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  1. Said beginning of season we will stay up blades will go down i stick by this
  2. Win wednesday night and we are nearly there can start to kick on then
  3. Miles better on the left were he belongs,has the trickery but needs to be a bit tougher in the tackle seems to bottle it a bit but miles better last few games
  4. you,d think we would learn from last seasons mistakes,but we just seem to have gone back into the old ways its like we always think 1 goal is enough
  5. why do we always panic,in the last ten minutes cost us loads last season and already once this nearly twice if there pushing on in the last ten leave someone forward hit them on the break push them back
  6. Leko looked good yesterday when he came on maybe one that got away as someone already stated no to fussed on the others murphy is a big miss mind
  7. The signs are there but its going to take time for the new side to gel,paterson has only played twice and marriott 2o mins or so,think kachunga needs to be up front looked lost out wide yesterday
  8. Yep looks good massive upgrade on nuhiu just needs a goal unlucky today with that header
  9. Only a threat if we beat the first man from a corner which we struggle to do most of the time
  10. As long as he is solid, and chips in with a few goals who cares
  11. Quite a few are winnable fixtures, Brentford and Bournemouth look tough got to start picking up points
  12. Got to be looking to win this one today, don't think we will get ought vs Brentford so need to close the gap
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