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  1. & me if the auditors deem it consistent with accounting standards to account for in the y/e 31/7/18 accounts and Chansiri has been transparent with the EFL - it seems harsh to punish. i can't see how it can be consistent with accounting standards to account for in y/e 31/7/18 accounts? It must be that some sort of binding irrevocable agreement to do the deal existed at the 31/7/18 year end?
  2. Ah ok, so at least there was some logic to it. I'm still not convinced. The Brighton game was a freak onslaught for 20 / 25 minutes, due to being at Brighton, second leg, them incredibly fired up and desperate to get level. It was never going to last for longer than 20 / 25 minutes and the odd Wednesday change to the starting 11 wouldn't have made any difference. Wembley was always going to be, at least initially, a much more cagey affair.
  3. I agree. My recollection is that Lopez did a great (and underrated) job in the run of games to get us to 6th and then to Wembley and it was harsh for him to lose his place for the final. Particularly given that, some time later, didn't Sam state in an interview that he wasn't fully fit at Wembley - still not fully recovered from glandular fever?
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