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  1. But as usual, it’s perfectly fine and totally acceptable when it goes in your clubs favour. Nobody would complain about last nights ref if he’d have sent of a Peterborough player for a dubious at most, looking tackle and we’d have won two nil. Folk moan when it’s agen em and say nowt when it’s for em.
  2. Not sure what you’re point is when, after four games last season we were top, had 10 points and finished 4th.
  3. I’m ok with a water break if that’s what it is, not an additional 5 minute team talk by the manager. All the players should stay in the centre circle and the club staff members should bring the drinks on. Really bugged me on Sunday watching Moyes pointing frantically whilst his players were taking drinks.
  4. Think a lot of their money still goes on the rent of Valley Parade, think it’s close to £500k per year. A lot of money at that level. But, yeah, still probably a lot more than most clubs in the bottom division and a fare few above.
  5. 20,000 at Bradford for a team that finished 82nd in the country last season and probably this.
  6. Not really. Its the usual 24k plus decent away following, that the two or three big games in regular season pull. We’ll probably average a very respectable 22k over the season.
  7. We probably won’t be even the highest in lg 1 again, so maybe stretching it a bit.
  8. No way can GA spell insignificance, the bloke has to remember to blink.
  9. Don’t think he played for Bielsa competitively.
  10. Depends how they spend the incoming funds I suppose.
  11. Depends on how the transfer was structured. If, at the time we were under sanctions from the EFL, it could be that a sell on clause was omitted in return for higher up front payment and less over the term of his contract payments. As much as it encourages social media input, we have absolutely know idea how these player transactions are agreed.
  12. I used stats based on 30 years attendances, which included 9 seasons in the PL. You used a figure that was our highest league average, outside of the PL for 70 years and price increase you mentioned had already kicked in. So actually you’ve confirm my point that we do a hardcore of 21k fans and that fluctuates by 4k or so based on how the well the team does, not the price.
  13. In the last 30 years our overall average attendance is 23,795. That’s from 9 seasons of PL football, 16 of Championship and 5 in Lg1. Our average last season for LG1 football was 22,470. So our attendances aren’t dropping at all, they are round about what they’ve always been as an average. We have a core 21k home fans but that realistically can drop by 4k if things are bad, regardless of ticket prices. Then it can also increase by 4k if we are challenging for promotion again regardless of ticket prices.
  14. Tire of these threads a bit. Essentially we have 15,000 empty seats because our capacity is too big for our regularly attending fanbase. We could give them away for nowt and within three or games it would be the same fans turning up that are purchasing season tickets every season. The penny should have dropped by now whilst we are out of top flight and for a few games when we're in it, 25k home seats is plenty.
  15. Not sure why we were the bookies favourites. We were closer to the relegation places than the European places in 92/93 and 25 points behind the Champions.
  16. You could probably put a £10k Versace suit on that bloke and it would look scruffy.
  17. Umbro do some stylish kits. Like them a lot.
  18. Cause it's only England player's who have had long physically and mentally draining seasons. What were Germany players doing been all energetic and enthusiastic playing for their country. And don't get me started on Hungary players busting a gut to compete. Charlatans.
  19. This must make Hungary favourites for the WC.
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