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  1. We should definitely be looking to keep him unless silly money is being offered. We should also probably be offering a new contract to prevent end of season out of contract-itis. The same with everyone we want to keep this season that's entering their last year. Otherwise performances will drop like I think they did with luongo the last two months.
  2. Matias gets pegged as one of the over paid expensive flops. My recollection was his fee was around 1.3 million euros and coming from Nacional I can't imagine he was on much more than 12k a week. First couple of seasons injuries and tactics meant we didn't see him much, but under Jos he actually looked decent and started scoring, I think he got 7 goals and 3 assists in his last season. It was a mistake to let him go on a free IMO, we certainly didn't replace him with better.
  3. Imagine what postponing that game at 6:20 cost us. False economy as per. Didn't look like much effort was put into keeping the game on, brushing off the standing water for instance. Its criminal the pitch has been allowed to get into the state it has. Didn't even have any football on it for a month over Christmas.
  4. Started off great, was it Newcastle at home first game and he went on a run beat his man and put in for Di Canio who finished it sublimely almost from the kick off. .. Did he score that game as well? Looked decent in an attacking side but seemed to go backwards like a lot of players we sign do.
  5. I doubt that considering their fees will have been amortised over their contracts which were both allowed to run down. I don't see how we'd owe Middlesbrough anything.
  6. He's been the biggest positive from the last two games. Him and Denis should be starting for me, drop Wing and play Bannan in the advanced position.
  7. It's one of the worst goalkeeping blunders I think I've ever witnessed watching Wednesday (with considered interest since 1994) . Danny Baker is writing his voice over already. I make that 7 points the goalkeeper alone has cost us in the last three games. BUT. IMO the tactics are all wrong. I understand sitting back at the beginning of the second half for ten to weather the storm when we are 1-0 up But it seems the tactics were to sit for 45 mins and try and grind it out. This is against a team that has been conceding goals for fun both home and away. We seem to really enjoy making things difficult for ourselves with our mistakes and our setup and I think we are being far too respectful of the opposition. This league is so much poorer than the last time we were in it and we are making it really easy for the opponents with our suicidal and predictable football. I honestly think we have more quality than 90% of the other teams in the division. So please Darren Moore if you read this... For the love of christ almighty stop overcomplicating things and play 442, just allow our superior quality to get us to the top of the division. For the love of God give Gregory some support and stop playing Berahino as a wing forward when he needs to be up front and close to Gregory (I thought Berahino worked his socks off today but barely got the ball in any sort of area where he's going to be effective) play the ball forward with intent, I can't understand why we continue to hold up our forward play and allow the oppo defenders to get back into shape and crowd out our singular striker, even when it seems we have an opportunity to counter. You said we were going to attack this division but so far it looks like Monk is in charge. We signed all these attacking players and yet we are so so negative to the point I wonder if the manager thinks we are playing PSG every week. Simplify the tactics, give the strikers more support and stop encouraging us to try and sit on 1-0 leads because it is killing us. If we get the second goal that blunder becomes an amusing footnote instead of another hugely costly error. But BPF should be given another chance, he still looks like he has the foundations to be a top goalkeeper but the reason he is playing for a league one team is so he can make these mistakes and learn from them..... But if we get any more he has to be dropped. Difficult long day...... And I've had a drink.
  8. Palmer has been excellent for us wherever he's played and hardly ever injured. His versatility is also useful if we want to change the formation. In sure he could do a job at DM too if needed now Luongo and Hutch out. Fantastic player to have in this division and a Wednesday fan to boot.
  9. Transfer window still open. Close thread please admin.
  10. If he can reach peak fitness and stay there you'd expect him to be one of the better players in this division. Been stop start since he arrived though. Fingers crossed.
  11. Is there any chance that the Borner sale would allow us to throw a small fee at Solihull for Hudlin do you think? We need two Strikers anyway so maybe him or Parrott and one of the older heads mentioned at the start of the thread to help bring them along? As long as the wages and desire are right.
  12. I might be getting mixed up with someone else. Ex arsenal youngster?
  13. I like the look of him too. Been no more links to him since us and Cardiff were linked in June. I'm guessing he is another weighing up offers and taking his time. Would cost a fee as well which sounds as though it would probably rule us out.
  14. Would probably be decent but not really that target/link man we are and have been missing since Fletch and Adthe left.
  15. But who though? Let's have some names.
  16. Wow. Dropped down to non league. Interesting what's going on there I guess but still....you'd think most league one sides would have taken him.
  17. Who is 'realistically' available and would you take them? The thinking being we need a unit to nod it on, chest it down, hold it up and lay it off to the quicker lads we've signed buzzing around him. We have Paterson but I don't think he's that player, I'm puzzled as to how he got nine goals last season. Connor Wickham - Free Agent Surprised he's still only 28 - made his money and depending on who else is interested could perhaps be convinced due to his history with us and in law connections. Injury record V worrying though. Borja Baston - 28 Free Agent Not sure how it works atm with oversees players but he played in English football for a few years. Was in La Liga 2 last season. Bit of a unit and much better technically than our only option there atm. Hal Robson Kanu - 32 - Free Agent Injuries? Champ offers? Too old? Yaya Sanogo - 22 - Free agent We were linked with him in Jan but he ended up at udders, not sure he pulled up any trees but did he play that much. Would fit Moore's younger outlook. Might have champ offers. Rudy Gestede Injuries? Age? Wages? Paul Mullins - 26 - free agent Scored 32 in league Two last season. Surprised he hasn't got a club yet but get the feeling he's just weighing up numerous options. Anyone else?
  18. I think they are looking for ways to reduce the amount of headers that occur in a game because of the dementia issue.
  19. Actually paying them might improve them though. But yes of course the entire squad has problems but in my opinion the goalkeeper position is still up there as a priority for me. Keeping it tight is what will give us a chance of not being relegated.
  20. I think it should be and is a top priority from what Moore has been saying. Both keepers not good enough imo, a drop in league isn't going to improve them.
  21. He was exactly the kind of player that we were crying out for last season. But we let him go and paid Jack Marriott probably more instead. No way would we have gone down if he had stayed. Ridiculous decision. Would be an excellent one to bring him back, but I doubt we can afford him.
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