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  1. I dont see it that way mate,look at the points i have made and re post....
  2. Really hope Rotherham win,they are everything as a Club,manager,players,Chairman..that in my view 'we' allegedly are not.....they are a YO YO Club,they know it,and have cut there cloth to fit.... SWFC on the other hand? NEXT.....Lets see how the millionaires go on,on Sat................(not that it matters any more.....only DM it seems thinks we can still remain a Championship side....) DREAM ON....
  3. Pattersons our top scorer mate,joint now i believe with Windass last goal,seven a piece...
  4. Except he didnt contract was offered and turned down...
  5. Totally agree mate, DM seems to be escaping any critique at all for many decisions like this,some even applauding the 'good football' we are now playing,as we lose every game,often dont score,and give up as soon as we go behind....Bizarre... Bet Barnsley fans dont miss the 'pass it around' that almost got them relegated last Year....
  6. I think so.....despite the fact it is doubtful any manager could get a tune out of this lot, DM has made some very poor decisions already..in my view
  7. I dont think there was any need for that TBH....if a contract was offered,it makes sense they wanted him to stay...
  8. We do know who decided Dave should leave though,dont we? Dave his self!! he was offered a contract and didnt accept...
  9. Guess we are all suffering a bit from SWFC 'battle fatigue' well everyone except the players...mixture of disbelief,abject misery, and anger...together with frustration at not being able to do flip all about it...Strange isnt it? Players have got PFA to go to,Managers have the League managers association, seems its only the supporters/fans who are left to rock up and keep taking it without recourse...
  10. Yeah ime an argumentative so and so who doesnt understand,seems we can agree on that at least
  11. Stop feeling sorry for yourself ,nobodys patronising you....
  12. Totally disagree with you mate,you seem to have bought into only being a 'customer' rather than a life long supporter/fan, two completely different things.....examples: People leaving their money in the Club during lockdown,and not asking for refunds,people allowing their tickets to roll over,even though they have paid high Championship prices,to watch now L1 football. Buying merchandise from the Club to again put money into it,when it could be bought allegedly cheaper elsewhere...And finally people supporting the Club through thick and thin,despite dire results,etc etc People dont
  13. TBF Mate i have seen that view posted a few times
  14. Another fallacy look at the players given a squad number this season,than come back and tell me GM built this seasons squad......squad/team comprises players brought in under:CC,Bully,Jos,SB, and GM and our 'recruitment team'
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