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  1. The nerves can't take it at my age. This club will do me in, I swear.
  2. If Chansiri takes us into league 1, then he wins this one hands down.
  3. We'd better hope they are paid before next weekend then. But whatever happens, this just shows how bleak things are. Even if we stay up, we will need to recruit a full team of championship players, when it is abundantly clear that we don't have a pot to p i s s in. I imagine there will be some rent due on the ground quite soon too. Are the crowds going to come back in enough volume to dig Chansiri out of this financial hole?
  4. The worst of all outcomes would be Derby coming down with us, into a division that already has the likes of Sunderland, Ipswich, Charlton, Pompey, Wigan etc. Rotherham really do have a chance to cripple us now. If they beat Luton, goal difference dictates that we are going to need to absolutely muller Derby, and hope that Cardiff do the same to Rotherham.
  5. Just referring to the game today mate, so far anyway. Absolutely agree over the course of the season. Both teams are down where they deserve to be.
  6. Whatever their result today, I am watching this Derby team, with players who actually do seem to give a damn and realised the gravity of the situation they are in. The comparison with the shower I watched earlier is like night and day.
  7. Their fans won't be there, but their manager will be and I doubt he will let them off. In any case, the whole theory that they will somehow roll over to sink Derby is pure fantasy. They aren't fielding 11 supporters, they are fielding professional footballers, most of whom probably don't care that much about Derby until they play them. I would imagine some of probably good mates too, as they live nearby. We know that players from rival teams often hang about together.
  8. They certainly play better football than both us and Derby, but they can't seem to put the ball in the next consistently, or (it would seem) catch a break from the officials. As you say though, that could start to change and they have twice as many opportunities as us to get out of jail
  9. You got a new scoreboard and 2, yes 2 golden elephants. What more do you want FFS? No pleasing some folk.
  10. Yeah, where as we have been......oh wait.... (cough)
  11. Not exactly a thrilling start, I think it's fair to say.
  12. We definitely improved under him in that season, but still never really looked like we could crack the top 6. It was a hard ask, as we were lower mid table when he arrived. His record was solid, if unspectacular and he still only got us a few places up the table. It's hard to say what he might have done had he stayed, but to be honest it always felt like it would be a short term thing. He has a history of walking when better offers come along, and with DC at the helm, that was never going to take long.
  13. I am not supporting them fella, the reason all this back and forth started was because I said that we would look a bit daft taking the ******** out of them too much, in our current plight. Nothing has changed my view on that. Maybe it's because I work with some of them, and have family who support them too. In each case, we all knew that the writing was on the wall for both teams months ago, and it seems like we have all adopted a policy of keeping our heads down, for now at least. In fact I have never talked about, or taken less interest in football (when in the real
  14. He's got blood clots on his lungs and pneumonia, poor bloke, so presumably he is in hospital.
  15. Are you off for a celebratory tug now then?
  16. Not sure how accurate this list is, but it's from Wales online (from a Swansea article) but if it's wrong then fair enough. I was definitely wrong in so far as there is a steep drop off after Swansea anyway, with a lot around the 30-40 mark. And I am not trying to defend anyone. Some right sensitive souls on here, where all things United are concerned. The final Championship table predicted based on wage bills 1: Stoke City £94.2m 2: West Brom £92.2m 3: Swansea City £90.7m 4: Huddersfield £62.6m 5: Fulham £54.3m 6: Middlesbrough £48.7m
  17. Quite a few did last season, with more around the 70m mark if memory serves. Not sure this time out.
  18. They need permission from the PL to take part, if they want to stay members of the PL at least. That won't happen, so it looks like there could be a prolonged stand off and it will no doubt end up in the courts. I wonder what Nic De Marco is up to these days...? Anyway, personally I think it's hilarious. Elite level football and money finally eats itself and spits out a sterile, closed shop competition, that will be about as much fun as a bad toothace. They've killed the sport I love, but frankly they are welcome to it.
  19. Not being an expert on football finance...but I expect that (like most relegated teams) they will flog a few of their better players and then bring down their wage bill. But theirs isn't too out of kilter with the current championship levels anyway.
  20. Rotherham, physically and psychologically was the killer blow. Losing against 10 men, in the final few seconds, against a relegation rival. It took our legs away and we've been unable to recover ourselves ever since.
  21. Well our plight does sort of undermine our position to gloat doesn't it? You've just admitted it yourself a few posts back.. Both clubs are at a crossroads now, and it could go either way for both next season. But comparatively they are already in a far stronger position. Had we got our act together and avoided relegation, then it would be time to fill our boots. As it stands, I am keeping my powder dry down when football creeps into any real life conversations with them.
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