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  1. Plays like a Clown ...apologies to any Clowns. Hes awfull one of many to hopefully leave .
  2. Good luck Wednesday. Would love to have been there today as its what being a fan is all about passion through the good and bad times. Come on !! WAWAW. UTO.
  3. My second Wednesday game after the Palace match. Was sat in the West Stand with my Uncle. Remember Roy Coyles goal better than most I've seen in recent years. It looked as thought it was going over and then dipped into the net. Can't remember any trouble but I was only about 9.
  4. Overall he's a very poor footballer who may have desire but please his ability is way below the level required at Championship level and quite possibly lower leagues.
  5. Definitely our goal of the season so far and Palmers cross was WORLD class. Perfection in motion.
  6. Mine too. Wednesday played in white shirts with blue shorts and I sat in the Upper West Stand hooked ever since.
  7. Great picture of the Wednesday end erupting after one of the 3 goals, was printed in one of the next home programmes if anybody can be bothered to find it.
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