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  1. I’d take a Westwood playing catch up, marshalling the defence etc over Dawson and Wildsmith every day of the week.
  2. Our star summer signing has a leg held together with scaffolding. I didn’t expect any less.
  3. The only positive I can think of is that he can’t possibly fizz things up any more than Monk, can he?
  4. Well everything was factual including the crap comment, although childish.
  5. All of our strikers are as much use as mudflaps on a tortoise. I see no value in naming Rhodes in the squad either.
  6. Shouldn’t worry, should be happy it’s free rent, it’s my money anyway... It’s our club, a life long love affair when you’ve quite finished.
  7. Just got in from work and after leaving buying it on ifollow cos I’ve got face on with it all, this just made me think fizz it I’m not bothering. Shambles of a selection and squad.
  8. Wait till we start L1 next season on -12. I don’t think we’ve hit the Nadir yet.
  9. I think he’ll be aware. I don’t think he gives a fizz what you and I think.
  10. I don’t condone it. We wouldn’t ever get a sniff of signing a fully fit Dunkley. He’s one signing, a gamble, we’ve got first team players starting who’d never kicked a ball in anger in professional football, they are gambles too.
  11. It’s unorthodox, but, he’s a player and it was a gamble. I don’t believe that this signing is simply the work of the recruitment team with no input from the manager, coaching and medical staff.
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