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  1. They're human. Just like humans that can't hit the target from the penalty spot, or can't catch an easy ball coming towards them, they make mistakes. They have to be looking in several places at once and make an instant decision on what they've seen, in real time, with no replay or screenshots to help them out. Something on the pitch may have caught thier eye other than the thing you think they should be looking at. They're expected to look at a line of moving and jostling players, while keeping an eye out for fouls or off the ball incidents, while waiting for the ball to be played. And do it all and be 100% correct 100% of the time. Impossible standards.
  2. The more the players get to know each other (how hard can it be?), the worse they are getting. We were top of the table for a while(while gelling), and now we are squeezed between Accrington Stanley and Cambridge in midtable.
  3. I don't understand what Moore has done to have constant praise heaped upon him. I've nothing against him, but what has he actually accomplished so far? What glimpses are people seeing that I'm not seeing that point to success?
  4. Shrewsbury running scared now, it's curtains for them, their Vietnam moment about to happen.
  5. Owls hunt and eat Shrews. Our pent up anger and desire for opportunities will surely put Shrews on the endangered list. This match has the hallmarks of a wildlife crime where even the Faroe Islanders look on in horror.
  6. We've had loads of our team on international duties all around the globe whereas Plymouth hadn't. It was a case of freshness and Wednesday should sue FIFA because of it
  7. There are no rivals for promotion. Someone will finish second many points behind us and that's it. Don't know who and don't care.
  8. Why should millions of decent Hungarians have their joy stripped away because of a tiny minority? When Tango was banned, should we all have been banned or should SWFC have been kicked out? His/their actions, him/they to be punished. Anything else is just nonsense and a massive regressive step because it tars people as a group based on the actions of individuals. Imagine expanding that viewpoint to other things in society.
  9. He was the founder of the OCS, and some chav from Chesterfield gave him a **nk**** sign.
  10. Mathematically impossible for us not to go up, so it's a yes from me.
  11. He'll be on Newcastle's radar now which would almost certainly guarantee a regular cap for Scotland.
  12. The Premier League has sat up and now noticed that their domination of the game is over. Mark this day in your diary as the day the Empire of English Football crumbled. 3-0 with the greatest of ease. We could beat any EPL side now.
  13. I hope we sue the EFL for £100m! fizz it, £250M, then settle out of court for around £200m. Then they'll go bankrupt, then the league will have to be cancelled. Then as a way to get the ball rolling, we'll insist that the points deduction that applied previously was illegal and therefore we should be put back in the second tier. Then when in the Championship we'll sue the new body for the loss of income for the first few games that should have been in the second tier and not the third, do them ******** for a cool £50m. They'll go bankrupt, we'll then move to the EPL which will have 90 teams in the division and then Sky will give us £120m a year. EFL are looking over their shoulders right now.
  14. When a person robs another, who is the real victim? The person who has lost their possessions, or the person who is resorting to committing crimes to feed their children or heat their home?
  15. And in battles of olde the last view from the eyes of a fallen soldier was to see some old dears eating sandwiches and drinking tea on a nearby hillside. It did no-one any good, and the defeated still lost.
  16. When the Titanic hit the iceberg, people kept calm, ordered hot chocolate and carried on dancing. Then after a while, and the bow started to go under, no worries, the compartments will ensure not enough water will come into the breached ship. Then when the water went over each compartment one by one, no worries, the Titanic was in communication with other ships just a few hours away. When told there would only be around one hour before the Titanic went under, no worries we can all get aboard the lifeboats. When told there aren't enough lifeboats that's when they realised they were fuxked and the unsinkable ship was about to sink. We've just hit the iceberg.
  17. This has got a typical 4-0 to Wednesday written all over it. We won't even need three gears today. Standard Wednesday.
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