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  1. I’m doing it wearing Reach’s performance tracker, double his season stats for him.
  2. I don’t think anybody is singling him out for blame, but he has a degree of culpability along with many others.
  3. We all know there are things wrong. To sit there and talk like none of it was anything to do with him, when it was his responsibility to right some of those wrongs... He has a degree of culpability in where we are now, no doubt.
  4. Use tonight’s lottery machine, doesn’t ******** matter.
  5. I’m going to bid on the match worn reach shirt, won’t even have to wash it.
  6. We have a massive problem scoring and we have Wildsmith, I can’t see beyond that.
  7. Stopped reading it at “Izzy has fantastic ability”. No, no he doesn’t.
  8. Not worth the emotional investment. Complete apathy for them all.
  9. I’m in for a tape measure and long arm monkey
  10. So, up there at the top with key passes, which is the same as an assist but the next guy fizzed it up. Tells us all what we already know, our forwards are as much use as mudflaps on a tortoise.
  11. Chansiri isn’t a threat, he’s actually doing it...
  12. Weak, bottled it when it really mattered yet again.
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