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  1. More to do with their data analysis. One of their best players ex Chesterfield. Best striker outside Epl was 130 miles north of us. We just had a loan player from their near neighbours , Chelsea. Most academies lose money. Especially ours.
  2. No , said TUF done takeover. And so small, not material so no need to detail in their accounts. Key is source of funds, that's beneficial owner, so only a few in know. But of course we can have an educated guess whats really happened here. Above not original press release.
  3. Brentford don't have an Academy. Made £20 million profit last year and built a stadium.
  4. Thats a well supported club. Big clubs win things consistently.
  5. Why though? Most clubs out of Epl rely on profitable player trading.
  6. Which firm would wanna be associated with this shambles of a club?
  7. Better than nowt. New law for fans to buy shares is whats needed, even if majority boat now sailed.
  8. I could just about buy that if club had nt also issued a release to Press Association stating TUF, now TUG, had bought Milan shares. Nice try. Tuna fish and trebles all round.
  9. Cheers mate , a great idea to convert refunds to shares by Lincoln. Sadly, our owner wants our money but he keeps total control. Offensive.
  10. But owners not as stupid. Also have a stadium without rent and lower cost base. We are paying more rent than West Ham.
  11. So why Trevor did your PR team at club say they did, via big Press Release? With a big TUG graphics announcing sale to them from Milan? I know exactly relationship and am trying to buy TU G shares to raise it with Board and confirm it. Greenpeace also said still lost of work to be done on Human Rights! Incredible. And fans think you can deal with this mob.
  12. Think Hillsborough 'd be better empty. Gonna be poison if not near top (no chance).
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