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  1. Not really, they weren’t expected to do anything at the start of the season with the squad he had, he over achieved
  2. It was also a madhouse when he took over, he did a very good job there.
  3. What a squad of utter crap. I would only keep Iorfa and Bannan and sack the rest of them off. Seriously, which ones in our squad are good championship players? Apart from the two I’ve already mentioned I can only think of Reach, and his work rate and desire worry me sometimes. out of the players on loan, I’d have Murphy and Wickham but can we afford them? This defence is shocking and I bet my bottom dollar that Monk despises them as much as I do.
  4. You wouldn’t get a price that reflects his talent because of his age. Keep Bannan and upgrade his team mates
  5. By selling one of our only genuine quality players? All those years we had to put up with poo central midfielders and then we want to bin off a quality passer of the ball who never hides and covers every blade of grass???
  6. Are you serious? I honestly can’t see why people have a pop at Bannan. He was superb today
  7. Simple facts are we’re bad in both boxes at the moment which is a shame as a lot of the midfield play is very good. Definitely need a good centre half and a quick centre forward to feed off Wickham (assuming we sign him)
  8. Fans pretty much agree that this squad needs an injection of youth and pace. Hungry players with something to prove. It’s also agreed that the old crocks need moving on. why are people moaning then when we start this process by moving on the old crocks?
  9. I couldn’t disagree more with this, sorry GMOwl! I thought we have knocked it around very well against two supposedly ‘footballing sides’ in Forest and Bristol and kept the ball better than both. I also thought we defended well and the only reason we didn’t keep a clean sheet was because their striker clearly pushed Iorfa who would have dealt with the situation. we’re far from the finished article but we are looking better than most Championship sides I’ve seen post lockdown.
  10. Some fair points there Guru and I agree with a lot of what you have said but any manager we appoint will be a gamble to a certain degree. I thought we were really lucky to get Bruce and I was certain he’d get it right for us but unfortunately circumstances conspired against us. Cast your mind back to some of the managers being linked with us when Bruce left, they were worrying. I think Monk will get a hard working, honest team together but whether it will be attractive enough, I don’t know. I’d much rather have him than that ex Rangers Portuguese horror show.
  11. Mixed track record, you can put a spin on it either way to prove your point. i just think you’ve got to treat people right and give them a chance of succeeding and therefore I’d like to seem him be given a chance to rebuild the squad, have a pre season and be able to bring in his own coaching staff. if the team shows no improvement after all that then show him the door. fact is, you can’t build anything if you keep chopping and changing managers all the time.
  12. I didn’t add that photo. Sorted now, gave up on the 2019 shirt but luckily found a site that did shirt and shorts kids kits for the 2020 England home shirt
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