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  1. Exhibit A, revision of history. Moore on the brink of promotion? Happy to stand corrected but I believe he left them outside of the playoffs (never mind the autos) in eighth place. Monk had got "top half" finishes, amazing. Success at Birmingham? He avoided relegation (not his fault Brum were down there). Jos a "promotion specialist". Three promotions a decade ago in a league not equivalent to the Championship, and out of work for a few years when we snapped him up. Bruce, a genuine manager, made genuine progress. Pulis, a manager hired not for success, but to avoid failure. A failure of an appointment because all else had failed. He failed. And with that list of managers who you are claiming are actually good managers and logical appointments, we are an entire division lower than when we started. All of those managers were hired in the Championship. We are now in League One. That's Chansiri Logic. Can't beat Accrington? Well, Windass is injured so we'll wait 8 weeks and a quarter of the season until we get him back and expect anything. Luongo suspended? Well, can't expect Wednesday to win in that period. Culturally acceptance of Failure. It's ingrained. Any failure, there's a good reason and that reason means we don't have to look too deep into the problems.
  2. Before my time, but that was then and this is now. The 60s was a big time for Hillsborough, and the relative cost compared to wages/transfers was probably probably huge. To be fair, we were preparing for the WC, just as the proposed development of Hillsborough was also for a WC that we didn't win. I did the fag packet maths a while back, but for us not to have signed Rhodes and paid his £38k a week for a few years, we could have almost had a new West Stand. Thrown in your Abdi's (not literally) and you've got long term infrastructure benefits to the club.
  3. It would be far cheaper to upgrade Hillsborough as per the WC planning permission than to build a new stadium. £22m iirc, probably equates to £30m now. The character of the ground would be largely preserved, we get to keep our home, and the ground would meet modern standards. It's all fantasy anyway. We won't invest in infrastructure until we get to the EPL, and we'll never get to the EPL because we've never invested in our club infrastructure.
  4. Aim low, lower expectations, "consolidate and rebuild". If we are to look at history as he has in the video, the The rebuild will be so shoddy that we'll be relegated back down again a few years later anyway. So let's discuss how we should have a few years expecting nothing rather than actually trying to get straight back up. Rotherham and Wycombe, in first and third position respectively, are not having a season or two of stabilisation, of a rebuild of some mumbo jumbo to excuse a midtable position. They are going out to win games and seek promotion like all sporting people do, they want to be the best at what they do. I've said before, fans of Wednesday culturally accept failure that is normal and nothing is wrong at all with it. In sport, this attitude is not competitive and people will walk all over you. If other relegatees go straight back up, that's ok. We can't aim for that, we need a rebuild, and then a wee bit of consolidation before we try and get promoted, that's because we are Wednesday. Turner, Irvine, Moore. What do these have in common? They were all poor managers. You don't have to hire poor managers first in order to hire a good manager later. There's nothing stopping us hiring the good manager without hiring the poor manager. Ah but we are Wednesday, we need to fail before we can attempt anything else. We are losers, we are such losers that our own fans (fanatics), are fanatical accepters of defeat.
  5. If no-one wants them for their correct position, maybe that proves that playing in the incorrect position may open up a treasure chest full of gems.
  6. I think it was a foul. There may not have been any contact, but there was intention of contact in the defender's mind. Good refereeing.
  7. Uwakwe, Uwakwe, Uwakwe, he's going to Wack thee.
  8. And we never looked back. Chansiri should have been a dream appointment. A self made billionaire with business knowledge that would take us to the elite level. We are now ninth in League One and skint.
  9. I think Moore will be looking for a reaction. They've had 11 days on the training ground to prepare to react. Can't see anything other than a Wednesday win.
  10. Australia has some of the strongest entry requirements in the western world, but if you're unvaccinated, have had Covid (check German news, his dates don't match up by a whopping 10 days), fail to put down travel in previous fortnight on a visa form, mingle knowingly while having Covid then you will not only gain entry, but also be classified as the victim, and is allowed to compete to earn $ms. One of the most bizarre episodes in recent times re:Covid.
  11. Hope we sue Cardiff for this disrespect and refusal.
  12. The conclusion is, the club can announce whatever price whenever they want and fans will pay. It's why we are paying Premier League prices for Premier League football.
  13. This is the spot where Colin West's penalty landed. This is the taxi in which Dane Whitehouse verbally abused the driver. This is the urinal that Madine was weeing in that led to his conviction. This is the £20 note. This are the where Sheffield United changing room spies are trained etc etc
  14. Could be like Ripley's, interactive. Now see what it's like to stand behind a footballer, here's Vinnie Jones.
  15. Phase two was pre-Christmas as per the Julian calendar, just to make sure that every denomination was treated equally. I think they've done it really fairly.
  16. United's attendances have been impressive in the past decade or so. I remember them getting in the low tens. They captured the student crowd, made their game better, upgraded their stadium, continue to appeal to their traditional base. Basically, the opposite of what we've done. They've pretty much doubled their gate since the mid 90s, we've lost crowds in the same time.
  17. I prefer the real football we have now to that fake money driven Premier League.
  18. Utter and total poo . But, I believe if we give him a long contract on high wages, he'll see that love and become a great player for us. Get him snapped up quickly.
  19. I think at the time, there seemed to be no options. We had a debt we could barely maintain the interest and not the capital. I think, looking back, we probably could have done more. Selling Hillsborough at the time seemed incomprehensible though and I believe was off the table, but here we are a few years having sold Hillsborough with two charges against it with who knows, basically to try and get around a rule. A lend-lease agreement with a reputable lender, eg Co-op would have probably worked for both parties.
  20. Looking to become a manager in the UK ey? That's a "come and get me Wednesday" plea right there.
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