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  1. As an old git myself I get the sentiment, but unfortunately I doubt that few outside our fanbase, and a few pundits, recognise us as a really big club anymore. 30 years since winning a major trophy and 22 years outside the top flight with a fair chunk of that time spent trying to fend off relegation into the 3rd tier, with varying success. When our fanbase is fired up and in tune with the team and manager, it can be something quite wonderful to behold. We saw that when we beat United to promotion, and during Carlos' first season, but since then, it has been a lapse into
  2. I am sure that a transfer embargo, and the offer of 3rd tier football will in no way make this difficult to achieve, no way whatsoever.
  3. Clearly he is one of the few who cares, so fair play. Not sure that I share the same optimism about Moore and his team though, with 3 wins in 14 matches, he has hardly set the world alight. There was time for him to keep us up, but the start under him was dreadful. Plus he doesn't have a promotion to his name, yet anyway. I want Moore to do well, but I think there is a lot being pinned on him knowing the league and being able to bring in the right type of player. All sounds great on paper, then I remember the ballon head who he is working for.
  4. Other than Iorfa, Urhoghide and Windass, the lot can get gone for me. Bannan can also stay as long as his wages aren't silly. No doubt we'll flog the 3 above though, to raise some cash. Cue another season of Lees, Hutchinson and Rhodes down the spine.
  5. What you seem to be proposing, would be the most mind-bendingly complicated arrangement, and legal hornets nest possibe. Essentially owners get to do what they want, with no regard whatsoever for financial regulations, essentially cheating, and should their asset (the club) benefit from it, only they as an individual should be punished. What about the less well off owners and supporters of the clubs who lose out because of clubs with wealthier owners cheating? Do they then get some sort or recompense, or are they just told to suck it up. The lawyers would be having a fi
  6. Fining billionaires isn't going to make the slightest difference, unless the fines are hefty, which they never are. The likelihood of sending their clubs into a lower league will make a difference. I get the sentiment about not punishing the fans, but then what about Wycombe's fans who are effectively losing out because another club cheated? If anything, the current system should encourage most owners to act responsibly, and in the interests of their club's fanbase. That doesn't mean achieving promotion at all costs, it means running things sustainably.
  7. I can't decide if I want Sunderland to go up or not. On one level I agree that it could be useful to see the back of them, but on another I could see them hitting true levels of league 1 atrophy if they don't get out this year, whereas the likes of Lincoln, Oxford and a revived Blackpool will probably be well up for it again. I also expect Rotherham to be in the promotion mix again, they seem to be a team that are too good for the 3rd tier but not good enough for the 2nd at the moment. Charlton, Pompey, Ipswich, Wigan, Wycombe and maybe Bolton will be the others to watch out for i
  8. Bournemouth, a club who has just spent years in the top flight is only worth £110m, as are Norwich. All clubs of similar size to us are worth anywhere between £20m and £60m according to this. Then take into account our new league status. The bloke is truly deranged.
  9. But had they won, they'd have stayed up even if we won, so I am not sure your point makes sense? Still confused.
  10. Yeah sorry, I am not getting this either. Why does he hate Derby so much?
  11. If you think that we were docked points purely for overspending, then you need to go back and read some of the details. We were docked points because we didn't complete the sale of the ground in time, to cover the losses in the relevant year's accounts. It was a transactional failure, despite the EFL giving DC several opportunities (and lots of help) to get it sorted in time. They have to draw a line somewhere, otherwise it would just be an accounting version of the wild west. This victim complex amongst our fanbase is really not helpful, and just helps to mask the owne
  12. Yes but read my later post, in response to the same question.
  13. Presumably they will get that halved as well?
  14. Yes but that's assuming 6 would have been given. Presumably the EFL had stuck to their original 12, and even if there had been enough time for an appeal, I doubt an appeal panel would overturn a relegation, due to all the potential legal fallout. In any case we are splitting hairs, as you say we deserve the punishment, so it had to come sooner or later.
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