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  1. I was at Luton. Different day and even year to the Sheridan goal mind you. It's the best free kick from a Wednesday player I think, even exceeding Waddle's goal against United in the semis.
  2. I'm not sure the PFA have a case really. The EFL are not proposing a wage cap on individuals, they're placing a wage cap on clubs. A player is offered (or demands) a certain salary, and if there's an agreement with the Club then the terms and conditions are laid bare in the contract. There's nothing unlawful or illegal of offering a player who was on say £5k a week, £2k a week for his next contract. If the player doesn't agree with the new terms, they're not forced to sign it. That is what a free market looks like. “The EFL has a legal obligation to consult with the PFA and the Professional Football Negotiating and Consultative Committee [PFNCC] over any potential changes to a player’s conditions." - Source, PFA Statement in the Guardian. The EFL aren't saying "Club X must pay Player Y less". They are saying, "Club X can't spend more than £z on squad players salaries". There's nothing discriminatory about it, otherwise any general P&S, FFP etc are all in one way or another, discriminatory against the players abilities to earn more and more as P&S/FFP take into account, outgoings (salaries).
  3. The EFL is the dog that is being wagged by the EPL tail, and the EFL could do so much more to protect their position. The problem is two-fold, one the EFL trying to protect itself as it's become a little brother to its own little brother, and two, EFL clubs (especially Championship) not wanting to risk their own access to the promised land. Crumbs will suffice it seems. But please remember, the reason for the creation of the EPL was so that fewer clubs would have TV money. Wednesday are signatories to that newly created and selfish league, we wanted more money for ourselves and less money for 70 other clubs in the lower leagues. It was our decision to go along with it, and we didn't do it for fairness, we did it for unfairness. We, Sheffield Wednesday, were founders of this beast of football. It was us who decided to sell our soul to Murdoch at the expense of the BBC and the general licence-fee paying public. We had the fireworks, the cheerleaders and all the other dross that came with the new wealthy league. How many people complaining about parachute payments are actively funding the payments right now through a £30-£80 a month subscription? No irony of course, it's just the same selfish pattern. The few who can afford should get the cream, and fizz the rest. That applies to the Clubs and to people. We were that Club, fizz the Grimsbys, the Barnsleys, the Wrexhams. We want more. Should we get to the EPL, I guarantee you that hardly anyone on these pages will be complaining about the unfairness of the parachute payments, or the TV money. No-one here really cares, I mean really, about the state of football. They care about how the current state of football has ultimately poo out Wednesday down the toilet to be a non-event in the footballing world. If we were Top 8 every year in the EPL, we would not be complaining about relegated teams getting poo loads of money. Either deal with this injustice, or challenge it. Considering the EFL are attempting to deal (inadequately, and unequally) with a mess not of their own making, why not think a little outside the box and start the campaign against the EPL rules? The reason of course, is that you want Wednesday to have that kind of money if we get promoted, so we can get the best players. It's pure selfishness.
  4. The UK has a very flexible workforce, and working regulations. For that reason, we generally have a higher employment rate at other times. From a business point of view, why pay someone who isn't productive in an unskilled role that you could pay off, and rehire and retrain in a few weeks fairly easily in two years when things have improved. This is what inequality looks like. I'm not approving it, just acknowledging it. Personally, if I was worth £Bns I'd like to think I'd do the right thing, but realistically if I was worth £Bns then I probably am that way because I believe in full on capitalism and I wouldn't give a poo as I'm getting blown by super models on my yacht. How many have stopped using Amazon? You all know their working practices for people just like you, you all know they dodge tax by having to pay back loans to themselves in Benelux, but has it stopped your custom? And that's not even a club you are loyal to through birth and family ties. I can rant all day about it, the world is unequal. We can accept it and get on with it, or challenge it. Owls Supporters Trust having discussions with Chansiri? Nah, they should stay away from the Club, they can't challenge Wednesday. That's our mentality. "Our" being the plebs who most likely suffer from the status quo and the plebs who are many but dare not challenge the systems that see wealth from the bottom rocket upward towards the top, and crumbs trickle back down to the bottom. And the 55? Don't care for them too much, they're just people. They'll be living it up on £72 a week now.
  5. He's got his legend of a dad negotiating the contract, we're doomed.
  6. The only thing I took from reading that, was that there are some high quality stadium photographers out there.
  7. I reckon Celtic are in with a chance for the title this year
  8. What happened to Hearts is a disgrace, and makes a mockery of sport. For all the whining about the return of football being unsafe, apart from odd cases here and there, it's been fine and all the real footballing leagues in Europe carried on eventually, rightly so.
  9. But don't have the Monk and Chansiri dream-team do they?
  10. Quite a strange situation that our accounts in previous years, as lodged with the tax and business authorities in this land, are fine, legal and above board. Yet we may now be delaying recent ones, because there may need to be a change and a movement from a previous years accounts, because a golf club we belong do didn't like them.
  11. I always thought that when Gray smiled, he looked a little like Nigel Farage. For that reason, I'm out.
  12. Many Wednesday fans have got a weird aversion to Wednesday fans having a say about the Club, about holding the Club that we all pay in to to some account and public scrutiny. And then they ******** and moan on internet forums and at the match and at the pub about how points deductions, transfer embargoes, ticket prices, price of shirts, 150 Year shambles, 15+ year season tickets, scouting setup, quality of academy output, transfer policty etc Wednesday fans own Wednesday no more than we own any other business, but we can scrutinise and if mobilised, can offer a larger voice about concerns within the running of the business.
  13. Quite possibly, but then would be slightly further away from the ball if it becomes a cross in to the box, which I think everyone was expecting. The Fulham/Brentford line was at around the 20 yard line. That's a huge empty space that he's expected to cover. Yes that's quite possible. Can't say I know much about him, or Brentford for that matter, but either way Fulham had prepared well one way or another.
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