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  1. Read the reviews and it’s what I expected I’d rather watch the first one again then put myself through this
  2. That winning goal though good strike but Christ what was going on there players must have thought the game was over you could park a jet in the space he had
  3. Just bring on the asteroid god life’s relentless
  4. Jesus we’re sh*t Wake me up when we’re watchable
  5. Yeah I think I’m watching that tonight been rethinking my list as a more, what mcs I like listening to and it’s a very different list joey badass nas pusha t ye ghostface doom meth Kweli Black thought Kendrick might be closer to that for me
  6. I don’t understand how biggie can not make anyone’s top ten but like I said. That’s what makes hip hop so fun to talk about.
  7. I think Freddie Gibbs is in the conversation too
  8. Idk about saying this out loud but what does ASAP Rocky gotta do to be mentioned in the greatest list because he’s not missed for ten years
  9. This is far too technical mate if you listened to your top 5 for an hour you wouldn’t want to listen to the rest you’ve kind of listed the top 12 to read lyrics too and not having doom in THAT list is borderline unforgivable but that’s why hip hop is so amazing there’s so much to consider
  10. 1. Jay 2. big 3. em 4. nas 5. doom 6. I’m having jme/skepta as one cus they’re brothers and it’s my list 7. Pac 8. 50 - very different reasons than the others but on hooks alone he makes my list 9. kendrick 10. rakim I don’t think you can make a top 10 without em pac big jay and nas so it’s hard to do a top ten as that second 5 leaves little room like I can’t in good faith get mos, Royce, black thought, busta, wayne, ye, pusha t in there in fact I’m gonna need to do this again cus push is nicer th
  11. youll still watch it i have no problem watching old kevin spacey films and i thought i wouldnt... then you watch se7en or american beauty again and realise its not that hard to separate art and the person... saying that i wont be listening to lost prophets again
  12. 2 this Xmas 3 next 4 2015 2 has been complete for ages 3 is 95% complete
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