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  1. You’re right it’s not stopped you has it BOOM ROASTED
  2. Grealish is so terrifyingly thick he can’t pick Birmingham out on a map of the uk he doesn’t know what an encyclopaedia is I assume he’s on 300k a week
  3. Also imago e of Liverpool had beat spurs hahahaha theyve ballsed up far worse than city here city just have to win their final game - that’s it
  4. Liverpool won’t win another trophy this season
  5. Jesus they’re so weird why are they always SO weird I’d say we suffer from being too cute and soft, camp looking owl logo, winning the fair play award while being relegated. then youve got them - battle of brammal lane, and a bloody sword logo. I like our club for its uniqueness but then I never understand I take it all back, fk em hope they end up in the 4th again
  6. You guys worry too much about the pigs its only because we’ve been so bad for 20 years we’ll come good again
  7. Only an idiot wouldn’t see a steel city premier league derby as a good thing any of you who can’t work that out are pathetic and stupid
  8. Why did they wear yellow though
  9. I’m not saying I like them i just think there’s something to them pushing us to be less crap at times whatever gets us out of league one at this point is fine with me
  10. Cus them being sh*t for all those years worked out so well for us
  11. If you stop thinking with your blue tinted specs, united, Leeds and Wednesday in the premier league would be amazing
  12. Their success does not affect ours they’re just another team in the football pyramid they were in l1 forever with us in the championship and it didn’t make any difference to anything in fact they leapfrogged us
  13. I almost want them to go up to put added pressure on us to get out this league we’re almost apathetic to being in this division - maybe them being in the premier league would give us a kick up the bum
  14. So what you’re saying is we actually are doing that? then we need to get rid of the older players maybe, young fast players we also need to workout how to not lose to teams that are just good at time wasting
  15. All I’m saying is if we’re playing forest green rovers can we just go and smash em
  16. You got me big attention grab asking a 3rd division teams football forum why we don’t play more attacking football madness
  17. we had this once, in the PO campaign season with Carlos that ended at Wembley... why in L1 do we always have defensive irvine and megons im not 100% my opinion on Moore yet... but why can't we just go and try and score 4 every week and see if that's not enough?
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