? Go to meet the ball in front of a marker, again to take a kick. Its as though his first thought when he has the ball or when the ball is coming to him is to get rid as quickly as possible. Harris has his faults as a winger but at least he'll have a go .
  5. Absolutely this. Its been a problem since before this season.
  6. But its not just his tackling though, when he's in possession of the ball he's just not aggressive enough. Always seems to take the easy option, never seems to drive at a player to draw a foul. I know Harris has his critics but at least he'll have a go and not be frightened to get a kick or two.
  7. Couldn't agree more and don't even get me started on Reach.
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