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  1. I've been going since 86.... These moaning that it won't be as entertaining as what they are used to must have only turned up for the Atkinson and Carlos seasons and being in a lapdancing club for the rest....
  2. One of the more bizarre ones...in his mid 60s my Dad switched from Wednesday to Rotherham. Even more bizarre it coincided with the start of the Carlos era. If it had been now he decided to switch I suppose it could have been to Hallam FC
  3. Do they actually check the photos? ...Will they just take it on trust that someone is a dead ringer for Al Jolson or Fred West
  4. If the kop price includes that lass who does the hand party it's not bad
  5. The 'could be banned from football' just reads as the publication purely speculating to me I have a date at the weekend....I ' could' get straight to 4th base, but I'll probably get a "it was nice to meet you " Tha knows ....
  6. Remember one match against Coventry our announcer introducing Peter Ndlovu as "Peter....well ...it's Peter anyway"
  7. Right take out the "coz iz a pig" nonsense and say why you think he wouldn't have been a good option for a championship club
  8. One of the frustrating things about sections of our fanbase is - We've been out of the top flight for 20 years, we are a mid table championship club yet people think Moyes is beneath us? And don't even get me started on all the brainiacs who kicked off when it looked like Warnock was coming a few years ago....ie one of if not THE most successful manager at this level.....
  9. I paid £5000 couple of years ago for the front and soon having the crown done at £3000. Not cheap vanity!
  10. I understand this view but ...its one a mate of mine takes who likes football but doesn't support anyone. He wants Wednesday or United in the premier to "see the best players ".......I remember in the late 80s when I was a kid seeing the likes of Liverpool and Everton rip Wednesday a new one, that was the best players, but fun it wasn't Ultimately we've got to go for it but like the League 1 promotion seasons were way better than all but 2 or 3 of our championship ones, a championship promotion season will be the pinnacle. The premier, if it comes will be a slog once the g
  11. I'd forgotten my glasses so could only narrow it down to 3...but it was definitely either Michael Palin, jarvis cocker or Arnold from 'different strokes'
  12. Id be happy enough with any of the 6 ive heard of there so....betting wise..... when they release odds for whoever managed the team that finished 3rd in the Maltese league to get the job im backing him
  13. Filled it in, id have needed 25 minimum for any of the current squad to have a chance of being in im afraid. If you think otherwise you've got to be much younger than me! (40)
  14. Recent times...Joao ....hands down ....if ever a player fitted the cliché 'not suited to the physicality of the English game' Before that..... Nsungu ...as above And ... Ermm ....Waddle...best Wednesday player I have ever /will ever see....in the context of this thread tho....big girls blouse
  15. Not sure if it's still the case but a few years ago the club had a deal with the gym accross the road, certainly when it was 'Fitness First' anyway, bit embarrassing as has been said as this is generally something that happens with non-league clubs Sodge apparently had amnesia which would explain his quick decline in form, when challenged about parking in disabled bays at the gym he needed clarification on who he was.
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