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  1. I think it’s fair to judge him on what he does this season. Fresh start for everyone and Monk is getting the chance to put his own team out there. The team looked well today and he’s getting the chance to be the main striker and he’s scored today. Long may it continue.
  2. Regardless of whether he was on the pitch or not, he was a player that always seemed to have a connection with the fans. He seemed a genuinely nice guy. All the best Atdhe
  3. Good luck Izzy. Excited by the type of player that Monk is bringing to the club
  4. I’d prefer GM to be concentrating on the team and the rebuild and come out next season fighting for every point. That’s the best way to do the talking on the pitch instead of getting involved in all the off field stuff.
  5. Great to see one of our players taking the time out of whatever schedule he has to give something back to the community. I have seen players from other teams do it in the past but good to see one of our own picking up the baton and providing a great weekend and experience for young kids. Well done Liam Palmer.
  6. Cheers for the heads up and cheers for your stats again . Not sure if I replied or quoted again, pretty new to this
  7. No I don’t it’s just my opinion. Didn’t Madine score 20 when we got promoted from League 1 - don’t quote me, I’m not great with statistics and won’t be googling it . Not sure how he could do significantly better anyway if he was injured either. Not really bothered what West Brom fans think or interested in googling their stats to try and prove a point either. That seems a bit obsessive don’t you think? If you’re going to make an observation then try not to contradict yourself with individual statistics.
  8. No I don’t think we would. Both don’t compare with the BMW at Brentford or a Mitrovic etc. 5 of each player is also not realistic but if you mean their application and effort replicated through the team then we may have ended like Swansea did but that attitude wasn’t present unless you saw something I didn’t in the team last season. I agree with the rest of your post though.
  9. I agree he was definitely our best striker last season but 12 -13 goals a season from you’re best striker isn’t good enough if the club wants to progress. Let’s hope Monk has got someone in the pipeline to replace and improve us.
  10. Good move by the chairman and the club. Allowing Monk to have the tools and train set to have a go at it. I hope to see a reinvigorated team that has been freshened up with new faces. If it doesn’t pay off, Chansiri has the guys who know all about the club to fill in as backups if needed.
  11. Fletcher And Fox may do alright at Stoke but the truth of it is if I was a Stoke fan I would be feeling underwhelmed as neither were a cut above last season. I can’t see either of them getting in any side that is challenging near the top of the table. They were steady players in quite a poor team. I’m feeling more optimistic with the signings we have made and the change around in coaching staff. Good luck to both of them though.
  12. Won’t be someone that Wednesday will look at signing IMO. He’s looking for his last big pay day as he’s approaching 30. We don’t want to be paying over the odds in wages for a player just because he is available on a free transfer. I don’t think Monk will have the clear out he has had and fill the squad with this type of player.
  13. It should be up to the club what they pay players without having to answer to anyone else. FFP doesn’t seem to lead to a Level playing as failure payments give some teams an edge. If some chairman’s want to pay players a ridiculous amount then let them. I think we have seen at Hillsborough that paying a lot of money to players doesn’t guarantee success. It should be up to the club to manage income and expenditure to protect the business just like in any other organisation. I’m sick of all the off field rubbish that makes football not what it used to be.
  14. Hopefully it’s a step in the right direction with the move away from ageing PL players that want a contract and happy to sit in the stands injured.
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