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  1. Well the four set of accounts covering DC’s ownership show losses of around £70m will he will have had to cover. 18/19 will probably be another £30m losses, 19/20 £25m maybe more because of COVID. So were up to £125m just to cover losses. Add the purchase of the club, refurbs, trading ground improvements and court cases and I bet he’s not far off £200m invested.
  2. Its a good job VAR wasn't around for that game, we'd have been down to 10 men and 2-0 down before halftime.
  3. I must be in the minority here but I thought he was far too deep against Swansea. The little tricks and turns we’re all well and good but should have been 30 yard higher up the pitch.
  4. My thoughts sadly. He's not fit enough to be arriving late in the box, then having to do his midfield role when teams break on us. We would be left very exposed.
  5. Yeah, and we’re still in the bleeding Championship.
  6. Who made Ben White excellent? He certainly wasn’t before Bielsa took him. The two massive loan deals , as you put it, hardly started 3-4 league games between them. Hardly strengthening the squad.
  7. They sold about £30m+ of players last season. Jack Clarke, Jansson, Roofe, Vieira, Saiz, Peacock-Farrell, Ekuban, Sacko, all first teamers.
  8. I think it puts to bed the assumption that we will now have the £38m profit put into 18/19 accounts as well.
  9. Lets look at the accounting period that will be in question if we add the profit from the stadium sale into 18/19 (yet to be published) accounts. What do we know as fact. 16/17 we made a £20.7m loss adjusted to £18m for allowable expenses ( youth team, infrastructure, ground improvements ect..) Excluding the stadium profit, which we will see in 18/19 accounts, we made a £35.7m loss adjusted to £32M for allowable expenses. So for this three year rolling accounting period 16/17 + 17/18 + 18/19, we currently sit at a loss of £50m. This will already
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