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  1. Gettin like utd us with all thrse new 'honours'..lets rename the south..'the 15th best pressers in europe stand' 🏆⚽️
  2. Im predicting lowest shirt sales for years..possibly ever
  3. The sad fact is these days..most people only visit a boozer once a week..loads er goin to dissapear
  4. Indeedamondo it sure is..the fan blamers have been stumped last few weeks...cus we have been just as diabolical in empty stadia with no fans..so they have to resort to the op’s nonsense..
  5. Eh? Good away day on a Saturday like last season..or it wud av been if we had a proper manager in charge
  6. Loads of angry letter writing and email sending goin off from bellsniffs on their forum😫😫..its all gettin a bit sheff utd and west ham😂
  7. Maybe if all the nimbys actually drank in it when it wer open it wud still be a pub..pubs are vlosing all over the place.this one wont reopen.its just an eyesore..some shiny new apartments wud be a lot easier on the eye..anyway im sick of this dispute..it pops up about once a year..must have been goin on 10 years😡
  8. 12k a week we offered was a 70% reduction on his last contract..you dont think we wer goin to offer him the same terms do you
  9. He was ..12k a week by all accounts..and told us to stick it..hope hes waiting as long as hughton for his next club
  10. Im sick of hearing about this pub..either reopen it or knock it down and build flats..this has been rumbling on for years.and ive played football and cricket on sandygate and uts not very good
  11. It is..if your realistic about stuff you wont get too down when we have a crap season..if you believe we are goin to sign great players and get promoted you will be gutted this time next year..and you will look silly
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