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  1. I’m in for a tape measure and long arm monkey
  2. So, up there at the top with key passes, which is the same as an assist but the next guy fizzed it up. Tells us all what we already know, our forwards are as much use as mudflaps on a tortoise.
  3. True Tongue in cheek by Carlos? It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if this were true. http://sportwitness.co.uk/carlos-carvalhal-recalls-joined-sheffield-wednesday-clearly-loved-time-club/
  4. He’s said within the last 12 months that he’s not leaving and his intention is to be in charge until he gives the club to his son. The thing is, that’s always been the plan, he doesn’t really want us. I don’t believe getting relegated will make Mr Chansiri ‘let go’ as you put it.
  5. Chansiri isn’t a threat, he’s actually doing it...
  6. Weak, bottled it when it really mattered yet again.
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