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  1. Do many students actually want to attend a Championship match that doesn’t even involve the club they probably support? These will be 18 y/o + lads who will have their own clubs, if they’re into football at all, and will have little to no interest in attending games. My eldest is at Nottingham, he’s a Leeds fan from his mother’s side, his mates are from all over the country. They’ve never attended a Forest game unless it happened to involve their team.
  2. The PLFAWPL League (The points lost from a winning position league) CHAMPIONEZ
  3. Bannan knew he'd sold Lees short with pass. If its going backwards there it goes straight back to Westwood in acres of space not one 10 yards to one footed Lees under pressure from a quick forward.
  4. Maybe I just start posting replies with inaccuracies then eh. A dose of realism needed rather than blue and white tinted specs. You stick to your positivity mate.
  5. Really, they didn't before DC came in. What will change?
  6. And be left with the same big bills to pay and, as you say, no income to help. Sounds very enticing to any prospective new owner.
  7. Anyone that does proper due diligence on us would run a mile from a sale.
  8. Plus going for one win in three gives you a chance of increasing your goal difference, which could be worth another point. A 1-0 loss, a 2-0 loss and a 4-0 win is better 3 pts than three daws.
  9. Expect a Nixon exclusive shortly.
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