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  1. Rhodes and Reach need moving on in my opinion. Don’t see either of them fitting our style of play or even being squad players. Someone in the championship would take a pop at either I am sure. UTO
  2. Yes the news is disappointing but we all need to remember it’s only a game. You win some and you lose some but we will bounce back UTO
  3. No for me, either past it or not as good as what we’ve got
  4. It’s a shame people jump on your back so easily but I certainly won’t be put off from voicing my opinion on future threads.
  5. I’m a blade because I think one of their players would be a good signing for us?! Makes sense......and what does doing my first post have to do with anything?! Does it make my opinion less salient?! Everyone starts somewhere..... maybe I shouldn’t have bothered...
  6. Who would you take if any? I’d definitely take Kieron Freeman. 28 years old, experienced, settled in Sheffield and still on his league 1 wages. Would be a great signing
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