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  1. Do you walk to the airport? Do you sleep on a park bench in dortmund or in an hotel?
  2. Been bangin the 2nd drum for ages..teenagers want to play fifa they dont want to go to hillsbro..they will go to away games..but even getting them to watch a full wednesday game on tv is a no no..my 2 watched about ten mins of last nights games..yet they both watched every minute of both the PSG v Bayern games..
  3. Colin Will do them a big favour tomorrow night..I guarantee it
  4. Nah.lets give hime a 4 year deal on 10k a week
  5. 100% wont happen..just a ploy to get a bigger slice of the pie out of uefa...how can you have a european super league without the germans?
  6. The PL wont kick them out..imagine negoaiting the next tv rights without those 6 in the league...nobody overseas is interested in burnley v wolves etc
  7. Havin just watched the entire Getafe v Real game they are exactly the same player...he wants to take every set piece..all he does is loads er little dingy pingy passes..backwards and sidewards..the odd hollywood ball..that never came off...it wer just like watchin bazza
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