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  1. It will be suspended just like last time. Why would they cancel the season for the sake of losing a few weeks?
  2. 2-0 Wycombe. No fight in this team or manager whatsoever, and Ainsworth will have them absolutely pumped for this.
  3. ---------------------------------------Dawson(he won't drop him)--------- -----Palmer------------Iorfa-------------Borner--------------Penney------- ------------------------------------Pelupessy (what a time to be alive) -------------------------Brown--------------------Bannan------------------------ -------Harris--------------------------------------------------Windass----------- --------------------------------------Patterson-------------------------------------- Subs: Wildmith Odubajo Hunt Reach Dele Bashiru Rhodes Marr
  4. Couldn't get near them, even with 11 men. This team has got a lot of work to do.
  5. Were we a fret though? Did we offer a fret going forward? Did we do our best to deal with their frets?
  6. Could have been 6-0, even without the sending off. They were first to everything even with 11 on the pitch. Where is this team going? No fight, no energy, no finesse, no quality. Dark times.
  7. Despite what has been, on balance, a good start, only 3 points have been shaved off the deficit when you consider the gap to 21st. I would be very surprised if Derby and Forest stay down this end for long. Barnsley could very well pick up under their new manager. You then look at the likes of Brum and QPR, experienced championship outfits who should pick up enough results for mid table. Unless the points start coming in consistently, the list of teams who are catchable could become very thin, very quickly. Even Wycombe look to be building some confidence with their rec
  8. Hutch wouldn't be playing, he'd be serving a 3 match ban for launching one of the Luton players into the 3rd row.
  9. I genuinely don't know why anyone expected a result against Luton. They struggled badly after Jones left them, but as soon as he returned and got the team settled back into his ways of working, they were always going to be a tough little unit. They'll finish in mid table comfortably this season.
  10. Prepare yourself Alan, prepare yourself....
  11. Could would be an outstanding appointment, but would he have the stomach for another relegation scrap, with a points deduction involved? Maybe.
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