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  1. Ask yourself this question, if Roland had absolutely no connect to the club would you want him as your next manager? We've had popular past players fail as manager and all of them had better manager credentials than Nilsson at the time we hired them.
  2. Absolutely this, the gradual downgrading of our first team has been going on for a few seasons now and I look at the squad and think its weak. My worry is that our quality players, the ones who normally generate interest amongst other teams, are out of contract at the end of the season and if Bannan, Reach, Lees and Harris all leave, I worry that they'll be replaced with worse. Why would they re sign when they cannot even guarantee they'll receive their wages?
  3. I genuinely have little interest in who's next because there simply isn't a platform provided by the owner that allows them to succeed.
  4. Why am I seeing adverts for Leeds United on this website, have we not been kicked in the balls enough?
  5. Serious question: you think a young manager (with little experience of keeping clubs up, by definition) is the sensible thing to do? As for the money, well others have answered that for you.
  6. This would guarantee a disastrous relegation season, they're nothing but soundbites, our players would see straight through them and we'll get turned over every week
  7. Change your advisors, hire a very good manager, communicate with manager and back him or..... SELL UP AND GO ASAP
  8. Absolutely disgusted with this. Appreciate not everyone liked Pulis's football but he would have sorted us out and probably would have had us as playoff contenders next season if the chairman had backed him. Which brings me onto the chairman. Hire and sacking managers all the time, hardly contactable (remember Pulis saying he'd send him an email WTF?) How do they not talk on the phone most days? The chairman has been told some home truths and doesn't like it, very thin skin. This is also very convenient for DC as the longer the manager search goes on the less chance of having to buy some players in January. I'm gutted, my lad is at an age where he wants to go and watch them, I've even managed to take some of his school mates and they have shunned Leeds and want to be owls and yet we have to endure this, there just is no end in sight to this clubs underachieving and mismanagement. This is the lowest I have felt in a very long time.
  9. Chuff me... it’s everybody’s fault bar his own. He’s had chances under every manager we’ve had since he’s been here, he’s not taken any of the chances afforded him. Simply not good enough and doesn’t work hard enough either, his body language is awful. Get shut.
  10. One name that hasn’t been mentioned is Sean Dyche. Highlight unlikely I know but it’s obvious he’s falling out with his Chairman and could either walk or talk himself out of a job shortly. I’d hope the club would at least make contact and see?
  11. There are a few on that list that would take us down. Bullen, Johnson, Cowley Bros all would be a disaster. A long term project with Eddie Howe could be good but again, risky, as he could take us down whilst trying to impose his way of playing with the players we have.
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