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  1. Where on earth did I say that young fella me lad?
  2. The idiots that took it as gospel that we scouted 200 defenders are the ones who want shooting! "I'm starving, I could eat a horse" "OMG!!!!! he wants to eat a horse!!!!! Him there, that fella, the filthy bar.stard!!! he just said he wants to eat a horse......I feel sick.... my wrists have gone limp....."
  3. Still waiting for him to tell us all about the "derisory" offer that young Judd apparently had on the table.....
  4. After all the years of being picked on at school, he served up a hell of a revenge yesterday. "they'll be laughing on the other side of their faces when I tell them to go back 5 yards for a free kick in their own half......they'll remember my name then!!"
  5. Has Gibson or the dingle gimp commented about our appeal yet? I think we need to stay in our boxes until scribble hair and dribble n.o.nce say the EFL can let us out.
  6. Wolves clearly don't like their sponsor, whoever it is!
  7. The only person whose face is bigger than his head! Get well soon tho Colin
  8. Got to admit, there are plenty that I've heard say exactly the same over the years and the old "I'm not going again while he's in charge", fast forward to a big cup match and bumper crowd "I'm only here cos there's nowt else to do"!
  9. These past few weeks have been a breath of fresh air, going from the ageing, overpaid, on their way down players like those mentioned. To the current young, hungry and fired up players. A refreshing change and one that shows that there's a plan in place! But hey, DC had a go and failed, so he can do one.........🥴 smashed logic!
  10. Let it go man, it's gone, in the past! Right now we NEED DC, if he walks, and I wouldnt blame if he did with the downright abuse he and his family have had from some of thick as f.ook empty heads, were screwed, who's gonna fund wages, keep non-playing staff in jobs? Unless you can sell a few time machines, who's gonna take a footy club on in these climes? I cannot understand why our fans won't give DC the chance to prove he's learnt from mistakes and put things right, it's bizarre.
  11. Alright Alex, you can climb out of Joe's arris now.......Sheesh!
  12. I like the shirt, looks good in the flesh, so to speak.
  13. When you finish making your time machine, you could go back and change history, mistakes have been which are being rectified. Sep 18th 2047:. S36 OWL posted..."this Champions League title to add to the Premier League is a hollow success for me, if Chansiri had run things corr.......etc etc etc repeat to fade...yaaaaawn"
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