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  1. I think I read somewhere on here that they are mates so he is probably using it while Opoku isn’t.
  2. Or Tucker didn’t want to move North. Smith is in Championship. Wildsmith didn’t want to play back up any longer. NML perhaps will be offered deals elsewhere better than ours I reckon.
  3. Hi, Taking family to todays game and wondered where best place is to park? Never been before to Donny ground. UTO.
  4. Not fully over. Heel would have touched. Is that allowable?
  5. The long throw at the end? Could have been dangerous. When he let go of the ball his foot was clearly over the line and on the pitch. Should have been a foul throw? Moore saw it like lots of fans. Went to the Lino who’s eyes were painted on and didn’t seem to know what day it was. Then went to fourth official who again didn’t see it….
  6. Shocking mate. I cannot believe how biased he is being
  7. Great interview. Lovely to hear from him. Let’s hope he hits the ground running and rips the league a new one.
  8. Absolutely love clips like this where you get a little insight in to what it’s like.
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