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  1. Another complete waste of money. Please take Harris and Pelupessy with you.
  2. I’m sure he got 6 in a game once, although it may have been for the reserves.
  3. Please just get rid, runs around a lot, contributes nothing.
  4. Keep both, providing they accept realistic wages, let all the other senior out of contract players go (they are simply not good enough), keep the younger ones.
  5. There’s only one direction with Chansiriin charge. I believe his original intentions were well founded, but he admitted a lack of football knowledge. But he’s learnt nothing. Recruitment since the 2016 play-off final has been a disaster, managerial appointments worse, supporter relationship virtually non- existent and he just won’t admit being wrong. And now, for whatever reason, we’ve allowed the one young talent,in I don’t know how many years,to get established at first team level, to leave for a pittance. Its about time the support seriously demonstrat
  6. Negative team selection, you can’t play both Pelupessy and Hutchinson in midfield and expect flowing football. Their man just ran past Pelupessy (again) before setting up first goal, and we never recovered. It’s not looking good.
  7. I don’t understand people voting for Harris, he looks good on the ball but there’s never any end product. How many goals / assists this season? the youngsters all did well.
  8. Makes sense to me. But play him in defence, he gets less injuries and yellow / red cards there. And play Shaw in the defensive midfield role.
  9. Shaw easily, but credit also to Odubajo, Brennan and Galvin. Dont know what Pelupessy offers, Paterson not good enough, no end product from Harris.
  10. Improved, but still wouldn’t get in any team going for promotion to Premier League.
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