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  1. The Trust were pleased to see a wide range of rebate options made available to season ticket holders by the club. However, we are aware that EFL guidance prevents season ticket holders aged under 18 from accessing the iFollow package. The Trust has been contacted by some fans with genuine extenuating circumstances, for example an under-18 season ticket holder who does not live with the adult with whom they attend matches and who is not able to visit another house to watch the game due to Covid-19 distancing rules. In the interests of these fans we have approached the club on this matter and the club have agreed to consider any genuine extenuating circumstances that might apply, such as the example given here. Fans should approach the club directly to discuss this using the email addresses below. We cannot guarantee that the club will change their position but they are willing to listen. We hope that this is helpful. Club contacts Ticketing: [email protected] Supporter Liaison Officer: [email protected]
  2. Hello, Thank you to everyone for your feedback and discussion on this thread – both positive and negative. We are reading and taking on board all comments with a view to building up structured, positive engagement with the club on the matters that fans care most about. Just a quick reminder that you can fill in our second survey, about the matchday experience and what you would like from a Supporters' Trust, until 5pm tonight (Monday). It's a great chance to make your voice heard and put forward ideas for improvement. Click here to complete the second survey We are also looking for short videos of you and your Wednesday friends talking about the club and what it means to you, for use on social media. Find out more on our video campaign here As ever, thanks for your time. Up the Owls
  3. Hello, For those of you that don't know, an interim board of volunteers are currently setting up a new Sheffield Wednesday Supporters’ Trust which is affiliated to the Football Supporters’ Association. The Trust has been set up as a members-based democratic fans’ group aimed at promoting positive engagement between the club and the fanbase. It is not the goal of the Trust to own shares in the club. As we build up to launching memberships we have embarked on a wide consultation with fans to see what issues really matter, and what you would like the Trust to focus on. We’re delighted to say that the first survey we ran, which looked at club governance and ticket prices, received over 1,500 responses, which was fantastic. The results are fascinating and really give an insight into the feelings of many supporters towards the club. Here are some key findings: • 50% of fans believe season tickets offer poor value for money • 92% of fans believe matchday tickets offer poor value for money • £20 would be a fair price on the Kop, according to 53% of fans • 68% of fans say the playing squad has improved under Dejphon Chansiri • 49% say SWFC do not value them as fans • 78% disagree that SWFC are run in a sustainable way • 52% of fans uncomfortable with sale of Hillsborough • 45% of fans agree SWFC are a community club You can read the full report here We encourage you to read the full report as it will add more context to the above findings and is packed with practical suggestions from the fanbase. As part of our ongoing commitment to consult with the fanbase, we have now launched a second survey focusing on the matchday experience and, importantly, what actions and activities you would like to see from the Sheffield Wednesday Supporters’ Trust. You can take the second survey here Finally, and apologies for the long post, as we build up to launching memberships WE NEED YOUR VOICE! We’re looking for short video clips of you and your Wednesday friends & family talking about the club and what it means to you. The best videos will be used on social media channels and will help us build the profile of the Trust, encouraging people to join. You can find out how to take part here Thanks for your time Up the Owls
  4. Just to clarify this point – this was a potential cost the Trust would need to pay for the system that manages online memberships, not the costs of the memberships themselves. The latter is still under discussion and a question will be asked about what people feel is reasonable in the next survey. Appreciate that the wording of that in the minutes could be misunderstood out of context of the overall discussion, so apologies for that.
  5. Hello, Firstly, a massive thank you to everyone who has filled in the first survey so far. We’ve had over 1,300 respondents, giving their varied views on club governance and ticket prices. If you haven’t already filled it in, you have until midday on Monday to do so. This is a great opportunity to air your views – we are listening. Click here to fill in the survey Once it is closed we will begin analysing the results, which we will then share with you all. As we’ve mentioned, this is the first in a series of surveys. The next one, which will cover the matchday experience and what you would like to see from a Supporters’ Trust, will be released soon – we will post it on here when it is live. We also really appreciate the comments and discussions that have happened on this thread – as expected, there has been a wide range of opinions on both the club and the Trust. We welcome criticism and it will all be taken into account as we move forward to form policies and build up to recruiting members. If you want more information on the Supporters’ Trust then feel free to head to our website, where there is a detailed list of FAQs as well as past board minutes. There’s also an opportunity to sign up to our mailing list, to make sure you stay up to date on the Trust’s activities.
  6. Hello everyone. As some of you may already know, we’re in the process of setting up a new Sheffield Wednesday Supporters’ Trust and we are now formally recognised by the Football Supporters’ Association – something that the club had been lacking (until now we were one of the few Championship clubs without one). This will give fans a stronger voice and our aim is to establish better connections with Sheffield Wednesday, providing effective, positive dialogue between club and fans for the benefit of everyone associated with the Owls. You can find out more information, including a detailed FAQ section and notes from previous meetings, at swfctrust.co.uk. The formal process began back in March and since then the interim board have been working on the administration needed to become a registered Trust. We’ve made great progress and are now in a position to move to our next stage – gathering as wide a range of opinions as possible to help inform our policies, as we build up to a full launch when we will begin accepting memberships. With this in mind, today we’ve launched the first in a series of surveys looking at different aspects of the club. We want to reach as many fans as possible, so the administrators of this site have kindly allowed us to post a link to the survey. This is a huge chance for you to have your say on the state of Sheffield Wednesday. We welcome all views and your responses to this series of surveys really will influence the direction the Trust takes and any dialogue we have with the club. First up, we’d like your views on club governance and ticket prices. Click here to take the survey Thanks for your time.
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