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  1. This isn't really about his overall form or a direct response to the OP, but over the last 3 or 4 games or so I have though he looks more comfortable with the ball at his feet. Admittedly, this is compared to his own previous low standard in this regard.
  2. I think I agree. It’s interesting that this source thinks DC is an excellent business man in his own environment. A lot of people seem to assume this just because he is from a very wealthy family, members of which own a successful big business. But do we actually know this specifically about DC? As you say, regardless of ‘knowing’ and understanding football, certain traits and good practice should translate to his ownership of SWFC.
  3. I wouldn’t go as far as majorly overrated, but for someone who regularly gets quoted as one of the best players in the championship, by pundits & other managers, I agree he doesn’t impact games enough in terms of direct assists.
  4. "gotten the full amount" - wtf! I tried to take some comfort from the Pulis sacking statement, where it said "It is vital we maintain our Championship status". Nothing that is happening looks like Dejphon actually appreciates this.
  5. Interesting that Tony seemed to notice his talent / potential straight away. He wasn’t previously given much opportunity under Garry.
  6. “the fans who can buy a ticket for entertainment like buying a movie.” He really doesn’t understand being a football fan does he
  7. Joey was a bit disappointing second half, noticeable when Izzy & Baz won’t put a tackle in.
  8. If Nixon is quoting he should make it obvious to avoid any doubt as to whether this pathetic wording is his.
  9. Lopez was the man. Great job in the run of games getting us to 6th and then to Wembley.
  10. It’s a shame that his demons also extended to violence against women.
  11. I might be being a bit harsh from my frustration of lack of goals from open play and expecting too much. I was referring to that final ball in open play. I might of missed it but can't recall this from the Brentford or Bournemouth games. He was pivotal in the Brentford goal (one of his balls down the flank), but I would attribute Harris more with the assist. Maybe this goal highlights the need for more than one bit of quality? V Bournemouth he put a couple of great set pieces in, which we should have scored from.
  12. Baz can definitely hit some fantastic long cross-field balls down the flank and most pundits and opposition managers rate him, but how often does he provide that killer pass that puts a great chance on a plate. He hasn't this season. I'm thinking of the type of ball Izzy Brown put to Windass for the goal v Cardiff or, from watching quest at the weekend, Brookes ball to Danjuma Bournemouth v Reading. Interesting points about the quality around him deteriorating over time and I guess he sits too deep too much to provide the type of ball I'm referring to. Maybe we need a bett
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