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  1. new k westalbum, donda, out friday
  2. kanye, drake, kendrick, cole, eminem its been a long long time since any of them REALLY dropped a great album. Damn was summer 2017. and only half that album was above average. eminem is a meme rapper at this point. cole is just cole but i've not seen much reason to call him a top rapper of all time since mid 10s. latest album felt like a mixtape. and annoying;y kanye is sat on two decent projects, drake sat on a new album that was meant to be out in feb, and kendrick has had a finished new album since feb 2020, feels like they all just rested on their past success and i imagine theyll all drop new projects late this year and next and they won't be that well received. the way hip hop moves now, the beats will sound dated and people will be on to new stuff. this is all fine but there isn't really a new top 5 either... maybe; Tyler benny gibbs jpeg travis? as good as those guys are... its not a trade by any stretch, they're all ok but theyre never gonna make an illmatic, a MBDTF, TPAB, MMLP, FHD2014, or even a so far gone... maybe drakes the exception where he just be doing a ye or weeknd impression half the time on his best work but drake is an enigma. im flooded with good hip hop but starved a decent album... one you can put on and enjoy from start to finish. i was talking to some younger hip hop fans on discord and they were all saying savage mode 2 and burden of proof were 10/10s and i just thought wow that says it all about hip hop rn... a tonne of mid. miles and miles of mid.
  3. its like a way to start with an opening goal
  4. just keep going like nba play offs
  5. Never been a fan. What are some alternatives? Serious and silly answers both welcome. What i think is crazy is that we replay pointless FA cup ties but not CL and WC finals. Surely a replay is worth millions, plus would be more exciting than a penalty shootout. Imagine if at 90 mins last night, the outcome was see ya Tuesday for the replay?
  6. it just seems obvious to me that walker, grealish and shaw and stones all could most likely score a pen.
  7. Grealish wanted to take one apparently wtf went on last night ffs a better selection, rashford hitting g the target and someone smashing it down the middle and today we’re trophy winners ugh i hate football between England and Wednesday idk why I bother
  8. People drink and do cocaine all the time without anything like that going on. people should have a right to get us smashed as they like, without being blamed for the actions of a never ending hooligan problem in this country. out of all the stupid stuff from yesterday, a few lads snorting heavily cut cocaine is the least of my worries.
  9. I’m just angry at myself for believing
  10. There was a moment I knew we were doomed Against Denmark, in extra time I remembered thinking I will probably watch this whole game again afterwards. About the same point, in this game I thought even if we win I’m never watching this again, as I’d hated every minute after we scored the opener. beating Italy was just an ask too much and even with an early goal it never felt like it was happening the fans at Wembley knew it I knew it we all knew it
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