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  1. When you say commanding centre back, what do you mean? What qualities would he bring to SWFC?
  2. We were probably one the 6th biggest in the Championship at the time, country not so much.
  3. If only there were other threads to view.
  4. Red Bull Pig. A hybrid animal, a bit like their fans.
  5. MK Dons are perfect for them. Red Bull Dons.
  6. Sung, no doubt, by 1,500 Brad Pitt lookalikes.
  7. What are you blabbing on about? Are you saying bring in Neil Redfearn over Neil Thompson? Are you also saying Neil Refearn's CV at developing youth players to the first team squad is better? Redfearn piggybacked Thompson's development of their brightest prospects, then stabbed him in the back to take his job.
  8. Not sure about the large, bold font. Crikey, we’ve only got the League Cup in 85 years.
  9. It was unlucky for Clough that he couldn’t convince Taylor to join him at Leeds. His time there would have been very different. Not the same manager without his right hand man.
  10. The infrastructure and facilities at the club have not progresses one bit since he came in. It’s a disgrace really that our training ground is as poor as it is given the amount of money DC has pumped into the club. As with most things he’s done, it’s a massive sticking plaster on an issue rather than a long term plan. He really can’t be arsed and if that is coming from the top, it doesn’t take long for it to trickle down.
  11. The coverage is tinged with racism, crikey. I bet Mr Wrights BBC paymasters are loving that.
  12. When we have PL academy players on £30k+ per week, the horse has well and truly bolted.
  13. Funnily enough got a picture of him and my lad playing for Bradford City at Middlewood Road years ago, ironically against George Hirst. Strange signing though.
  14. Not even sure they're that tbh. Think their global appeal peaked a few years ago when Pep joined, now they're back to been behind the traditional big boys.
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