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  1. Andy Townsend - that dirty foul on Warhurst and the way he smirked straight after!!
  2. Have faith - I am strongly led to believe that Monk has been tasked with turning the club around from day one. His staff were never going to join in the first year for various reasons. He has spent his first part season sorting out the crap - which has been needed for several years! We are in a rebuilding phase and need time. He is not in a one year rolling contract despite the mass majority believing so. Beattie is an excellent addition and will prove his worth. Believe it or not - Chansiri has it covered!
  3. Monk isn’t the problem here - we have a poor lightweight squad. The clear out is in transition- the majority of the overpaid wasters are gone. We need3 years to rebuild this squad, getting rid of Monk will not speed this up - no decent manager will touch us with a barge poll at the moment. Monk has had no pre-season, non of his preferred coaches and a very toxic squad to contend with. We need a complete reset and if that means going down then so be it. Too many on here want instant gratification. We need to accept that the club is at absolutely rock bottom. Chansiri has gone for the short term
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