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  1. £350m and the brightest brain in football = 23rd in division two. I worked out that for £350m you could have five high class hookers a night for 60 years, including the coke. We've ended up with Rhodes and Pelupessy.
  2. Wildsmith for not getting injured when Stoke crossed the ball
  3. Chansiri and his recruitment team want a word with you
  4. Coming on as a sub and then getting subbed off is a bit like getting a disciplinary in front of colleagues, it's just never done. I'd happily swap places with Rhodes, he's a multimillionaire thanks to Wednesday and with that comes some pressure and responsibilities. He's been a disappointment since he signed, whoever the manager, no-one has chosen to give him a full uninterrupted run in the side. There must be a reason, because statistically he's our best striker I believe
  5. Yep. Key is to hold it in for as long as you can, and then go.
  6. Income £100m, spending £100m, no overspending. Income £25m, spending £50m, overspending. Parachute payments are income, earned income. We could have invested in the club to drive revenue, instead we pissed it away on players who failed to achieve, and drove revenue higher with the only tool we could think of, putting tickets up for the plebs. Some clubs earn more through shirt sponsorship (us included), some through higher gate receipts, some through selling players, and some through parachute payments. Maybe our gate receipts should be shared,
  7. https://www.11v11.com/matches/sheffield-wednesday-v-grimsby-town-20-february-1982-120103/
  8. I'm glad they recognised everything we do is massive, including our overspend.
  9. aka "Please come and get me Sheffield Wednesday".
  10. The Isle of Wight and the Scilly Isles really need to get their poo together and get a football team sorted.
  11. He's partially right, the power of Wednesday is too strong for smaller clubs, we hold so much sway over referees and the authorities. However, he's wrong to say it was personal, it wasn't. Whoever we play against, we'll decide whether to disallow a goal or not and we decided to disallow it yesterday because it would have been very inconvenient for us.
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