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  1. I agree mate. Stabilisation is key. I didn't think we would be up there this year but hoped we would be building towards something. Early days yet
  2. Its October - can anybody name our best starting 11? Who's going to get us the goals? Sow, Berahino, Paterson, Gregory, Kamberi or when he is fit Windass?
  3. In this division especially a fit Sam Hutchinson is more important to the team than a 'luxury' such as Barry Bannan
  4. I said at the start to give him time, let him bring his own players in, coach the way he wants, use his own tactics. I thought he would get a season. If it carries on like this he will go around Christmas and then we will start it all again. Just how football works nowadays.
  5. I'm with you there. First 2 seasons I was on board with. Loved it. Then it got a little bit crazy.
  6. No. Not again. Come on lads bring the 3 points home
  7. If we win without Bannan in the side it wont be mentioned If we lose without Bannan in the side Owlstalk will go once again into meltdown The bingo comment above cracked me up. Spot on. I used to think I had a good idea at naming the side. Havent a clue this season Come on lads. Let's have it
  8. This must be your first season supporting Sheffield Wednesday. Joking. It's an uncontrollable so I just hope got the 3 points but if not, look for any positives and move forward
  9. Theres 38 games left. Were you thinking automatic was a possibility? I wasnt. Hope for it but honestly would just love for us to give it a go and see where we end up with this brand new squad. A draw away to one of the promotion favourites isnt a bad result. We go again Tuesday
  10. What a lovely headline. I bet the ones skating were wanting to sign him up after the penalty saves. 8 games in and we have already turned toxic. Obviously this helped last season.
  11. Nobody is running away with it. 8 games in. Win the game in hand and we could be 5th. Can we give the same players a run of games now? 6 games and see where we are
  12. Des Walker still driving a lorry? Did Ryan Jones go into plumbing I think too?
  13. Optimistic at 14.23 Pessimistic at 15.45 Realistic at 17.00 Every Saturday
  14. Could prove to be the signing of the summer. Imagine if he helps us get promoted? Thatd be nice
  15. Arent they lifting the restrictions shortly? I'd say he would have at least 2-3 years left at competitiveness until he moved into the semi retirement back home. Still, I'd pick playing near the Sydney harbour bridge than the Tinsley viaduct
  16. Who was the hardest player you've come up against or played with?
  17. I remember loads giving Paddy Kenny some right hassle about his weight and his missus when we were losing to them. He took it all and then he just turned around, smiled, and put a '2' and a '0' up with his hands. Had to laugh. Characters are a dying breed
  18. I dont know why I read this. But it definitely made me laugh how much hatred they have for us. I've worked in all of the town centres and Doncaster is definitely the worst. They all care about us when I'm not too fussed about anybody else really. 45 games to go. 45 wins would be great, starting Saturday.
  19. Absolutely key to us moving forward. Future captain
  20. Wonder if they ever really will bring in a salary and transfer cap?
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