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  1. he's also a paper work, football, finance and admin cretin
  2. lets put fran kirby on 300k a week
  3. mate there's being a troll and negative and there's just answering a question of if youll be buying one and answering with why i don't want one i get it... i get the kit... i'm happy people liek it, it's not what i was expecting IF YOU ALL MUST KNOW i have bought last years at the discount as i preffered that one jfc - fan police!
  4. ive been sick with covid for two weeks so been dealing with that not a fan of the new kits - it's just a lazy rip off of old kits, would rather get them off toffs
  5. I used to enjoy the womens team but this time around I felt like my support was demanded so I’ve not paid any attention nobody tells me what I care about!
  6. The big time sponsors and millions that will be tuning in of course!
  7. Only if they get paid the same as the mens team - cus that makes sense
  8. I’m an M but I’m getting 7 xl based on comments
  9. i like it i would like a nice modern kit BUT these are better than what we usually have
  10. Wake me up when they make the quarters
  11. We’ve had our best kits under chansiri its just the marketing that’s awful
  12. It’s just another reminder how far we’ve fallen back of the queue at macron
  13. AND we don’t even have a graphic of the shirt season about to start… not even a tweet about a new shirt go listen to a podcast, about like dolphins mating habits in winter…. They have a new merch announcement every month! Sheffield Wednesday established 1867 and we can’t get a pic of the new shirt before the season kicks off you guys have Stockholm syndrome from bad owners bUt AlL FaNs GeT tReAtEd LiKe ThIs
  14. The season is a lot closer to starting than some of you seem to understand it’s not a normal season
  15. It’s not worrying tbh it’s just annoying I don’t like going to games any more for many reasons plus I live down south. But I do like to pay for club merch and products to contribute in my own way. I was kind of ready to buy the new shirt for half price and the new shirt for full price in one go and it’s turned into impossible but yeah that’s 80-90 quid sat in my bank I’d love to get out… now let’s assume we have 15,000 like me which isn’t an insane estimate and it becomes a sun of money the club could have.
  16. Can we not expect better than the pigs the inbreds and worst of all whatever the do Doncaster is supposed to be Jfc
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