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  1. Was he that good last year or were the owls that bad i think he should sign a new contract and try to improve or maybe go the same way as hirst / clare. come on lad sign up have another season with first team football at hillsborough and prove yourself not what your agent is telling you
  2. i just wish the press would stop linking us with targets nobody in their right mind would join a club in such disrepair trying to keep our hopes up dangling the carrot etc. get that idiot back into this country first and see what happens
  3. efl have let chansiri do everything wrong for this club, how hard is it to get accounts in on time when no incomings only outgoings this season fed up of seeing bad news every other day
  4. thik you should take that comment back WILSON was brilliant at united
  5. Think a lot of people are missing the point here he was released because he didn't sign the new contract offered. i wish him well he was not as bad as some owls supports said, he was a good solid defender, i for one think his experience would have helped next season. But wages dictate sometimes. good luck elsewhere and thanks for all you have done.
  6. notts county...hartlepool...halifax... hartlepool was the coldest place ever. and i was used to work outside in all weathers
  7. what is chansiri playing at, it's not his money it's the supporters. had it long enough now should get it payed back, glad i'm not owed anything would be tearing my hair out with it going on this long. hope you all get it before end of this season
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