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  1. We are not promotion material. I’m at the point where I’d rather see us get a few real tonkings to get him gone.
  2. We’ll have a lot of possession in areas that won’t hurt them then roll over and get our belly tickled.
  3. Is it OK if I blame both?
  4. Whatever the ethos that is trying to be instilled, the bottom line is with two weeks intensive training to prepare for that game, we were second best by a long shot and that’s putting it mildly. Players don’t get paid and have the face on, that’s the reason we were poo. That was the rhetoric I was reading a lot last season. Players are getting paid, happy, joking and playing up for the cameras, now that’s the reason we were poo. Maybe we are just poo eh.
  5. Tomorrow is the first day it all comes together and clicks. 0-4 BPF penalty save
  6. I can’t help but think more could be done. Add on very cheap kids tickets with a package. Kids are the future fans, get them early.
  7. Plays like he’s towing a caravan with two flat tyres.
  8. We haven’t been paying it out so technically we aren’t saving anything
  9. I’d bet he doesn’t regret a single decision he’s ever made
  10. I’m doing it wearing Reach’s performance tracker, double his season stats for him.
  11. I don’t think anybody is singling him out for blame, but he has a degree of culpability along with many others.
  12. We all know there are things wrong. To sit there and talk like none of it was anything to do with him, when it was his responsibility to right some of those wrongs... He has a degree of culpability in where we are now, no doubt.
  13. Use tonight’s lottery machine, doesn’t ******** matter.
  14. I’m going to bid on the match worn reach shirt, won’t even have to wash it.
  15. We have a massive problem scoring and we have Wildsmith, I can’t see beyond that.
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