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  1. Stick loads of kids out, see how they play. If we lose we lose, bigger things to worry about
  2. Is owlstalk acknowledged as I've if the supporters groups or is it not a supporters group and just a message board? If the latter, then what does it take to become a group?
  3. And now Glastonbury has cancelled again, this covid thing needs to frig right off! It's doin my nut in!!!
  4. In that case, let's go to Perrys and get their top salesman!! They might bring a decent win percentage n get us out of the hole as well!
  5. Old football injury. Probably nothing now but a twisted knacker hurts at the time
  6. I've got 2 older brothers, I found some of their old fanzines in my Mams loft and reyt enjoyed reading them. Proper funny bits in em.
  7. Was that away at Huddersfield? Seem to remember that, Helen was already booked and committed a foul but Antonio got booked instead and saved us a red.
  8. Wasn't that Antonio and JJ when one of the papers (maybe the sun) did a piece on Antonio's career when he signed for West Ham
  9. How much would somebody pay to have this on their man cave/garden bar? Its beautiful!
  10. Would've been up there with Carlos and his joke glasses/nose teamtalk!
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