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  1. Lamps, 3 for price of 1. Plus £150 million sponsorship deal would no doubt confirm.
  2. €5.4 million , says Transfermarket site so £4.5 million then. Main point, Chansiri lost our club £20 million selling him. Shocking.
  3. Only my hopes, but at least bidding for that kid at Crewe shows a bit more gumption from someone. Keane or Accounts could really cripple us. Again.
  4. First, it was £4.5 million plus add ons. Secondly, he fits the profile perfectly for Doyen's now banned Third Party Investment Policy (TPI). If so, club gets 2/3 of FA. No doubt accounts, errr , will reveal all.
  5. Took 6 months to get Green to save £48 a week. But if we get Cooky, Cosgrove and that kid from Crewe this week , should get to safety. Subject , of course, to accounts being submitted. Then all bets are off.
  6. Success generally takes a bit more than your superficial suggestions. Both Blades and Leeds going up was built on infrastructure investment, moving to top traning facilities , for example. This then resulted in lucrative player sales - Woods , Brookes et al - to fund steady progress and later attract right managers. Chansiri had 5 years to move from mediocre Middlwood and done nowt. Even his taxis don't run on time.
  7. That was BP's mantra , NASA too. Led to Deepwater and Challenger disasters. And why we didn't have a valid safety certificate in 89. Run a company, you need planning and precedures to mitigate risks and progress. We have a couple of elephants.
  8. Middlewood to ex -Norton Aerodrome = Cat 1 Academy And self - funding , as latter in green belt so relatively cheap. Would now getting housing on our current traing ground , so £25 million as lease is 118 years.
  9. He was a victim of us being a shambles as a club. Arsenal showed even the blind what he could do, with service.
  10. Sadly, only Administration will get him to go. Fans then have to pick up mess, as usual.
  11. Wonder who Tweedledee and Tweedledum will come up with today. Warny from Millers, hopefully.
  12. Name another club where agents - from beginning of Chansiri's reign - are embedded in club for recruitment? And just recruited another after 5 years ' footy experience. Mad.
  13. So , on average half full stadium. £15 Kop, Upper West and lower for visitors, £20 North Stand and £25 South. Under 16 all £5 before more go to Lane. Free shirts to under -5s, like Atalanta.
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