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  1. Lol. Maybe this is why? An own goal and goals from Andre Green and Elias Kachunga condemned a young Hull City U23 side to a 3-0 reverse in the Professional Development League. Andy Dawson: On the Defeat… “There’s loads of positives to take out from the result. When you look at Sheffield Wednesday’s teamsheet, there’s two players who have played in the Premier League along the frontline. We had two first-year centre-halves in Jevon (Mills) and Alfie (Taylor) playing and ‘Wardy’ (Josh Ward), a second-year scholar, playing right-back. It’s a great
  2. That’s your opinion and your entitled to it. I believe there is an agenda. Part driven by love of the club and their passion. The natives are restless and rightly so but we need to see a smarter approach than what’s playing out at the moment. Maybe some should let the discussion unfold before jumping in every 5 posts. It’s annoying. I think we know their opinions. The overwhelming number of posts are not necessary. No need to constantly deride and insult people in my view. I appreciate my posts could be construed as insulting to Steve Chu. Apologie
  3. Why don’t you just delete my posts like you do many other users posts? Never seen a moderator be so insecure before. You’re gonna bust a blood vessel ‘mate’. Stop posting opinion as fact and take your own advice. Chill out. Personally I couldn’t a fig what you or Steve Chu thinks to be honest. I do believe a truce will have to be called regarding the playing staff, who will wear the shirt next season. We’ve got to get behind them or simply vote with our feet. By all means try and establish what the owner is going to do with the club but stop read
  4. You can spout on all day fella. Don’t buy the tickets and don’t buy the merchandise. You ain’t changing anything until the money men come riding into town. If Chansiri doesn’t sell the club the fans will need to back the playing staff we have next season. I hate what the bloke has done but someone needs to draw a line in the sand. This site could play a big part but I sense they have a different agenda. Their opinion. I’ll try and respect that opinion even though they (one in particular) don’t respect others opinions. Have a nice Bank H
  5. Not what I’m saying at all. He’s allowed his opinion. Anyone is. You can object all you want. Until the club goes bust or a new owner comes in all this fruitless commentating and squabbling will get us nowhere. Feel free to criticise all you want. I can take it
  6. Guys, when the narrative fits your agenda and the writer is representative of your ideals of the 2nd coming the blockades come straight up. He’s someone with simply an opinion who wants a free ticket into the boardroom. He’s stating the bleeding obvious. Nothing more, nothing less. The only way out of this mess is new ownership and a new direction. Or a massive slice of luck never witnessed before. When Mr Chu and his pals put forward a realistic offer to buy the club, I’m sure everyone will listen. Maybe he should spend his time canvassing a potential rich
  7. Foden is an exceptional footballer. Could go right to the top.
  8. More to the point, why didn’t Gary Monk know that Jack Marriott is a big pile of poo. Izzy Brown is Ronaldo compared to this guy. Izzy brown has had a couple of bad injuries in his career. I think he’s lost his bottle. Fine lines at this level.
  9. We should always go top heavy on strikers and forwards. I'd like to see around 10 players including wingers with 3 or 4 of them always out on loan. They'd learn so much more playing competitively against men every week. It would also help a number of them get opportunities in non league if they're not good enough for us.
  10. I've just checked on the latest 'rumour'. That's a recycled article from over a year ago.
  11. Have we renewed our interest? I heard something a year ago. Then, he was nowhere near good enough. I've seen him play more than once.
  12. The U23's have 5 or 6 games left. It's pointless playing anyone from the 1st team squad in any games and surely they have a good idea who is out of contract in the U23's setup, who will be released at the end of the season. It's 5/6 games to look at the U18's they're looking to give pro contacts to. I'd stick this lad in every game because Adedoyin isn't fit and as you have said, we don't have any other out and out strikers other than young Cadamarteri but he's too young. I see Hagan is back but at best he's OK as 1 of a front 2. He's a winger with an eye for goal in reality. There's others wh
  13. Izzy Brown will be gutted. He’ll be wondering, in his own little universe, how he’s missed out there. What will he post on twitter after this?
  14. He’s 15. They’ve had 3 games in a week and have a derby game coming up midweek. It’s development football and he’ll still be growing. They need to manage his workload.
  15. Seem to be on a good run after a difficult start to the season. Another win for our 18s and another hat-trick! This time for Alex Bonnington Owls 3-0 Hull; Report and goal footage to follow #swfc Our U18s face Hull City this morning at Middlewood Road (rearranged fixture, 11am k/o) and here’s how the boys line-up; XI | Hare, Curtis, Glover, Glaves, Kilheeney, Yates, Trueman, Al-Jahadhmy, Zottos, Aguas, Bonnington SUBS | Davidson, Sesay, Asfah, Cadamarteri
  16. Most likely the case. I thought he had a poor attitude. I merely pointed out he and his agent might have been offered something and they turned it down. it happens more than people think at that level.
  17. Yep Would imagine he needs to be at PEAK fitness to see the very best of him.
  18. Been a bit unlucky. My understanding is that Adedoyin, Hagan and Bonnington have had more than their fair share of injuries this season.
  19. His dad has the inside track and the lad is an out and out goal scorer. The club won't be dictating how this one plays out.
  20. Not sure it was that straightforward. I guess that Borukov and his agent wanted too much money + he was hardly setting the world on fire. Bit puzzled by Cadamarteri Snr's comments in the article. His lad has always been rated as a top prospect by anyone who's seen him. Parents and coaches alike. It's good to see all our age groups playing 2 up front now. Be interesting to see what happens to the goals for column for the remainder of the season. There's a lot of U23's coming to the end of their contract. Any who will be definitely been released should go. I'd like to see four or fiv
  21. Zottos profile says he is 18 this week. Deffo a 2nd year scholar.
  22. Pretty sure it’s Bonno and Cadz. These shortened names save on the shirt price Fingers crossed something comes good for us/them.
  23. That’s some feat for an U16. Good prospect. Ipswich were on a long unbeaten run and top of the Southern Division. Amazing what can happen when you play 2 strikers up top.
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