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  1. No I'm not. Basically, Wednesday fans will, in general, come out with any kind of excuse why success hasn't been accomplished. "It's not easy getting out of League One" - Rotherham go and do it at the first attempt, on nowhere near our budget. "Can't blame him for us going down" - he needed 1.15 points per game, and had more than a quarter of a season to do it. Incidentally, the PPG that Monk achieved but was deemed not good enough. "Injuries" - that's football, applies to all clubs. "But not like Wednesday have had" - are we still blaming the bogeyman for this? "Haven't been able to get any foreign gems (or boiler parts) since Brexit" - unless I'm mistaken, applies to all clubs. It's all excuses. Moore could have kept us up in his first year, he could have got us promoted last year, but he didn't do either. I hope he succeeds, but I don't think we should hang around forever with him simply because he's a nice bloke. He's paid to get results, so far he's failed.
  2. Mathematically impossible to accomplish.
  3. It's absolute spiteful to blacklist fans for trying to uphold their consumer rights they are legally entitled to. The laws of England did not come to an end when Covid came.
  4. Oh yeah, all those teams got promoted without the budget Moore had. That's my point. He failed where others succeeded without the backing Moore had. A shitty club in a shitty town not far from us managed so easily at the first, we failed. Moore failed. Ah but injuries. Part of the game, not exclusive to Wednesday, and again, our large budget should have perhaps gone a little further. Moore failed. Let's hope he succeeds this time. I'd rather not be in the second shittest division in England managed by the nicest fella for much longer.
  5. Because we may have had the highest budget, the best players, a full summer of team building and gelling, but no-one else suffered from BREXIT like we did. Name one team that's come down from the Championship and gone and got promoted straight away! Simply an impossible task.
  6. You can't expect Moore or anyone to get promoted at the first time of asking. Simply impossible.
  7. It's why we should all back Boris and the Tories. Can't blame them when the Top Man was on oxygen, they had a few crisis where ministers went AWOL and bed ridden,and he took over after previous manager was a bit batty with little success. Back Boris all the way!
  8. It was outside the box, but MK Dons didn't get any yellow cards, so us getting a penalty and winning the game on that penalty is fair, but only just. In fact, for every yellow card we should get a penalty, but the fatcats at the EFL hate us, so don't expect anything like this soon.
  9. They shouldn't have to take a business to court for them failing to receive the goods or services that the business took the money for but didn't provide.
  10. https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2019/january/club-1867-faqs/ To quote "What happens if the required number of Club 1867 sales is not achieved? The scheme will be cancelled and all supporters registered will receive refunds." Has there been refunds? I guess not, therefore the required amount of sales have been achieved. If so, it's in black and white what the club have signed up to and are legally obliged to do. No excuses.
  11. https://www.theticketingbusiness.com/2018/09/12/premier-league-clubs-publishing-tickets-sold-attendance/ And https://www.carlisleunited.co.uk/news/2018/february/eflattendances21feb18/ From 2018. Both/most seem to publish tickets sold, but there is a requirement to know the actual attendance in the EPL. Assume this reason (safety and police) means something is similarly required in the EFL.
  12. So without the "dodgy penalty" we'd have drawn, and thus the referee gave us two extra points. But apart from that, abysmal etc
  13. It's nigh on impossible we won't get promoted. The maths and science are all in our favour. I think the only thing that could stop us is another pandemic that stops the whole league. I think we'd have got promoted last time was it not for Covid 19.
  14. I thought I heard one of their players called Bannan a "big girls blouse", which should have resulted in a yellow card and potentially a penalty for us as the words were heard clearly in the penalty area. In the second half, I saw their goalkeeper wipe his brow in an off the ball incident, which in some cultures is a direct threat of violence. Red card not given. Of course, the ref missed both because the refs hate us.
  15. 49%, which, when you really think about it, is actually a majority.
  16. Yep. EFL have possibly given referees strict orders to keep us down this year. That's my first thought anyway. Secondly, noticed how we have been given more penalties than the opposition this year? Makes me wonder if they are going to give us more penalties to make us unable to score from open play going forward. The absolute ********.
  17. Imagine if one of those smoke bombs went off and injured a steward. Then imagine if the steward was related to Putin or Kim Jong Un. Then imagine if they dropped nuclear bombs on us in retaliation, and we couldn't use our own deterrent because officially we had struck first. That's not how I want to go out. Keep the pyros away from football!
  18. Even playing badly we can convincingly win. Just imagine when we're on fire. This is going to be a season to remember.
  19. Wednesday making MK Dons do all the work. Wait for the sucker punch from Wednesday.
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