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  1. Fancy any of these? https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/a-west-ham-hero-a-former-everton-man-and-a-leeds-united-favourite-10-realistic-free-agent-defenders-sheffield-wednesday-could-sign-today-3462140
  2. Apologies.. Some gremlins in the system it seems on FDB and Berahino - just seen they hadn't shown up on web - both got 4s.
  3. Evening all, Hope all well. Alex from The Star here. Just a quick nod ahead to tomorrow when - after a VERY long trip down to Plymouth - I'll be interviewing Keiren Westwood live on The Star's Wednesday Facebook and Twitter channels from 4pm. Should serve as an interesting wee pre-match chinwag - if you can't make it, it'll be available for a watch-back and as a podcast later in the week. Along the way of my own line of questioning, the whole idea is that I'll be putting YOUR questions to the two-time Owls player of the year. So.. what do you want to know? Cheers and UTO!
  4. Hi @soldierowl - any issues with me using this photo for The Star? Will credit of course. Cheers.
  5. He doesn't do much media anymore, mate. He lost his wife a couple of years ago and have stepped back from football, which seems fair enough.
  6. Francis wasn't interested and Pearson was also too busy. Annoyingly I spoke to him a couple of weeks post-deadline when he came up with Bristol City. Plenty of insight on all three of them in there, though. Whole chapters - more or less - on all three.
  7. Evening all.. A direct shootout for survival from relegation*? Wednesday have been here before, haven't they? In 2010 a draw with Palace proved not to be enough and they were sent to League One. 34 years earlier, goals from Mick Prendergast and Eric Potts allowed them to leapfrog Southend United and avoid an unimaginable drop to the fourth tier. I spoke to two men central to those occasions; Darren Purse and Dave Cusack, about their contrasting experiences of what lies ahead this weekend. It was fascinating. Take a read.. (I love writing these longer pieces. This isn't a beg**, but if you like that sort of thing, the more of you that read them, the more often I can spend time churning them out..) *Let's park the Rotherham equation for sake of poetic license **It is a beg
  8. Hi Malek - thanks for ordering.. hope you enjoy! Shez was one of three players that season I didn't get to speak to - he was apologetic but things are Swindon were just too hectic while I was at the interview stage - but there is plenty of insight from him in there taken from elsewhere and LOTS of what his teammates said about him.. Cheers!
  9. Evening all, Some of you are probably unaware that this month will see the release of a brand new Owls book, '91 - The Inside Story of Sheffield Wednesday's 1990/91 Season'. Foreword by Ron Atkinson himself, it features the memories of the vast majority of players and staff from Hirsty to Carlton to Roland and just about everyone else.. It's been a real labour of love and great fun to put together. If you're on Twitter you can WIN yourself a free copy of the book by tapping the tweet below, Re-Tweeting and Following the publishers @VerticalEds or alternatively you can secure yourself a copy by pre-ordering at https://www.verticaleditions.com/shop/-p268281909 Thanks as ever for your support!
  10. Morning all, Did a little digging over the Mail's report that Wednesday are one of 10 Championship clubs to have been slapped with a transfer embargo last month. There's no major concern as things stand. Some detail below.. https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/revealed-sheffield-wednesday-have-been-placed-under-transfer-embargo-this-is-why-3190205
  11. Evening all, Spoke to Southampton legend Jason Dodd earlier this week about his long-time partner in crime Paul Williams, newly installed as first team coach at Wednesday. Together they brought through the likes of Luke Shaw, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and James Ward-Prowse. Take a look. Or don't. Up to you guys. https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/videos-the-ox-and-ps82m-of-premier-league-talent-southampton-legend-jason-dodd-on-the-incredible-record-of-sheffield-wednesday-coach-paul-williams-3179063
  12. Evening all.. Another Star feature here aimed at the more discerning reader ahead of Sheffield Wednesday's trip to Brentford tomorrow.. In a two-month loan spell in 2009, Jordan Rhodes changed the course of Brentford's history and indeed his own record-breaking career. Here's the story of all that according to those who were there.. https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/how-a-two-month-romance-changed-the-course-of-history-for-brentford-and-sheffield-wednesday-striker-jordan-rhodes-3144214
  13. I'm going to throw on some Kevlar and dip in and out of this thread pretty quickly, but in answer to your question.. no. Not in three years of news journalism elsewhere, not in three years of sport elsewhere and not in 18 months in this gig. We work together on some stuff and you might occasionally get a suggestion on what might do well - "There's a lot of talk about Jordan Rhodes on Twitter, lads.." - but that's about it. I think many people think these things are checked / interfered with on their way out, but such are the lack of resources in local journalism nowadays there is no sub-editing for online* and so and in theory I could nip into our CMS right now and publish whatever I wanted.. an article full of lies, libellous claims, swearwords.. sometimes our editor will find out I've written a terrible 500-worder on Adam Reach's crossing stats on Twitter at the same time as everybody else. The idea that there is a mad Orwellian meeeeja agenda for or against anything obviously can exist, but it's not there at grassroots level. Not that I've seen, anyway. I might have missed a meeting in the back room. *Yes I know you can tell etc etc
  14. Feels a long time ago that, mate.. In fairness you did offer to pay. Think I was full of Christmas cheer.
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