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  1. Renewed ours tonight for the kop only cost £290 each, used ticket credit and paid on my Owls credit card so should get chance to pay it off interest free over 9 months.
  2. Well if Wilder is watching that I dont think he will be re calling Wing back in January.
  3. What a frustrating afternoon, kicking towards kop in first half is never a good sign. Gillingham were there for the taking poor team using shithouse timewasting tactics to rattle us and it worked, and then they scored. Can our ex centre half Manager please work on defending set pieces. PS F### right off Steve Evans im so glad you have never been the manager of Sheffield Wednesday.
  4. Anybody notice this on itv Tommy Tynan playing for Plymouth Argyle in FA Cup 1984 semi final. He was one of my favourite players from the 70s
  5. If as rumours suggest that Wilder is going to be the next Middlesbrough manager what are the possibilities that he might recall Lewis Wing
  6. I was there that day and I have my memories of what took place......... But one of our home games, night match ?after with no standing allowed we were sat on the South Stand uncovered seats and it pissed it down so we got large crisp boxes from the food kiosk and used them as soggy umbrellas.
  7. Thought it was refreshing to watch both sides in their home kits, bugs me when Wednesday play away and wear an away kit when there is no colour clash.
  8. Can you tell me what day of the Cheltenham festival they are for please
  9. Im usually home before 6pm after a 3 o'clock kick off and travel back to Treeton. Up Halifax Road, down thru Grenoside up past Meadow Farm and pick M1 up at Thorpe Hesley
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