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  1. We’re desperate for a left back, we have one, he’s called Brown, why don’t we at least try him there?
  2. They were all poor appointments in the first place.
  3. We need to have some patience, swopping managers every 2 minutes doesn’t work. I’ve been watching Wednesday for 50 odd years and our bad appointments seriously outweigh the good ones. Yes, he’s got work to do and needs to learn fast. We need a left back, we need Hutchinson in defence, and Bannan should play centre midfield, or not at all, not right wing or No. 10. We need a fit Luongo,, but that might just be a dream. And most of all, we need to stop giving possession away so easily.
  4. Johnson not a full back, never has been, never will be.
  5. Definitely give him a few games whilst Luongo injured, Byers and Wing have been somewhat disappointing.
  6. They go on sale tomorrow for those with enough TPP’s. We have just under 1800, of which nearly 1200 are standing.
  7. Wing had a very good game against Huddersfield, but less impressive against Charlton and Doncaster. Hutchinson and Iorfa the standout performers so far this season, in my opinion.
  8. You’ll need to take out a second mortgage for drinking around London Bridge.
  9. I don’t think blocks G, L and possibly K have been released for sale yet.
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