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  1. cartman

    20 players

    Filled it in, id have needed 25 minimum for any of the current squad to have a chance of being in im afraid. If you think otherwise you've got to be much younger than me! (40)
  2. Recent times...Joao ....hands down ....if ever a player fitted the cliché 'not suited to the physicality of the English game' Before that..... Nsungu ...as above And ... Ermm ....Waddle...best Wednesday player I have ever /will ever see....in the context of this thread tho....big girls blouse
  3. Not sure if it's still the case but a few years ago the club had a deal with the gym accross the road, certainly when it was 'Fitness First' anyway, bit embarrassing as has been said as this is generally something that happens with non-league clubs Sodge apparently had amnesia which would explain his quick decline in form, when challenged about parking in disabled bays at the gym he needed clarification on who he was.
  4. cartman

    Part timers of owls talk

    Me!, a lot less...was on the original messageboard, then Owlstalk when it first started (think around Turner era) used to post semi regularly, now read the site most days but hardly ever post Shame really as Im kin hilarious
  5. People are overestimating the allure of The Premiership..beyond the first season, where Wednesday would probably average about 30k (38?...giveover...to average this you would need over 30 for even the midweek games and the games against the likes of..let's say Burnley. Fulham..Blackpool..Reading etc etc). Another thing is the ticket price would be what?...cheapest adult ticket 30 quid going up to 42 ish?....we would need a sizeable change in the local economy for 10 to 12k people to pay this every other week (assuming 15k season tickets). Beyond that first season if a club Wednesday's size (actual not some peoples perceptions) stayed up and had a few seasons of finishing 14th to 17th there would be an average of 27k.....maybe 25
  6. cartman

    Leon Knight

    Taking everything aside the thing that really sums up what's wrong with football is that a club with an average gate of about 1500 in the 5th tier of football paid a player a signing-on fee of 30k and 2 SLKs plus no doubt a big salary (compared to the average UK salary). I've known a few lads that made it as high as the Conference North playing in front of 400 and were on around 45-50k a year. Madness.
  7. cartman

    worst memory of sheff wed

    1993 Final replay..only time I have/will cry at football (was too young to have real problems then!) season before that the 2-0 defeat at Hillsborough to United and the 3-1 away defeat around 2002/3 ish....losing at home to Rotherham..think it was Westwood slipped or (more likely) miskicked for one of their goals..for me, and probably a lot of other Rotherham based Wednesday fans that was one of the big lowpoints of the last decade
  8. cartman

    First Memory of Sheff Wed

    My first game was a 7-1 win over QPR in the 86-87 season....I can't remeber much about it other than the score and being disappointed that Wednesday didn't fall into a habit of scoring 7 afterwards ....can remember my 2nd game that season...4-2 defeat against Man Utd, and being in awe of a full Hillsborough...almost certain the attendance was over 40k