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  1. Wages for those £150m worth of players would likely hamper any club for years to come and recurring embargos/penaltys. The two teams getting parachute payments went up....yeh, but one did in a one off game v a team that finished above them and sold 2 players for £30m so that they could invest in their squad (compounded with good recruitment and a good manager) and the other finished 10 points behind the league winners who sold £30m worth of players to balance the books and help further squad improvements (compounded with good commercial revenue and a great manager). The key isn’t weeing and moaning about not been able to spend (despite the clubs costs being much much more than its turnover) it’s about planning, coaching, clever recruitment, a thriving academy, commercial partners, bums on seats, having a clear identity that everyone buys into (look at the promoted clubs). It’s not bickering, boycotting and spending silly..its togetherness, filling the stadium and planning.
  2. 25% of the votes were for less than 6 games, which is 2pts per game (more than the top two had when lockdown occured)....lol
  3. It's a 'rolling' 3 year period...which means every year there is accountability for the previous 3 years....there's no such thing as a reset. Would imagine cost cutting to continue as to not fall foul again
  4. Also means there’s no team beating everyone else so more points picked up by lesser clubs
  5. Can’t do this, it’s a sliding scale. Either the sale is allowed on the accounts it was placed = 0pts or it isn’t = 12pts
  6. Mistaking legality with rules... the stadium sale wasn’t illegal (like any breach of P&S isn’t illegal...it’s free trade), it has been deemed against the rules set out by the governing body, that’s all that’s in question. Whether the accounting is legal/above board/signed off/HMRC compliant...is irrelevant, legal minds can crack on, it’s the rules set out and agreed by the clubs that are the governing factor of any punishment
  7. The offence (ie subsequent non allowed losses following removal of stadium sale) is the highest to be brought to task, hence the higher punishment. It’s a rolling scale and fixed
  8. Sell? There’s very little revenue coming into the club that isn’t out of Chansiri’s own pocket, there’s low crowds (with much talk about not renewing/attending next year), a poor squad and a -12 star in a division already crippling the club financially within fair play rules. What would a buyer actually be buying?, what could they do with the club? They’d want to buy the club for peanuts whereas Chansiri would be looking at £10m+ This club can’t be sold under current operating conditions
  9. Clever...putting the sale on the year before and this year's accounts...double bubble. Will it be on next year's accounts as well...
  10. It could be said that bringing a club to task for cheating their accounts to gain advantage over others would be satisfying that mandate......rather than turn a blind eye to a dubious chairman seeking to ******** on the rules then try and hide that in the books.
  11. So they should let Chansiri off, guilty or not so that he can reshape the squad....for everyone's sake??
  12. Would be relegation for sure....to get into the current playoffs (6th) it would need more points than the current runaway champions.... Everyone currently outside the top 6 with -21 (and that's assuming the same form which would be unlikely with that weight around their necks) would now be in the bottom 3 and pretty much down 15 points has been turned around (by Leeds) who got into three playoffs (we on the first 5 on the bounce) but that was league one To summarise, to scrape into the playoffs the team would have to be comfortably the best in the division, to avoid relegation the team would need to be a top 3/4 team
  13. It probably wouldn't...or shouldn't, hence it's unlikely
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