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  1. Disappointing, but I don’t think we’ll play a better team than Brentford this season. Paterson man of match, Reach and Harris also good. Odubajo is not a defender, Palmer would have been better in that position. I worry about Dawson, seems to be rooted to his line at corners and free kicks, would prefer Wildsmith (or Westwood). But we’ll be much better when Iorfa, Lees, Luongo and Brown return.
  2. I tried to subscribe for yesterday's match but every time I hit the subscribe button I just got a bouncing football on screen. As advised, I emailed ifollow@efl, but got no reply.
  3. What chances of getting him back again (yes, I know he's injury prone)? I don't think he's one of the rumours going round.
  4. Palmer as right wing back is a concern. Passing / crossing are his worst attributes. And has he ever scored a goal?
  5. PDoes anyone know the current situation with them, have they left, or are negotiations taking place on extended contracts? I haven't seen anything official from Wednesday confirming either way, Lee and Nuhiu are no longer shown on the club's 1st team profiles, but Jones is.
  6. And what will the 18 / 19 accounts show up? Double trouble?
  7. Criticism of the local rags does seem to wind you up. I don't know why. Sleep well. X.
  8. Why do they bother? Same questions every week, same answers every week. Just Howson's opinions, he knows no more than the rest of us, fizz all.
  9. I don't know what to think, he's inherited a poo situation, but I don't think he's helped himself. Freezing out Westwood and Hutchinson a massive mistake in my opinion. Wildsmith and Dawson both promising Keepers, but Westwood still the best and organises the defence. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe he's equalled the record number of "clean sheets" twice in his time here. I don't think it's a coincidence that our post Christmas slump coincided with Hutchinson being frozen out, in my opinion he should have been made captain years ago, and played in central defe
  10. Those who want him back must have short memories, the quality of football under Megson was awful, a lot worse than it is currently.
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