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  1. SpaceX? Are we going to the Moon to clear up our litter from Colin West's penalty?
  2. A good example of another player we've replaced with worse. Repeat this process through our entire squad over the past few years and hey presto, Hello League One my Old Friend. And some people think we can "reset" in a lower league.
  3. Hope Chansiri gets royalties for writing that article, we need the cash.
  4. I intend to put £10 on Wednesday not to lose a league game all season if we go to League One. Some may laugh, but I can't see next season anything other than a walkover, promoted by February.
  5. Just seeing rangers fans celebrate yesterday. Ok it's Scotland, but they were liquidated and started at the bottom and worked and earned their way to the very top years after their financial shenanigans caused their demise. We are wedded to Chansiri and his debt, but not for much longer I hope.
  6. So the "best case" scenario involves Chansiri being here, owning this club? No way is that the best we can hope for. He's destroying our club in front of our very eyes, he's taken the ground, he's crushed our recruitment process with his fizzed up thinking and he's dropped us down to the level of a beggar. He can fizz right off.
  7. They're in the playoffs haha jeez, got to applaud and laugh in equal measures. Barnsley could be in the PL next season as we're getting our arses kicked by Cheltenham Town.
  8. Actually you can undercut them, unless it was a 5 year season ticket for the Championship and/or above. People who bought a season ticket for the championship will be not getting what they bought. Disclaimer, we are not down yet.
  9. He'll respond by giving Paxo £10m to spend in the transfer market.
  10. £99, we need that money to avoid a points deduction FFS
  11. Amazing, short term thinking hasn't lead to either a short term or long term success. Moore is a long term manager, let's hope he's sticking around for longer than a few months.
  12. He'll be fine. Wednesday's reputation is in tatters, everyone knows where the blame lies. The fans.
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