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  1. Is it possible that we are into someone for some cash from a loan and it hasn’t been paid, therefore they get a slice of the club from DC, then that person appoints this Alsono as his guy in the club? Something along those lines?
  2. Didn’t that Alonso character post something about ‘fans are everything’? Now this.
  3. He’ll know who he wants now, won’t sort it until it’s too late in the transfer window though. You all know it.
  4. To not even speak to him would be ridiculous. We’d be lucky if he even considered coming given the situation.
  5. I’d rather dump in my hands and clap.
  6. It’s not a carpet, it’s not terrible, get on with it.
  7. We can’t get any worse, hopefully they won’t get any better.
  8. I was feeling optimistic of getting a bit of momentum going, then I looked at the team sheet and the bench, FML.
  9. May not be. I think we’ve all been saying he needs help. The current ‘model’ hasn’t, isn’t and won’t work. Looks like he’s doing something to change things.
  10. Because this is SWFC, the natural reaction is this is something extremely shady, sinister and will ultimately turn out to be detrimental. We don’t know that will be the case.
  11. It’s difficult to muster any bothered to be honest.
  12. That’s some of the worst 10 seconds of Wednesday I’ve ever seen. The unbelievable pub league defending followed by that
  13. Clinging to the hope we’ll limp along until January and a spendageddon, despite the fact we’re skint and for some reason can’t appear to pay players in a correct fashion. As they say, it’s the hope that kills.
  14. shuffle club, shuffle players, shuffle chairman, shuffle manager, shuffle post
  15. I bet Barnsley are pooing themselves at the onslaught to come...
  16. Even if Bob’s calculator is brought out and there’s some cash somewhere, there’s still the issue of convincing someone decent to come here, good luck with that. There’s nothing that’s changed to suggest we will be shopping in anything other than the broken leg and Paterson market.
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