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  1. So how many times in your life have you described yourself as a ‘servant’ ? None..your just dragging it out..borin..I’m off to feather
  2. Has winnall played yet with Sean #flair at Oxford??
  3. I’ve never tried to convey an image about owt..just don’t agree with massively paid people gettin called ‘servants’
  4. He wasn’t a ‘servant’..he was a player who got paid a kings ransome..hate that servant nonsense
  5. Why wud ff be eatin humble pie after swapping championship for seria a
  6. Also noticed that yday about brian laws..he wer struggling big time..usually spot on
  7. Brentford will be interesting Wednesday night..fwiw I fully expected us to beat brum yday...if we beat Brentford I mite start gettin excited about this season
  8. Thanks for that pal..you wer stood next to me by the looks of it..don’t matter wot division we ar3 in if we are winning away from home..let us back in
  9. Not sure but are you a Karen? All these new words are a bit strange
  10. Scenes in Udin..as ff’s Udinese climb off the bottom with an 88th min winner over Parma..for those not interested
  11. It’s just light hearted ‘bantz’..why is everybody so sensitive and snowflakey these days..
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