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  1. Winner gets £100k prize money, and earns around a total of £250k start to finish. That kind of money will come in very handy indeed. Boom!
  2. A big difference between sustainable and playing the kids. Relying the kids in League One almost certainly would equal relegation, and that in itself is rarely sustainable. The game is professional. You need quality, not heart. Play a kid when that kid is ready and has the quality, or at least, the potential to bridge the gap in a period of time like all youngsters have to do at some point. My fear is that we are going to be playing kids not because they're ready, but because we (the club) are not ready for the season ahead.
  3. A very handsome Charlie Nicholas at Arsenal.
  4. Eh? The story is not positive or negative news per se, it's sports speculation; "potential", "watchlist". So the positivity demanded isn't actually positive news, ruined by contextual negativity, it's just speculation. Rid the negatives, then you may as well rid the positives too, because neither are news. Breaking: "Billionaire potentially places Sheffield Wednesday on takeover watchlist, but doubts about Hillsborough may cause issues". You see, it's just speculation, including the positives.
  5. We won 67% of all games he played in for us. Clearly we miss him. http://www.adrianbullock.com/swfc/stats/play0702.htm
  6. I think when we don't get paid for months on end, the natural tendency is to have sympathy for your billionaire boss who caused the problem.
  7. "In future, consider buying a 10 year parking ticket"
  8. It's an interesting debate, but who would police it if not the police? The social media companies themselves? I think that way lies a slippery slope towards censorship.
  9. Just put £50 on Preston getting promoted.
  10. Didn't renew his contract with Rotherham, so £free.
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