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  1. Post of the year. If just 1% of the world followed suit, we might have a chance. Top man Simon1984
  2. Which ever way you look at this it is s h i t timing to ask supporters to cough up significant amounts of cash. DC isn't exactly renowned for his sense of empathy however.
  3. We play some nice stuff, but have a soft underbelly and aren't that potent up top. Unless one of those weaknesses significantly improves we won't finish anywhere near the top 6. Still lots of time though, and with everyone fit, I think we will finish strongly.
  4. Irreplaceable. It simply won't be the same without him.
  5. In most cases this is meant figuratively, but in Moore's case I could literally see him forgetting where it is.
  6. He is very difficult to listen to. On a par with the football he is serving up to be honest
  7. I am not wedded to keeping Bannan in the side. Unfortunately we have invested 25k a week in the guy (a cretinous decision by the club) so it's unlikely he won't play. If he is as good as most seem to think, he should be able to mix up his approach.
  8. Speed up the tempo. Keep it simple and don't take unnecessary risks in possession. Play the wingers, and focus on feeding Gregory and Patterson with crosses.
  9. "Take your promotion and shove it up your arse ... I am off to bolster my 'legend' status at a club where I spent one season"
  10. Thank god for all the rich people queuing up to buy us..........
  11. Today's interview was as embarrassing as the performance. Endless platitudes and cliches, with absolutely no substance. He sounded like a bloke who was floundering in his first ever job interview. "So Darren, can you tell us about a time when you changed your approach, to overcome a challenge" "Well yeah, no, yeah, erm... I looked at the situation and well erm, I understood what needed to be done, erm, I knew I needed impetus, erm, I decided to throw caution to the wind..erm...."
  12. Got out of jail again. Need to finish them off now, or we know what will happen.
  13. Right now I'd take a Big Mac over Moore's Turdball.
  14. Awful. We'll probably nick this 2nd half, but christ we are utterly crap to watch.
  15. If you didn't know better, you'd genuinely think Lincoln were the home team.
  16. That I will be nodding off after 30 minutes.
  17. Against the grain, I wasn't overly convinced when we signed him, and I am even less convinced now. As I said back then, after an excellent season in the champ, why isn't he now playing at that level? It all screams of something not quite right with him. I hope I will be eating my words later after he bangs in a brace.
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