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  1. Come on lads. It's a big ask but can you run your nads off and get a couple of goals in this last half an hour? Cheers
  2. Football is divisive isnt it? Brunt was lazy, too weak on the ball, goes missing in games Whelan wasnt strong or vocal enough to be in the centre of the park, he wont go on to do anything Antonio is a poor mans JJ, no end product, 1.5mil is good money to get for an average player No direct quotes and none any of my thoughts on the above players but around me on the North stand, conversations with friends and colleagues, reading forums I'd hear and see similar to above. I don't know what Adam Reach will go on to do but I do think he is more than ca
  3. Agree with this and would add Antonio to the list. Reach will probably go and do it in the Premier League - maybe Norwich will take him
  4. I agree. He looked better than the others around him but that's like when a new girl starts at work - Put them in a nightclub you dont notice them
  5. Players I've just shook my head at... Chris Adamson Ian Hendon Martin Taylor Guy Branston Jon Beswetherick Richie Partridge Ronnie Wallwork Paul Corry Robbie Mustoe Kim Olson Jay Bothroyd
  6. I remember this. Got me thinking about Simek and came across this old article. https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/sheffield-wednesday-transfers-paul-sturrock-18341158 Not many go onto good things do they?
  7. And do the Adebayor celebration.....to the stewards...
  8. And mine. Maybe it's so he doesnt get injured in the warm up and is our first substitution in the 2nd minute
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