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  1. I like him puts himself about probably unlucky not to have scored a few more already, think it was harsh to have dropped him after first few games looks decent enough
  2. Gregory for Paterson that be it for me depending on luongo’s fitness though
  3. Expecting 3 points today with them struggling a bit my only concern is the defence, yes it’s been playing well but how long before Johnson truly gets found out ?
  4. Moore seems to be more worried about the other team then actually setting up to attack, away from home he will be defensive again wildsmith palmer iorfa dunkley brown dennis theo bannan berahino gregory pato
  5. Should be looking to win all of those really but on current form we wont
  6. Moore will set up defensively for this one being away bpf Hunt iorfa hutch Palmer byers bannan corbeanu shodipo adeniran berahino
  7. 4-4-2 at home for me Gregory and berihno up front, shodipo and corbeanu on wings supporting, Dennis and baz in middle
  8. Need a win today put right the last two poor performances,home record so far is good need to start finding the net more often
  9. Very good player on his day unfortunately his day isn’t often enough and being out of contact in summer is sell him
  10. Probably our toughest game so far thinking a draw be a decent result,but also think we can actually win it
  11. Bpf hunt iorfa hutch Palmer adeniran bannan wing green kamberi cobeanu
  12. Realistically yes 3 points but no game at hillsborough be easy teams up there game against us
  13. He was better on Saturday, but still tries to do to much for me not doubt he has the ability maybe a confidence thing following injury
  14. Not a fan nearly caught us out a few times but guess it will come with more game time
  15. Looked good today point to prove maybe ? Gutted when he came off best player up to that point
  16. Wouldn’t say must win, so early in the season but we need to set our stall out if we can’t get up for this one with the expected big crowd something is wrong expect a tough game win 1-0
  17. Am going on my own Billy no mates
  18. Should be far to good at this level,excellent signing that won’t come cheap can see wildsmith on his way now as Dawson has the longer contract probably loan to league 2
  19. Good move really doesn’t want to be here and we’ve got some money for him just need to sign left sided cb to replace him now
  20. Another good workout not expecting us to win but we need to start getting an idea of our first 11 together with only 2 weeks to go
  21. Best keeper in my time watching wednesday was a fav player growing up still got a shirt with his name on would loved it signed but probably got no chance now
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