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  1. They could sell a fair few to kids as Christmas presents if they’d offered them on an interest free payment plan, small non-refundable deposit secures etc.
  2. Why is an Orange called an Orange and a Lemon isn’t called a Yellow?
  3. No, that’s why I don’t. Surely nobody is happy, they can’t be.
  4. I didn’t form my opinion on wanting him out based on one result, so this win won’t change my mind.
  5. We are conceding a goal a game as a season average. We can’t turn a game around from a losing position. If the opposites score first we are fizzed. We can’t see a game out and have a propensity to capitulate in the last 10 minutes. Absolutely everything indicates that we are destined for a mid table finish unless there are some drastic changes.
  6. I don’t. We average 3.7 shots on target per game. If you don’t have enough shots on target, you don’t score, if you don’t score you don’t win, if you don’t win then you don’t get enough points, simple.
  7. We are not promotion material. I’m at the point where I’d rather see us get a few real tonkings to get him gone.
  8. We’ll have a lot of possession in areas that won’t hurt them then roll over and get our belly tickled.
  9. Is it OK if I blame both?
  10. Whatever the ethos that is trying to be instilled, the bottom line is with two weeks intensive training to prepare for that game, we were second best by a long shot and that’s putting it mildly. Players don’t get paid and have the face on, that’s the reason we were poo. That was the rhetoric I was reading a lot last season. Players are getting paid, happy, joking and playing up for the cameras, now that’s the reason we were poo. Maybe we are just poo eh.
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