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  1. My brother runs a junior football team and he was shocked to find someone regularly posting on the junior league Facebook page was using a fake name, inviting people to trials and offering to go to people's houses to collect "junk" for fund raising. He reported it to Facebook but nothing has been done he just got a message back stating that the profile does not violate their terms.
  2. He's done it so he can claim marriage tax allowance due to his reduction in wages.
  3. The issue is the charges relate to the same period, yet SWFC were punished this season but Derby won't be.
  4. How can the EFL possibly justify punishing 2 clubs in different seasons for charges brought about for the same financial period? Both DCFC and SWFC charges relate to the accounting period ending 2017-18, yet SWFC get punished this season and DCFC next season. DC could have something to say about that too.
  5. The EFL have alot of questions to answer if this is correct. Wasn't this charge relating to the accounts for the same period as ours when we were penalised? If so how can the points deduction be added a season later? Why did it take so long for the appeal to be heard when our hearing and appeal had been completed by November?
  6. This might help with watching the game. https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2021/march/the-wednesday-pale-ale-on-sale-this-week/
  7. They would more than likely be better than some that run on to the pitch atm.
  8. Whilst I'm disappointed there were no incomings, from what I have read we had a few names which we tried to get in, which we couldn't for whatever reason and that was that. People go on about the number of centre backs we looked at before bringing in JVA, is that what people wanted us to do this window?!
  9. Based on the fact that we all know we need a striker and a left back, who from that list would you have liked to see come in? I would probably have said Austin and Murray but looking at their scoring records over the last few years doesn't make pretty reading. Since leaving QPR in January 2016 Austin has scored 33 goals, that less than 7 a year. Murray has scored 2 in his last 30 games not exactly prolific current records. I would have liked to have seen us go for someone from the lower leagues but the clubs with in form strikers would have either wanted to keep them or demand a high fee.
  10. I hope this move comes off for him and gives him the experience to progress his SWFC career.
  11. I'm not disputing that. I never agreed with his appointment in the first place and was a mistake by DC and his army of advisors. However the fact that Sky Sports News are reporting what TP has apparently said just shows how he manipulates the press, when it seems he has used the mutual consent card before.
  12. TP loves using the mutual consent card when it comes to leaving clubs, by all accounts to make himself look better. Going on what happened at Crystal Palace I would tend to agree with DC's version of events. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/uk-england-birmingham-38136496
  13. I agree with the post i such we are dreadful with one up front, and the Windass Rhodes partnership hasn't been given a chance to blossom. I made the painful decision to watch some of the highlights of games we have won this season. One thing stuck out to me in these games was the amount of players we had in and around the opposition penalty area. In the last few games I have rarely seen one player in the opposition penalty area, I can barely remember even having a 2 or 3 players in the attacking third. Against Cardiff we had Windass and Rhodes up front. Birmingham - Windass, with Kachunga and Paterson in advanced midfield positions so Windass had support. Bournemouth - Windass, with Kachunga and Reach in advanced midfield positions. The last was the same positions against Millwall which we drew and was Monks last game. The stats from those games: Cardiff 8 shots Birmingham 14 shots Bournemouth 10 shots Millwall 15 shots Half these number of shots would be a blessing now. The last few games, whoever has been up front has been so isolated I can understand their frustration. If its clear for the fans to see why does a seasoned pro manager not realise the issue. He talks about what he's been told about the players and style, well he should watch these games we won and see what works for the squad.
  14. I would agree. The issue with this type of tackle now is the reaction of the player on the receiving end. 25 years ago they would jump up, brush it off and give one back.
  15. Why is he playing tonight? If the FA haven't done anything yet Preston surely should have.
  16. I'm not suggesting Lee Camp will be our saviour but we need a change between the sticks for the weekend and he could be the lesser of the 3 evils. Not sure what other keepers are currently available as free agents so just a suggestion.
  17. It seems clear that Westwood is not going to get a look in currently and Dawson's time must be up between the sticks. Whilst some may believe Wildsmith should be given a go I believe we need an experienced championship keeper who can be vocal and organise from the back, could Camp be the answer, if he is still training with the club then he will know the players and would possibly be available to jump straight in for the weekend.
  18. Exactly this. Who knew we were in for Izzy Brown until it was reported he was having a medical?! I like this way of doing our business, therefore not letting other clubs know who we are after.
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