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  1. Will there be another season? I absolutely love this program.
  2. Sooner or later the integrity of the leagues will be called into question. All the players missing would have an impact on the results. Is it the same for everyone? Not necessarily.... there will definitely be winners and losers IMO. Just hope we come out on the right side of whatever happens.
  3. Harris down getting treatment. Windass down getting treatment. Looks like a good time for Kachunga to at least warm up.... no... sat in the stands like a bell. Need him to come on sharpish... oh hang on while I get out my seat ffs. Clueless.
  4. Why would you be surprised pal? This should have been dealt with immediately after the game never mind weeks later.
  5. Wildsmith while giving away a penalty in the first minute.... ffs
  6. While trying to buy the side a few seconds to count the clock down and grab a breather....
  7. Good. He cannot get away with what he did. Unbelievable that Neal has said what he has as well. Shocking.
  8. Fair play. I would go Terry over Lowe. Let’s hope whoever it is does the job.
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