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  1. Palmer isn't a left back, regardless of if he can do a job. Penney isn't a left back, he's a left midfielder who worked okay at LWB with 3 at back but struggles a lot in a flat back 4. Hence why he plays left wing for the u23s. So we have Galvin, whos very raw. Pickering has over 100 appearances already at the age of 22. Surely a no brainer of a signing?
  2. If none of those unavailable today make it back I'd have to go for; 4-2-3-1 Wildmsith Palmer Hutchinson (assuming he signs) Borner Galvin Pelupessy Bannan Reach Izzy Brown Green Marriott However, if we manage to get players back fit for Wednesday then I'd like to see; 3-5-2 Westwood Hutchinson Lees Dunkley Reach Luongo / Shaw Izzy Brown Bannan Green Windass Marriott
  3. Westwood Iorfa Lees Dunkley Harris Luongo Izzy Brown (with a run of games) Bannan Reach Windass Green Notable mentions for Shaw and the return of Hutchinson. Patterson gets nowhere near our best 11. Donkey of a player and makes me sick that I have to pay to watch him up top for us.
  4. Na just means they've played for another club in an earlier round so they can't play for 2 in same Cup competition.
  5. Obviously no idea who has covid, but if everyone was fit I'd have a fair few youngsters anyway, all of which i imagine are all available for the most part. So with that in mind... GK - Render RB - Dawodu CB - Urhoghide CB - Brennan LB - Galvin RM - Kachunga CM - Hunt CAM - Izzy Brown CM - Dele Bashiru LM - Penney ST - Rhodes No point risking first team defenders with how many are injured, then give the fringe midfielders/attackers a run out.
  6. Forget people get confused when i do a / Ment Windass or Rhodes
  7. Taken off as a precaution. So should be fine to start, if not certainly be on bench.
  8. Assume he will play into what the fans want given that's what Bullen did. Players in their actual position etc. So I reckon maybe a 4-5-1. Westwood Palmer Lees Dunkley Penney Pelupessy Bannan Harris Izzy Brown Reach Windass / Rhodes
  9. Wildsmith Lees Dunkley Borner Odubajo Luongo Pelupessy (ideally Izzy but we know that aint happening) Bannan Reach Windass Rhodes We NEED to drop Patterson. If he plays 80+ minutes again we lose. Simple as that.
  10. Wildsmith - 5 - Could have done better for free kick but I can't be too mad at him for an abysmal back line and midfield. Iorfa - 3 - Shocking defending for the first goal and the penalty. Worst I've seen him play since he first signed. Lees - 5 - Not great but certainly the best of the back 4 tonight. Borner - 3 - Terrifying to watch. Again. Just looks like he's on ice 24/7. Odubajo - 4 - Average, just way too far forward at times, left a gap at LB that was just unnecessary given that he wasn't exactly attacking down the wing. Harris - 3 - Just isn't good enough. Fair
  11. Yeah i believe you need an account. Not too sure in terms of the commentary, never watched anything on sky bet as its usually lower league foreign teams that are free to watch.
  12. We are live on Sky Bet btw guys. Always thought it was just random foreign games that were live on that, don't think I've ever seen a UK game advertised for it.
  13. 2-1 Wednesday. Think it will be a lot closer of a game then people think. Huddersfield not been half bad, especially going forward. Think we will edge it given that 4 of their 6 CBs are injured and a youth player will be stepping in. Pulis knows this is the first game he needs to win to fully get people on board. If not I fear fans will quickly turn.
  14. I'm not going to take Preston into account in this as Pulis had been hear two days, we still had suspensions and injuries carried over from Monks tenure and Windass got a red after ten minutes throwing any possible game plan out of the window. POSITIVES: - Westwood and Wildsmith battling it out for the number one spot. - A fresh start for Odubajo, who looks to have grown in confidence. - Lees & Borner partnership. - A bit more bite in midfield which Pelupessy especislly seems to be benefiting from. - Reach in a natural position. - Hard to break do
  15. Wildsmith Palmer Lees Borner Van Aken Harris Patterson Pelupessy Izzy Brown Reach Windass Subs: Dawson Odubajo Iorfa Penney Hunt Deli Bashiru Bannan Kachunga Rhodes
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