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  1. One point off the playoffs... Have you been sniffing glue...
  2. Don't understand the love for Holloway, his record is nothing to write home about, plus he shafted Grimsby.
  3. We have heard from various players that training is going well, morale is high, going for promotion, will be promoted this season etc. But, is this where the problem lies? Have the players now become overconfident or are they thinking they are better than they are? Is the mindset now we only have to turn up and we will win?
  4. All kicking off on the piggies forums tonight At least one piggy talks sense...
  5. Bookies odds for us to have most team goals, hope they know something we don't and we are signing a 20 goal a season number 9
  6. Can't save Can't defend can't defend can't defend Headless chicken Can't cross can't be can't cross arsed Can't score can't score
  7. Baffled by the fact that a game we had to win, at home, even after going a goal down early on, and we continued to play with one up front
  8. Can't keep blaming everyone else for the lack of passion from the players...
  9. Westwood Lees Dunkley Uroghide Hutch Harris Bannon Reach Brown Patterson Rhodes
  10. Looking like two from the following five to be relegated, Us Rotherham Birmingham Coventry Huddesfield Think we will be one of the two relegated unfortunately...
  11. Pick your best team of ex-owls with the two following conditions, 1. Must have made the most club appearances during career for us. 2. Must be a player you have seen live. For arguments sake gone 433, here's mine, Martin Hodge Nigel Worthington Des Walker Peter Shirtliff Roland Nilsson Charlton Palmer Gary Megson Graham Hyde Benito Carbone David Hirst Lee Chapman What's yours...
  12. Don't know why but always had a soft spot for Hibs, always look out for there results... If you had to follow a Scottish club who would it be?
  13. The problem is he won't... For a player of his ability his ball in from corners and free kicks is generally poor.
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