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  1. Hes been in london the last 4 weeks..hes literally just drove up the m1
  2. Therealrealist is delighted to welcome 'the hutch' back to the club..he will replace borner at crnyre hdlf then replace thomson at the end of the season as head coach/manager
  3. Penney will move on at the end of the season and it will be to a lower level..like most of the youngsters we release
  4. Just waiting for a ‘it was worse in the 70s’ post...that will really cap this tragic night off
  5. And how depressing was it to see bullen bending his ear in the first half..
  6. He is at Fifa..I’m reliably informed on friday night he was 170th in the world..and as any fifa players will tell yer...that’s superb..almost legendary
  7. It’s like a swimming gala or summat
  8. Correctamondo...tragic...at least I havnt wasted 200 sheets to go and watch it
  9. I don’t think a player has ever chose a club cus they have ‘better facilites’...and as for having the same budget..I can buy that...if a player would rather sign for Rochdale than us ..I wudnt want them anyway...il love it if every team paid exactly the same wages
  10. Ex@ctamondo..nobody wants relegation..but is there really a 7 million difference in tv money??
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