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  1. A bit naive to think that. Lad was signed by Accrington in 2019 and they gave him the number 10 shirt. Development contract or not, his agent will have been demanding high wages for a 23’s player. He might be better than we’ve got but we’ve just signed Adedoyin (who he isn’t way ahead of) and also Hagan is coming back to fitness. This ‘kid’ will be 21yo by the end of the year so he’s not a baby. He didn’t score when he was here either.
  2. I bet a lot of clubs will have a larger injury than usual and I bet most clear up in 2 weeks. What’s the isolation period when you get symptoms again? We know why some are injured but seems to be few happening at training. Ditto the rest of football.
  3. This season??? I don’t think so. Adedoyin has been the standout trialist and they’ve signed him. The lad who went to Cardiff is a strange one. I think it was a done deal before he trialled with us. Didn’t help we threw him in against Rovrum. Other than that, I’m led to believe they haven’t had better than we’ve already got. Hull 23’s put a very strong side out the other night with a fair bit of 1sr tream experience. Now we’ve done with the Carabao cup, I think we’ll be stronger. Personally I’d still rather 4 or 5 go out on loan if possible.
  4. "Noticed two of the players we’ve been trialing, were on the opposite sides of the Arsenal v Tottenham U23 game" Out of interest, which 2? https://www.sofascore.com/tottenham-u23-arsenal-u23/eGosphG
  5. I'm surprised they are looking at midfielders as well. Can only think they want to get some out them out on loan. You haven't mentioned Hidalgo and there's also Farmer, Reaney and Thompson behind those. Be amazed if we don't get a recognised striker in on loan, for the first team and then play older squad players in the 23's with Adedoyin and Hagan. Personally I think both of those are wingers though.
  6. I wouldn’t worry too much Pretty sure he would have been involved in the Fulham game but the league? Highly doubt that.
  7. Someone added Barnsley to these two. I think we have been preoccupied with trying to win the U18 development league every year. Those three teams are usually strong but you see a lot more of their youngsters playing in U23 fixtures when they're 17yo and in some cases 16yo. The results shouldn't matter. The club should be focusing on bringing talent through as soon as they can and give them experience. Just my opinion.
  8. Where have you got your numbers or info from? Currently there are 26 Category 1, 18 Category 2 teams operating. Vast majority of other teams are Category 3. Only a handful of Cat 4 teams are operating with U17 teams and above. Strange people have jumped on this subject at a time we have the likes of Hunt, Shaw, Waldock, Grant, Brennan, Hagan etc. potentially knocking on the door. There's every chance, someone will finally break through. If in 18 months, this proves to be a false dawn then fair enough but I wouldn't be too hasty in following the Brent
  9. Let's go back on topic. Grant came on as an 88 minute substitute vs Rochdale. Following day, he made a rash challenge on an opponent and got himself injured. I've seen the tackle. Wednesday do a lot of things wrong but not in this instance.
  10. Don’t let facts get in the way of a story. he didn’t really play two games in 2 days did he? He came on as a late sub in one game and got injured in a challenge, in the other.
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