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  1. I moan a lot but it’s a decent offer I can’t get the offer though cus I don’t go to games
  2. Haha and some of you moaning about them not getting the kit out swiftly embarrassing lads i always had faith
  3. It’s embarrassing that we’d even talk about Rotherham burn the place down it’s the worst place in earth
  4. I got hammered on here for saying the ticket prices would strangle the club and put the fan base off haven’t been since 2015
  5. id buy last seasons kit for 15 quid if they wanna sell me one ill buy next seasons if it comes out by 1st July theres my line in the sand
  6. If it’s interesting and not a rubbish training too
  7. Yeah you’re right. Chansiri knows what he’s doing and rarely misses with the fan base. I’m sure it will be well rolled out and in prime time for people actively wanting to buy. jesus wept
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