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  1. We have had the most attacking Midfielders for a long time.....and we didnt take Maddison or Lingard....but still just didnt really attack!
  2. Great goal for Hungary. If they were playing England it would probably end up for a victory for them. Franc will regroup - I think 3-1 France but would love it if they won
  3. He seems to have something that's not quite clicking for him. Maybe he needs a partner upfront? Try 352 against the Czechs
  4. I had a listen. I like Sam too. Always open. Respect to him I'm not a big fan of their podcast, didnt think it was particularly well structured
  5. Our defence is the weakest area And a defender has turned our best attacking players in years...into defenders. I do like Southgate though. But if that was his plan last night then he needs to have word with himself.
  6. 90s shell suit. Jokes White shirt. Smart trousers. Medallion on show.
  7. What a terrible game to watch. Scotland could nick this 1 nil
  8. Definitely agree. Looked off it in the first match too. Maybe Man U has asked him to play rubbish so they can talk Spurs down from the 160 mil price tag
  9. Hahahaha he does have some pearly whites as well. Probably got a 2 for 1
  10. England died off for the last 20 mins or so. Scotland look the better side. I'd bring on Grealish for Mount
  11. I'd drop Walker for Luke Shaw I'd probably give Grealish a start instead of Foden Trippier to move to RB Come on England let's turn it up I'm saying 2-1
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