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  1. I don’t think it is mate. I saw a report on Man U’s attendances recently that pointed out the despite 74k crowds being announced, more often than not there’s a lot less than that, 63k was for a game against Palace iirc. We have a lot of very well supported clubs throughout all four divisions. We got 21k in Lg1, Bradford City got nearly 16k in the bottom division yesterday, that’s more than a lot of well known Bundesliga 2 clubs. Theres only so many people willing to pay up and actually attend matches and we have a lot of grounds to fill.
  2. Glad you were only tempted to say it. Actually saying it would be ridiculous.
  3. And for fans of Championship clubs, as effectively only two promotion places are up for grabs every season.
  4. Nobody will make much of it there whoever’s in charge, Far too far north to ever attract decent players now without having to pay well over odds. Far smaller clubs from London will beat than to signings if the wages are the same, just to be able to play in the capital. Same goes for Leeds. Wanted Conor Gallagher but he chose Palace to stay in London. Newcastle, for me are PL history not present or future.
  5. As soon as he could, much like Pep and Klopp, Bielsa changed his goalie to adapt better to his style of play. Recognising that whilst they were good goalkeepers, their ability to also play as a last defender was poor. Ironically it was BPF who he replaced because of this. For us to play the way DM wants requires a keeper confident with the ball at his feet and with accurate distribution. You don't often get that, as well as being a good shot stopper at Lg1 level.
  6. CR- In three seasons, how many finals have you taken Man United to Ole? OGS- Errrr..5,6,7..8,9,10. CR- Honestly? OGS- 1
  7. But the Gerrard - Lampard - Scholes problem was 3 players for two positions. We could have at least 8 players vying for 3 positions, assuming Kane's a shoe in.
  8. Crikey. Penalties aside in a Euro final, we’ve not lost a game in the last 16 fixtures. What do you put down to, if not an ability to manage games?
  9. No mate, he’s just a characterless jerk. Personality of a Mersey ferry.
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