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  1. We need to be in and around mid table come Christmas then we can push on we need a good start to the season, however with many a new player incoming it will take time to gel again
  2. Hope he turns out to be like a Carlton Palmer type player, strong and can break up attacks with a eye for a goal or two
  3. Love to see lazaar back but sadly it won't happen
  4. Great servant, but we need to move on leaves Rhodes as our only striker who doesn't play so be interested to know who Monk is after
  5. Could be the reason for hold up if we are relegated we might not be able to play which in turn causes more issue
  6. Wildsmith Palmer Iorfa borner Murphy Lee bannan luongo reach Windass Nuhiu
  7. Said he'd never manage here, and who would want it the mess we are in
  8. Wildsmith was excellent before his injury and Dawsons confidence is shot how Westwood gets overlooked is ridiculous but he won't play for us again at least under Monk,
  9. This whole farce is a disgrace it's gone on far to long, I can see them deducting points and then us needing to beat Colin on Wednesday night, sticks of the Palace game few years back
  10. Get rid let's just have a fresh start all round, question is who would come
  11. Probably his best game yet needs a goal and has been unlucky with a few chances, something about him
  12. Read this morning if we win this one we are safe, so expect us to lose, or if we do somehow get 3 points the efl will them deduct them at end of the week
  13. I'll take 1-1 be a good point before another tough game on Wednesday night
  14. Borner to come back in maybe start da cruz instead of Rhodes,
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