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  1. We're trying to achieve just that. Membership costs a tenner a year. It gets you a lovely badge, access to all our events, and perhaps most importantly a say in what we do. It's quick and easy to join at: https://www.swfctrust.co.uk/ and I'd encourage all Owls fans to do so.
  2. I don't think I've ever said that. What I am convinced about is that there are other ways of doing things. It may well benefit SWFC to look at them and, if suitable, adapt some of those methods to S6. Birmingham City have a coherent strategy that involves price, marketing and the zones/categories. They have driven up attendances even with a pretty poor team for the most part. I think it's worth considering how they did it.
  3. I certainly think you are correct on the focused strategic approach. How far it's the pricing zones and how far other strategies is difficult if not impossible to prove without access to more data that we have. I do think though that much of their approach to marketing and promotion is made possible by those decisions to structure the zones/banding. I don't think they did multi game tickets around the Villa or West Brom games, but happy to be proved wrong. And yes, by last season the various issues at the club may well have been influencing attendances. So, not all sui
  4. Cheers for taking the time to read it. The Blues Trust who helped with some of the info in the report are convinced that the ticketing strategy has made a difference to attendances there. It's not just the banding/zones thing though that has an impact I'm sure. The club have made it part of their supporters charter that they will always have tickets to suit all pockets. You can pay on the day and never pay more than £25. Usually much less. They also have plenty of inventive marketing strategies. The odd local derby doesn't have a huge impact
  5. Hi all, just to reiterate - the Advisory Panel is there to help and advise the Trust as we work towards meeting our aims: https://www.swfctrust.co.uk/aims The panel is a work in progress, and we are aware it's all male. The Trust is not working towards a fan ownership model (see the FAQ on the site also).
  6. There are 101 things that influence attendance at games. They've raised attendance and revenue. It wasnt because they had a good team, it wasn't away fans making up the numbers and it rose quicker than the championship overall. It may therefore have been their ticketing structure which they put a great deal of emphasis on. Whether it was or wasn't - I believe looking at the successes of other clubs to see what SWFC could learn can only be a good thing.
  7. It's closer than you might think. BCFC 22,483 in 18/19 (last full season). SWFC 23,867. Our gates on the way down, there's up by 5,000 or so over five years. It might not all be their ticketing strategy. But, to my mind, it's worth a look.
  8. Thank you, I'll have a look see what I can find on the impact of it.
  9. Ok, as I said earlier, I don't expect everyone always to agree with me! Here's a few thoughts before I nip out for the afternoon though. Do we think that SWFC should look at how other clubs do things? Do we think SWFCs prices should be cheaper overall? Do we think that SWFC should try and raise both attendances and revenue? Do we think that SWFC should try and attract new fans (students, kids, women)? Do we think that SWFC should look to adapt successful techniques from elsewhere to the needs of S6 and the Wednesday fanbase?
  10. And it should be said that Birmingham's prices are generally cheaper than those at S6 other than for a small premium area. So, cheaper anyhow and cheap tickets on matchdays. Most expensive cheap ticket £20. Often £10/£15.
  11. That's answering a question with another question! You might be right, I like to look at whatever evidence there is out there first. Be interested therefore if it's been tried before and what the results were.
  12. I don't think so. Not all of it would easily work at S6 - as you say stewarding makes pricing bands more tricky. Ensuring that there are always cheap tickets available for every game seems reasonable though.
  13. Turn that in its head then (and I don't know the answer). Are there examples of clubs who have adopted a simple pricing strategy like that and who have increased both attendance and revenue?
  14. We didn't suggest that SWFC adopt the Birmingham model wholesale - more that it seems to have been successful and therefore might be something that SWFC look at to see what might work at S6.
  15. Fair enough... I never expect everyone to agree with me! If it's ridiculous nonsense, it's been successful ridiculous nonsense though. They've increased attendance, and revenue over a five year period. Prices have stayed steady. Not suggesting it's a perfect solution at S6 - but surely worth looking at and considering if anything can be learned from it?
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