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  1. Which is? What have they threatened? Not being pedantic just wondering what would be their case.
  2. Legal action against the EFL, how would that work? It's a members club. If we took legal action against them, the EFL would hold a members meeting to propose withholding our golden share for next season, the members more than likely would vote in favour, then where are we left? Suing a body that holds the cards to us either starting the season in their competition or down in non league.
  3. Bloody Nora, I thought that said #Pogba. We’re rich I tell thee!
  4. Im looking forward to the pubs reopening so I can cut down on my drinking.
  5. They’ll just sell Phillips for £20m, academy lad so profit straight on the bottom line and they’ll be fine. Thats how it tends to work in the EFL, not like our club who refuses to move players on when the price is right.
  6. Without the sale of Jack Hunt for a couple of £m, which we included in the 17/18 accounts having extended them by two months, we'd have posted a loss. And that would have been including the stadium sale profit. Very good position? Not for a long while yet.
  7. Not sure why this is a surprise to the author of the tweet. It's all there in the last accounts. Without the owners financial support we're done.
  8. So that’s how we’ve extended the loan players contracts. By not paying the ones signed permanently.
  9. I’ll agree, in that I doubt them lot will be in the top division the season after next. Nor will we though either.
  10. Be great wouldn’t it? We get landed with 15 point deduction, we post account losses of £40m shortly after and the EFL calls us back and sticks an umbongo on us for next season. Typical Wednesday.
  11. My lads mates with Jordan Windass he told me his brother was signing for us before it was common knowledge. I was that underwhelmed at the time, I couldn’t be arsed posting it.
  12. I’m resigning myself to the fact we won’t be paying fees for anyone, that way I’m not let down.
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