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  1. 1986 a steady 7-1 win over QPR My dad "its not always like that, I better tell you " I still think he was kidding and it really 'will be like that ' soon
  2. I remember used to sit near a bloke who I named 's*it insults bloke ' .....it must have been the match when Curier played for Oldham "Antoin....va va voom " All the way through. That 'showed him' Its funny the things you remember as a Wednesday fan .....have to cling onto these things
  3. The current squad is of similar ability to the 2010 one but way above the 2003 one. When people say this is the worst ever they must be too young to have seen the 03 team. There's been many candidates over the years but if I had to pick a worst performance I've ever seen it was the defeat at Saltergate- most of the squad that day were soon playing in the Northern Premier League etc. Its not great currently but its not THAT bad . However....from what I've read over the years the average wage of the 03 team was about £1500 a week ......given that the current one
  4. How many of those 'average ' clubs are we bigger than in the eyes of the majority of 'neutrals '? I'd guess Plymouth, Exeter, Charlton, Barnsley, Wigan, Bradford.....maybe Millwall Who really thinks we're bigger than the rest of even that category
  5. Stoke City v Sheffield Wednesday highlights Watch video here Stoke City v Sheffield Wednesday highlights
  6. Stoke City v Sheffield Wednesday highlights Watch video here Stoke City v Sheffield Wednesday highlights
  7. Tackling is virtually banned A load of stupid netting, 7 thousand seats, snipers and a moat full of Alligators incase anyone tries to zip wire from the north/south stands into the upper west 'You can't play 442 these days' ....ok, if that's true can that rule be scrapped- cheers 'You can't have strikers who just score goals these days ' . See above There's hardly any characters now- Warnock being one of the few I can think of. You need people who are a bit mad - Big Ron, Cloughie (nigel must be the milkmans) even Martin Allen- rememb
  8. I've been going since 86.... These moaning that it won't be as entertaining as what they are used to must have only turned up for the Atkinson and Carlos seasons and being in a lapdancing club for the rest....
  9. One of the more bizarre ones...in his mid 60s my Dad switched from Wednesday to Rotherham. Even more bizarre it coincided with the start of the Carlos era. If it had been now he decided to switch I suppose it could have been to Hallam FC
  10. Do they actually check the photos? ...Will they just take it on trust that someone is a dead ringer for Al Jolson or Fred West
  11. If the kop price includes that lass who does the hand party it's not bad
  12. The 'could be banned from football' just reads as the publication purely speculating to me I have a date at the weekend....I ' could' get straight to 4th base, but I'll probably get a "it was nice to meet you " Tha knows ....
  13. Remember one match against Coventry our announcer introducing Peter Ndlovu as "Peter....well ...it's Peter anyway"
  14. I paid £5000 couple of years ago for the front and soon having the crown done at £3000. Not cheap vanity!
  15. I understand this view but ...its one a mate of mine takes who likes football but doesn't support anyone. He wants Wednesday or United in the premier to "see the best players ".......I remember in the late 80s when I was a kid seeing the likes of Liverpool and Everton rip Wednesday a new one, that was the best players, but fun it wasn't Ultimately we've got to go for it but like the League 1 promotion seasons were way better than all but 2 or 3 of our championship ones, a championship promotion season will be the pinnacle. The premier, if it comes will be a slog once the g
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