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  1. Can we stop mentioning them both. Him and Paterson. A goal every 5 games, both of them and it ain't pretty. I think Bannan will be gone in the next 2 weeks and Windass would have too, if he had stayed fit. Unless we get someone proven at this level we've got to use the loan market for strikers. One experienced and a youngster. I know Troy Parrott keeps getting a mention on here but I'd put a call in to Leeds and ask about Joe Gelhardt. Vokes could be a decent shout but Andy Carroll should offer to come and play for nowt with the money he's earned from the treatment table. Whoever they bring in just make sure we can send them back or rip up their contract at Christmas if it doesn't work out.
  2. He's got good attributes. Just seems to lack concentration and focus. He's a big unit but lazy. Him and Adedoyin were both too greedy in the U23's. If the coaches have addressed that, they could do well at this level. Wouldn't discount either of them.
  3. What's wrong with this or similar? Surely no less a workout than facing Wrexham and gives the young lads a chance to impress. Team 1 Dawson Dawodu Brennan Dunkley Brown Bannan Waldock Bashiru Green Adedoyin Hagan Subs Jackson Agbontohoma Farmer Aguas Bonnington Team 2 Wildsmith Hunt Iorfa Brennan Palmer Hunt Adeniran Hutchinson Luongo Shodipo Paterson Subs Render Galvin Thompson Glover Zottos + Trialists + a couple of U18's
  4. Perfect opportunity to give our U23's and a select few U18's a run out instead. Not to mention trialists who are currently at the club.
  5. I’ve seen him play. We didn’t offer him a contract. His ability will not have been in question.
  6. He's a good keeper. I'd say better than Jackson. He's just not tall enough. 6'5" vs 5' 11"
  7. I hope his nickname isn't BOB.
  8. I've seen Jackson, Galvin, Adedoyin and Dawodu on the training pics as well.
  9. I was told at the weekend that a few of the U23's didn't travel to Wales for pre-season. None of the younger lads for certain. Bit of a surprise that considering how low we are on numbers. I can't see Bannan or Windass been here at the end of August and maybe a couple more.
  10. Last word on this. Like many normal people, I form opinions based on discussions, body language and other factors. I'm not outing individuals because I could be wrong but I'm confident enough to post on a message board that all wasn't well in our dressing room for the last 3 years. I don't think we need Sherlock Holmes to work that out. You lay the blame solely at the Chairman. Personally I think one or two players didn't act professionally. As human beings fair enough it happens. As professional football players I believe they could have acted differently at times. Sorry for that.
  11. I see.......... What you're trying to do. Go and bait someone else. You have to fish for info. I don't This is the problem with this site. A few of you need to get off your high horse. I posted that a little bit of me wished one or two ex-players wouldn't be getting paid because I am of the opinion they downed tools well before their contracts ran out and well before they kicked a ball in anger last season. Have I spoken to said players at some point? Yes. Did I enjoy speaking to them? Not really. Have you spoken to them? Patently not. You ultimately blame the chairman for us getting relegated. I agree. So what's your problem? Grow up and let people voice their opinion. FFS.
  12. Could be a very good acquisition. Good pedigree.
  13. What are you going on about? If you believe EVERY senior player has given 100% and acted professionally for the last 3 years that’s up to you. I know different.
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