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  1. I have to wonder what push would have done with those beats. And what nas would have done with the Daytona beats
  2. Am I the only person who has a soft spot for Nasir? Haha those ratings are shocking though!
  3. same creator if you like four lions and back and in the loop etc https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jesse_Armstrong#Film people that dont like this are probs expecting something more like usual HBO shows but its closer to a british drama like the thick of it
  4. this is just fancy billionaire peep show
  5. do you like peep show?
  6. no if anything the third season is JUST talking, even more than before i think because of covid, it had to be a lot of two people max in a room talking, i could be wrong but another show i know of had that problem. i honestly view it primarily as show shot in the peep show universe MORE than a big HBO show... maybe that changes what you expect to see... it's far close to peep show than the wire, or GoT, or anything. probably closer to curb thinking about it.
  7. It’s just the best better than peak game of thrones
  8. Yeah I only really realised how good the truth and final track are a few days ago. it may be my aoty
  9. Meet Joe black is my fave new weeknd album out tomorrow I can’t believe it narrated but Jim Carey like OMG
  10. Sheffield in the 80s was like Pripyat
  11. Just started this love this trash like nesbit’s partner is an ex, a missing mobsters wife he investigated is an ex… and… I’m sure there’s a conflict in all that lmao
  12. As a culture we need to move on
  13. I’m actually dying to hear 1867 talk about magic I have been listening today and it’s just flawless Kd1 and 2 had a few skips for me, maybe… but this is just perfect. obviously it’s not illmatic but it really does feel like it. magic is 100% my album of the year. when am I getting my new pusha t project though, like fkn seriously push said he’d have album of the year and kendrick sort of said a similar thing… I hope these are both coming q1 22. I can wait on kd3… I’m still playing the last 3 albums Jesus haha. most disappointing album of the year has to go to ross most mid album has to go to cole or drake… god clb was a waste of hype. I will never understand the drake following.
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