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  1. I don't see it as sniping. Our reading of it (with our volunteer legal guidance and experience of the FSA to support us) is different to yours. Perfectly valid questions to ask. Even if you are correct, I don't think the ACV would be meaningless. The symbolic value is worth something even ignoring all else.
  2. Its a maximum of 12 (if a rule change passes at the AgM, currently max 10). It's not that many at the minute but there's space to grow.
  3. 780 now, but I agree that the more members we gain the better. I'd encourage as many Owls fans as possible to join. It's a tenner, and you get a nice badge www.swfctrust.co.uk
  4. Our view is that if Sheffield 3 was sold to a new owner, and the stadium was transferred as part of the sale, the new owner would need to register the title deed as new owner. That would require a conveyancing process. Under the terms of the Localism Act, the Conveyancer would be required to ensure that the moratorium on sale provisions of the Act had been completed. In our view this means that the ACV provisions would apply as if the stadium had been sold.
  5. I've not forgotten. No answer yet though (sorry) will come back as soon as I get something.
  6. Hello all, I've passed the various questions/comments since yesterday to our board member who's leading on it all. Working today, but we'll come back as soon as we can on it all.
  7. Will add it to our list of questions to the council - might take a little while - but will endeavour to get a full answer.
  8. Our understanding is that there would be no underlying change to the freehold status, so there would be no need to notify the council as Sheffield 3 Limited would still be majority owner. And even if this did kick in the ACV status it's ok because the moratorium period can be waived. It doesn't need to be exercised in every situation. In this instance, where shares in the asset might be sold to fans, we can imagine how that would be seen a positive move and the maratorium period waived. For both these circumstances and others it's worth saying that this is our reading of the material. We've learnt this stuff as best we can, and asked questions of the council to the best of our ability, but it is always possible to have missed something.
  9. Our understanding for this one is that the freehold would have to be registered under the new ownership meaning that the ACV would kick in and Sheffield 3 limited would have to notify the council.
  10. Not yet .. Let me ask about these two. Will come back when I find out more.
  11. Q&A - Asset of Community Value (ACV) What is an ACV? It is simply a label given to something (usually a building) that is seen to have value to a local community (examples libraries, parks, or football grounds) Who decides whether somewhere is an ACV? It is applied for by a community organisation (in this case the SWFC Supporters' Trust) and decided upon by the council. What happens if the Council say yes it is an ACV? There are various legal protections added to the site, perhaps the key one for Hillsborough is that status ensures the local community (Council and Trust) will be informed of any attempt to sell the asset by its owner. What happens if the owner does want to sell Hillsborough? He/she can do so, but must let the Council know. The council can either say that the sale is fine, for example if it is being sold to someone who wants to continue using Hillsborough as a football stadium. They can also put a hold on the sale of up to six months (called a moratorium). What happens if any sale is put on hold? Then the local community can decide whether it wants to bid for the stadium. There are various time frames related to this. Is the aim of this process for the Trust or the community to buy the ground? No, it is very unlikely that the Trust or community would be able to raise the finance to buy the ground. So, what is the point? There are several reasons, but two stand-out. Transparency: An ACV means there must be openness from any owner of SWFC over the ownership of the ground. The council must be informed in advance of any potential sale, and in turn the Trust, local community and fanbase. The ACV has a symbolic status therefore of the importance of Hillsborough to fans and the community and means the asset is less likely to be lost to the local community. Community: The Trust hopes that there is a legacy from the ACV application in opening Hillsborough and it becoming a hub of the local community welcoming to local groups and projects throughout the week, rather than just available to fans at the weekend. Will this make SWFC less attractive to a new owner/investor? The ACV is not a barrier to the sale / new investment into Sheffield Wednesday football club. What are the next steps? The Trust's members voted in favour of the Trust applying for, and aiming to secure, ACV status. The Trust began assembling its application in May by clarifying some points with the council. In making our bid, we aim to gain the support of the club, politicians, the local community, and fanbase. If anything shows to us in that process that the application is wrong for SWFC, the community or fanbase, then we will return to our members and ask again. We are convinced so far that it is a positive step for all involved. How will the petition be used in your application? The petition will be used in Section C of the application to show community support for the bid to have Hillsborough designated an Asset of Community Value.
  12. Yes, but new owner would need to notify the council. I'll post the Q&A in a moment which covers that and much else.
  13. Hello all, Please a version of an update that went to our members yesterday. We would like people to consider signing our petition here in support of our application. Further details are below. As always, I'll try and answer any questions as I can. Thanks and UTO ...................................................................... You may remember that earlier in the year, the SWFC Supporters'Trust Interim Board balloted members on whether they wished us to pursue an application to have Hillsborough designated an Asset of Community Value (ACV). That ballot had been preceded by an online consultation on the issue, and saw 96.2% members vote in favour of the proposal based on a 51.3% turnout. Progress Update The Trust has been progressing the application for several weeks since the 20/21 season concluded speaking with local stakeholders and building a coalition of support for the bid behind the scenes. Our aim is to have the ACV bid submitted and accepted by Sheffield City Council in time for when the ‘charge’ is due on Hillsborough on the 30th September 2021. Advice from local councillors indicates that we will need to submit our application in the opening two weeks of July to achieve that aim. How you can help? The nomination form requires evidence that Hillsborough delivers social well-being to the local community of Hillsborough, and the wider region of the city of Sheffield. One way you can help is to sign our petition, which will be submitted alongside the nomination form in July as evidence of community engagement and support for having Hillsborough designated as an ACV. You can access it via the hyperlink above or the link below: https://www.swfctrust.co.uk/news/acv Please share the petition far and wide on social media and with family and friends. The more signatories the better. Second, you might write a testimonial as to the value of Hillsborough as a community asset and its impact on social well-being of Sheffield. You can use our petition as inspiration for what you might include, but it would be great if you gave the testimonial a personal edge. Examples might include writing about the emotions of attending football matches, telling us about the importance of Hillsborough in meeting with family and friends, and the memories you have made in the stadium that will last a lifetime. Please email your testimonial to enquiries@swfctrust.co.uk and we will include it in our application as evidence of community support for the application. Your help will go a long way towards a successful bid to have Hillsborough designated an Asset of Community Value
  14. Hi there, Could you please drop an email to enquires(at)swfctrust.co.uk and we'll look into it?
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