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  1. Get shut!!! Not done a great deal for a long time now. Very much over rated...how many goals from midfield n how many assists???
  2. Think Lees time has passed. Not sure on reach tho
  3. The boys on Amazon prime n mindhunter on Netflix
  4. Long over due new dawn. Players needed moving on...shame it wasn't sooner and we could have got some money for em. Mainly forestieri
  5. Just get him full stop....one of the worst players I have seen at Hillsborough. Full of effort but not for me.
  6. Average at best. Remember a dingle saying his second touch was always a tackle when we signed him. Nuf said.
  7. Loved the effort shown. Just wish we know what's gone off behind closed doors
  8. Wouldn't mind if he had signed another one year as a squad player. Getting on n injury prone
  9. Good riddance. Probably 2 years too late at least. Not really bothered since Norwich debacle
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