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  1. Redknapp getting brave then a little voice in his head, must be saying to him, ‘easy now he’d rip my head off’.
  2. On a weird note - it’s not that exciting… they’re just carrying on as they were. they need 10 new players theyll finish about 10th each new decent signing would be worth a point but who would be mad enough to join?
  3. They’d do fine here - even dc nearly got us in the premier league
  4. I put a pony on Brentford and I genuinely thought I’d lost my mind but I just felt it in my bones thought they’d win 2-1 maybe
  5. We have to win today difference between promotion form and relegation form
  6. he's also a paper work, football, finance and admin cretin
  7. lets put fran kirby on 300k a week
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