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  1. Shocking mate. I cannot believe how biased he is being
  2. Great interview. Lovely to hear from him. Let’s hope he hits the ground running and rips the league a new one.
  3. Absolutely love clips like this where you get a little insight in to what it’s like.
  4. Good in defence. Good in midfield. Need some more options up front. Adeniran, Bannan and Wing all looked tidy. Hutchinson and Iorfa solid. BPF made some good stops. We were just lacking a little in the final third.
  5. Will there be another season? I absolutely love this program.
  6. Sooner or later the integrity of the leagues will be called into question. All the players missing would have an impact on the results. Is it the same for everyone? Not necessarily.... there will definitely be winners and losers IMO. Just hope we come out on the right side of whatever happens.
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