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  1. is it one ticket per person, or can ST holder with the right points buy more than one?
  2. Help needed pls, gone through the processs successful and got the login code, clicked redeem,took me to the now tv site but then said there was a problem. I wrote the code down and I have a now tv account anyway, is there anyway of adding the code by logging in to my account?
  3. Joined at 9am 2300, just before 12 was on 300 then suddenly straight in and have bought tickets, this can only be because others ahead got timed out after 3hrs, if confirmed then that is terrible.
  4. Got in - got 2 together in kop! keep going u can do it!
  5. On Sunday ticket office said 'best bet is on line' - I bet they are serving people quicker in person than on here..
  6. Who has the highest and lowest numbers on here currently? I am on 1505 !
  7. Anybody got any idea of how many people are queuing at the ground? - hundreds?
  8. If u joined que before 9am then when you get to the front and click buy tickets it then takes you to another que.
  9. Ok got in at 0858hrs, waited until 0900hrs THEN in another que at 2454, there are 2 que going on here, all those that were in to the buying tickets screen and those that hadn't reached that stage yet
  10. I am number 83 but I reckon I will reach the front before 9am - what happens then?
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