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  1. Wednesday are building something special for future generations, whereas Rotherham did the short term thing of winning the game, keeping the clean sheet, scoring goals, getting the three points. Any fool can do that. Wednesday succeeded in the hard part, whereas Rotherham barely succeeded with the simple part. Wednesday didn't lose today, Rotherham did. They just don't know it yet.
  2. Can't expect to win games if we have players injured. What bothers me is that Wednesday and only Wednesday have any injured players. Inquiry now!
  3. Because he still plays. When he's played his last game for us, I doubt many will say "we're missing Palmer" and reminisce about him.
  4. Never understood the fascination with Semedo. Nice guy and all that but a legend? Palmer is instantly forgettable.
  5. Keep hold of him until someone is willing to pay us compo for him, like Wednesday paid a "significant six-figure sum" for him and his assistant.
  6. So does Moore. And Moore now "knows the club" too.
  7. That implies that it's not a full clear out, where the person at the very top remains in position to do the firing and hiring of those below him. Moore is the most useless manager since the last one, he's been hired by the same man who hired the last one, a complete useless and incompetent businessman. The full clear out needs to start at the top.
  8. Our excuses all season have largely been around these two players being unavailable. Here they are, available. Wednesday lose.
  9. If he'd just stop rubbing and scratching his nose it'd make the post match interviews all the more listenable.
  10. Would cause issues with the Bannan song, for that reason I'm out.
  11. So another 6 games? And then no more excuses? He's been here an entire season now, and done nothing other than fail.
  12. Yes, any minute now an oil rich Arab was going to buy us, pump £250m into the playing side and rebuild Hillsborough into a modern day 60000 ground. That's all stopped because of the fans. Typical.
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