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  1. And what will the 18 / 19 accounts show up? Double trouble?
  2. Criticism of the local rags does seem to wind you up. I don't know why. Sleep well. X.
  3. Why do they bother? Same questions every week, same answers every week. Just Howson's opinions, he knows no more than the rest of us, fizz all.
  4. I don't know what to think, he's inherited a poo situation, but I don't think he's helped himself. Freezing out Westwood and Hutchinson a massive mistake in my opinion. Wildsmith and Dawson both promising Keepers, but Westwood still the best and organises the defence. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe he's equalled the record number of "clean sheets" twice in his time here. I don't think it's a coincidence that our post Christmas slump coincided with Hutchinson being frozen out, in my opinion he should have been made captain years ago, and played in central defence. Jos couldn't handle them both, but Bruce could, what does that tell us? None of us know what is really going on behind the scenes, and whilst we clearly need a clear out, I'm not sure we're getting it right. Time will tell, but we need some stability and we can't keep changing Managers every 9 - 12 months. And if we get rid of Monk, who can we get in? Hughton has apparentlly turned us down previously, and please dont suggest Cowleys, Pullis, Johnson, Megson, etc.
  5. Those who want him back must have short memories, the quality of football under Megson was awful, a lot worse than it is currently.
  6. Too many poor players: Lees - Better since his return but not good enough going forward. Iorfa - there's always a mistake waiting to happen. Odubajo - a liability at the back and offers very little going forward. Pelupessy - I just can't see what he contributes. Luongo - fairly anonymous. Harris - works hard but just no end product. Reach - What's happened to him? Nuhiu - only starts playing when he wants a new contract. On the positive side, we must do everything possible to get Murphy back next season, our best player by some distance.
  7. I don't understand all the criticism of him, yes he hasn't quite come off yet in front of goal yet, but works his bolluks off and has pace and power. His best game for us today, and I'm sure the goals will come.
  8. We need some stability at the club, we can't just keep changing managers every 12 months. Realistically, who would replace Monk? Having said that, I don't believe we've ever had an honest reason for the freezing out of Westwood and Hutchinson, who both played regularly up to Christmas when we got to 3rd, and our post Christmas slump did coincide with them being frozen out, more than just coincidence I think. We need to give Monk the benefit of the doubt and get behind the club, at least to the end of the season.
  9. So who would you have played tonight at centre back?
  10. Played guite well and deserved at least the draw. Wickham had a good game, Da Cruz showed how to cross a ball and Hunt looks very promising.
  11. I only stated that I couldn't comment on Joe Crann. I have read many articles by the ones you've listed, also Jordan Cronin, Ricky Charlesworth, Ritchie Boon and several others, and consider them to be generally poor. As for scoops, you've got to be joking.
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