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  1. Reach on a freebie is a good signing...reach for 5 million is/was a disaster
  2. K Mk dons on that November Tuesday will bet cat d...and it won’t make any difference to the attendance...then the chansiri fanboys will crawl out of the woodwork saying cheaper tickets dont work..well done DC
  3. Bullshizen...if you are a floater...pick n chooser...part-timer..call us what you want..you are more likely to go to the game when we are playing Ipswich at home than mk at home....just for the fact therl be a bigger away following and better atmosphere
  4. And they say average players can be crap coaches and crap assistants
  5. And rightly so...that in wednesday blue would have been beutifull
  6. That’s a relic from the past...reckon ff will get a 6 month ban for that
  7. Our crowds are goin to be really poor this season if you ask me
  8. I’m in Sheffield you are in Newcastle..wot u on about? Go and have some ‘hendos’..Yule feel better
  9. Its a tactic to goose away fans..he knows a few clubs will bring a lot so he can squueeze a few more quid out of them...we have been a victim of this numerous times over the years
  10. He will..them ‘options’ aren’t worth the paper they are written on
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