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  1. The lack of expectation/pressure from big crowds at home may work in their favour.
  2. It has certainly been the case since I've watched Wednesday (late 1980s onwards). We've had one or two players not scared of a physical battle but a nasty/dirty player I don't recall. I doubt the club would have put up with such a player, hence why Di Canio was treated in the manner he was -- one of the few nasty/dirty incidents I remember from a wednesday player.
  3. For me I never really got over the 93 final reply, worst experience ever being there. I think the same applied to the players and hence the club. Keeping hoping for a return to those days but at 41 years old I am losing hope.
  4. Decent addition on a free, but as with many players whose main asset is pace, their final ball is mediocre. Not sure there is anything you can do about that, not really possible to train an established player to cross like Waddle.
  5. We as a club could certainly do with a reset, where success is once again based on local players coming through and the passion of the local community for football. We should have never voted for the Premier League, industrial northern towns are not glamorous and it's why the likes of ourselves and Sunderland are being replaced by Brighton and Bournemouth. Even the mighty Manchester United struggle, Mourinho didn't wanna live there and Di Maria's missus summed up the kind of attitude foreign players have to northern towns and cities.
  6. Not missing the football, from Leeds away onwards, some of the worst stuff dished up in the past 20 years. I only watch Wednesday, not bothered about the modern money football, so I've enjoyed the break from our dismal performances.
  7. We've turned into one of those nondescript clubs that never do owt, such as Bristol City.
  8. The proper one's had to fight vs elements of Mi5 and the establishment, and the recent one's were sock puppets of the establishments and not Labour.
  9. We don't have many former manager or players who seem to talk or care about us. At least Carlos seems to have a connection with us that isn't based on money.
  10. Though when people say he is better than what we have had since him isn't a challenge. We haven't had a decent left or right back since 1993. Last 20 years have been shocking.
  11. I'd prefer him over Monk. The issue we have with evaluating Carlos is we have no clue what went on behind the scenes, I'd give Carlos the benefit of the doubt if we discover 100% he didn't approve of many signings and disagreed with the opportunity to sell on reach and ff for top dollar offers.
  12. Fair enough, i watched it on MOTD. I've only seen us at Goodison (not Anfield), for a 2-2 and when Di Canio rounded the keeper for a 1-3 win with Big Ron.
  13. His high point for us was marking Steve McManaman out of a game at Anfield, which I believe we won 1-0. Can't be a bad player to mark a prime Steve McManaman out of a match at their place. He didn't come across as captain material to me; bit like Tom Lees at present. The bigger shame was never finding a top quality centre back to play alongside Des Walker.
  14. Out of interest, who out of Derby County and ourselves made their badge first, because their ram badge is a very similar style.
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