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  1. It's certainly not, never has game been more popular. Amazon and Netflix desperate to join the party and already dipping their toe in nicely with the documentaries.
  2. What about his season before that and the two after? 15 goals in three seasons. Whilst I believe we have a good player and there is more to come from Windass, he still has a lot to prove at this level. Let’s try keep some perspective on this. One decent season for Rangers in a league that’s a level below the Championship in all fairness, is typical YouTube compilation material but not an accurate reflection of his goal scoring prowess as a whole in his career. Working with Beattie and being played in the right position will benefit him massively this season.
  3. The problem was always him, always sliding into 50/50's on his backside rather than on his two feet. Then bang, knee or leg impact injury. He may have portrayed a hard man image, that some on here lapped up but he didn't tackle like one.
  4. The Wilder overlapping novelty Will be well and truly forgotten , bottom three for me.
  5. Don’t we already have all that plus a guarantee £8m every season from the PL? Our independent TV deal is £595m over 5 years, we have a professional 3 league competition, meaningful trophies and a possible route into Europe.
  6. Well, when his role is up for grabs, we won’t need to look far for his replacement. [email protected] will sort it.
  7. That did used to be the case but, iirc, the yearly solidarity payments were increased buy a couple of £m per club as a guaranteed payment rather than the chance of a payout if a club were promoted back within a couple of seasons.
  8. The current PL solidarity payments of £7-8m per Championship club, makes up around a third of our total income, as it does for a lot of non parachute payment receiving clubs. No way can the EFL finance that £180m injection of funds into the Championship each season and the EFL members would never agree it. If ever the EFL “grew a pair” and told the PL to fizz off, the gap between us would be even bigger and most clubs would go bust within a year, even us.
  9. We saw Harris and Penny have the ability to get into good crossing position against Walsall, and they delivered some decent balls into the box. So for that reason, if the team news filters through with no striker, I’m going to drive down to Cardiff, sack Monk on the spot and promote Andy Hughes there and then. Or I’ll just tut and shake my head as usual.
  10. Yeah but he had to do Belgium films first, see how he performed.
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