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  1. Chuff me... it’s everybody’s fault bar his own. He’s had chances under every manager we’ve had since he’s been here, he’s not taken any of the chances afforded him. Simply not good enough and doesn’t work hard enough either, his body language is awful. Get shut.
  2. One name that hasn’t been mentioned is Sean Dyche. Highlight unlikely I know but it’s obvious he’s falling out with his Chairman and could either walk or talk himself out of a job shortly. I’d hope the club would at least make contact and see?
  3. There are a few on that list that would take us down. Bullen, Johnson, Cowley Bros all would be a disaster. A long term project with Eddie Howe could be good but again, risky, as he could take us down whilst trying to impose his way of playing with the players we have.
  4. You think those mentioned would refuse to help?
  5. Because I wanted him to succeed? Not really that hard to comprehend?
  6. Just for clarity, I’m not saying they should be manager! I want the club to start making the correct long term calls and any of those mentioned would be able to assist, didn’t necessarily say it had to be an official appointment either, DC just needs to start having confidential conversations with these guys and listen to their advice.
  7. More than a manager that most fans are satisfied with when appointed, I wish Chansiri would bring in a sounding board that knows about football and loves the club more than anything else. Sad thing is he’s spoilt for choice and yet continues to be influenced by people who have their own agendas or know nothing about the game. Sgt Wilko, Nigel Pearson, Chris Waddle, Chris Turner all live in Sheffield, know the game inside out and live the club. All of these blokes would be happy to steer him in the right direction, on a formal or informal basis and it would result in us
  8. There is a way to win games and a way to loose them and I’m ok with tonight. Played a very good side, battled and stayed in the game. We need to hold our nerve and not over react every time we lose a game. This side has character. On to the next....
  9. F**king sickner. We have a real problem beating QPR at home. Just had a bad feeling about today, especially when Shaw goes off injured and the Palmer and starting the day without Brown and Iorfa but it looked like they were going to grind out a much needed win. How many 96min winners/ equalisers do we concede???
  10. Cheers pal, one of the more sensible posts on here today!
  11. What an absolute pile of crap! Give your head a wobble
  12. You’re right it does and they’ve shown character in spades this season, so why don’t you support them when things don’t go to plan? Some on here are just waiting for things to go wrong so they can peddle their anti Monk doom & gloom.
  13. Wow the so far quiet anti Monk brigade are delirious today aren’t they! So much for trying to stick together and having a siege mentality
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