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  1. I think a lot of us would like to see more coverage of the U23's and U18's. Local Derby and no match updates is a joke, when there's a ban on spectators. Especially with forums like this around. The U18's have an FA Youth Cup game at Leicester on Friday. In this current climate both games should be streamed. I think they'd be plenty of interest.
  2. Just seen Conor Grant starts for Rochdale tonight. Interested to see how it goes for him. Always thought he had as good a chance as any in our U23’s.
  3. All injured at U23 level and below who have been involved before.
  4. Never a foul. Clean contact and no studs showing. pathetic
  5. That means a lot to me. Thanks and all the best
  6. 'But the thing is I have no idea what the terms of either clubs offer was and neither do you.' Yeah right. Don't wager your house/mortgage on that statement because you'd lose it.
  7. They took a long look at him. I think he did well on trial but only scored 1 goal in the league. Supposed to have a lot of ability. Waldock's a lovely player. Hunt needs to come clean and say he's only 13yo really. If he can find something physically he'll be a proper player but it looks to be holding him back. I liked the look of Grant but it seems he couldn't wait to get away. Thompson and Reaney seem to be getting a run in the U23's. Hagan and Dawado seem to have been unlucky with injuries the last 18 months. Galvin seems to be doing OK. He hasn't let anyone down when he's play
  8. As I understand it, the offer from the club was derisory. The Celtic offer was multiples of the SWFC offer and it’s a long term contract. No brainer for the lad. Any abuse shouldn’t be aimed at him. A club who developed him should know his worth. We never learn. Good luck to him.
  9. I'd wait a little longer to pass judgement. I hear he's a first class pro but he's recently only scored two goals. He's not on some remarkable run and one of those goals was against a team that is bottom and will finish bottom. Let's hope this Jordan Rhodes is a new version who has tweaked his game a little and the team are setup to play more to his strengths. Don't forget he's in the shop window as well. Seen many a player put a shift in for 15/20 games to win a new contract somewhere.
  10. If there is an underlying medical issue causing these injuries he might get released. I understand it's been different injuries so if not, I'm sure they'll give him another year but like someone has already posted, he's a winger. I thought Adedoyin's was an hamstring injury. He's been out a while so maybe he did his ankle more recently. He's 20 so you'd expect him to be pushing the first team squad come pre-season. Every team needs strikers. I don't think there was any shortage of trialists (10+) this year but teams don't release decent strikers if there's any chance they might de
  11. U23's usually have 2 or 3 U18's on the bench. They have a game in the morning so he's probably only one involved today to cover any potential injury.
  12. https://www.sofascore.com/team/football/sheffield-wednesday-u23/164500 Says 1-0 at HT Scorer: Alex Hunt
  13. Sneaky feeling the club can't sign anyone. There were noises about an transfer embargo when the wages were not paid on time. I know we brought Hutch back but something might have happened since then. I've lost track with FFP. Maybe that's a factor (again)
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