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  1. Hard sell now trying to get the better signings in for next season. I hope DC now has a good think about how he is running the club and who he listens to.
  2. He’ll have talent but he’s young and learning his trade so will be inconsistent, it’s whether our fans acknowledge this and stay with him, or start to crucify him like we have with so many of our previous youngsters. Be patient.
  3. 6 months? They’ve been taking the p*ss for at least two years. players are the problem, not Monk. Hopefully he can prove this if he is allowed to bring in his own type of player.
  4. Always amazed just how low their standards are, surely you proof read before submitting?
  5. Unfortunately I think you’re right. That’s not to say they couldn’t be good keepers but for the time being they need to be out on loan somewhere
  6. Hang on a minute, have you conveniently forgotten about what the fans were saying about Dawson?
  7. Absolutely, most of those goals were saveable - don’t think any of our keepers are no1s. Need to add a good goalie to the shopping list
  8. I wouldn’t swap Iorfa for Hector but no way is Borner better than Hector
  9. I agree with most of this, although the right manager can completely turn things around (look at the pigs) I don’t know if Garry Monk is that man but I believe in giving him a proper chance and giving him a pre season, a back room team and allowing him to sign his own players.
  10. Those two annoy the hell out of me, both have talent but their body language is all wrong.
  11. It’s not though is it, there have been other good performances where we haven’t taken chances and then been punished (Swansea springs to mind) and although I didn’t see it, the Preston game could have been a different story. Even WBA took the lead with a dubious pen and before that we were well in the game. Fine lines.
  12. More good football from the Owls but this time we’ve been better in both boxes and this time avoided a Swansea and got what we deserved. well done Garry Monk, all done with a paper thin squad.
  13. Playing for a big club with great supporters week in week out, and this club being near to where he already lives..... Yes
  14. Not really, they weren’t expected to do anything at the start of the season with the squad he had, he over achieved
  15. It was also a madhouse when he took over, he did a very good job there.
  16. What a squad of utter crap. I would only keep Iorfa and Bannan and sack the rest of them off. Seriously, which ones in our squad are good championship players? Apart from the two I’ve already mentioned I can only think of Reach, and his work rate and desire worry me sometimes. out of the players on loan, I’d have Murphy and Wickham but can we afford them? This defence is shocking and I bet my bottom dollar that Monk despises them as much as I do.
  17. You wouldn’t get a price that reflects his talent because of his age. Keep Bannan and upgrade his team mates
  18. By selling one of our only genuine quality players? All those years we had to put up with poo central midfielders and then we want to bin off a quality passer of the ball who never hides and covers every blade of grass???
  19. Are you serious? I honestly can’t see why people have a pop at Bannan. He was superb today
  20. Simple facts are we’re bad in both boxes at the moment which is a shame as a lot of the midfield play is very good. Definitely need a good centre half and a quick centre forward to feed off Wickham (assuming we sign him)
  21. Fans pretty much agree that this squad needs an injection of youth and pace. Hungry players with something to prove. It’s also agreed that the old crocks need moving on. why are people moaning then when we start this process by moving on the old crocks?
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