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  1. Not Noticed? you forget we were a PL founder member?.....like Coventry? .......... slipped your mind?we are a Div three team,not One (thats just marketing hype) and we do deserve to be here,thanks to the very well documented and discussed antics that have gone before...Championship losing Play Off finalists.. Lets all feel blessed.... Fans of this Club deserve less excuses,more entertaining,attacking football...& a set of Players & management that are capable of beating in the main very average 3rd Division sides..& achieve automatic promotion without playing extra matches,& going through the Play Off 'lottery' Thats what i want,ime a SWFC supporter
  2. Not top spot or second? 3rd Division 3rd to 6th spot instead? We cant even aspire now to be as good as Rotherham? or Coventry? we than are now on par with WW? thats 'success'? How the mighty are fallen.............
  3. Really?thats the sum of our aspirations?....
  4. It is his responsibility if it’s down to his tactics ,team selection, and game management who decides everything has to go through BB? Play out from the back? Play with 1 up front? Yes
  5. DM is looking like a one trick pony,and who on here wants the lottery of the play offs? What are we incapable of doing what Rotherham did?...or Paul Warne?... Look at the teams above us FFS and the teams who we have been humbled by....its not panic,its about thinking we are being humbled and thumped by Div 3 Teams,...THREE FFS..... Remember the initial marketing after our initial relegation to the Championship...I DO Get your Premier League return season tickets(or similar..long time ago) How did that go??...DM needs to change & i see no sign at all..that he has any intention of doing so... DM should be told that winning and being top spot,are to be our goal this Year,or your gone....and to stop the predictable possession football that goes nowhere BB & SH doing nothing,Bannan needs taking off all dead ball,free kicks,and corner responsibility, stop him dropping so deep(or drop him if he wont/cant do it) & give someone else the responsibility of running the midfield. Defend by getting and keeping the ball in the opponents final third,the only place we can put pressure on,and force opponents to make mistakes,foul,win corners,free kicks etc etc All things that could be reasonably expected at this standard & from which we are more likely to score more goals... Play 442 and push forward.....with pace..........and DM if your tactics are not working dont bury your head in the sand,do something to change it!!!! at least try...
  6. Theres still Championship players in DM team mate, Wing was flying(ha ha) under Paul Warne,and what still 2 Millionaires at least still playing for us?? Performances have been poor in my view,playing across the back,rather than forward to one striker? We should be walloping teams every game,and the reason we arnt is DM poor tactics,game management,& poor subs in my view. Didnt start this Year either did it?..... Cant hold DM responsible for our demise lst Year,but look at the unnecessary points we dropped trying to play out from the back..... When he changed it,for one match we easily beat a very good Barnsley side....who than went on to achieve a play off place...
  7. Agreed and more besides but if you insist on playing one up front and 'playing it out from the back' theres where you finish up......We will win some games,this is a poor league,but that will be despite DM tactics,not because of it...
  8. Really? Accrington Stanly above us? Burton,Cheltenham,WW,.....We cant aspire to do even as good as mighty Rotherham??..AFCWimbledon? Plymouth?....DM tactics are dire,and we should be doing way better
  9. No mate it wouldnt,top spot,or second top=instant return to the Championship with no further matchs to play,3rd top to 6th means playing other teams and a play off final,with no guarantee of returning. thats why i say nothing less than automatic promotion should be our goal,and i have said why.... I simply dont trust the Club to deliver....would i want to reach the play offs if automatic promotion wasnt possible,YES ime a SWFC supporter....
  10. ? Mate the purpose of the play offs,is to to provide a route to promotion.......not sure what we are disagreeing about,!!!However its a journey i dont want....Simply dont trust our Club to be able to deliver TBH... I dont think we should aim for a play off place as a yardstick of season 'success'... From past experience it will lead to more heartbreak for the fans,thats all ime saying..IF its not achieved...
  11. Bigger issue for me,is that the manager could see us going nowhere ,but at half time,changed nothing....just sent them out to do more of the same......no change in style,players or 'impact' subs to try to get back into the game. Not just fans the pundits were equally puzzled....ime worried if it was me,i would have them play under pressure in training,maybe even two against one(defender)constantly being required to pass their way out of trouble,& create chances to score. if they cant do it there,they wontbe able to do it in a match,& its time to think again.
  12. Context mate,I just think the play offs on recent form,to use a suitable analogy would be 'A Bridge too Far' for both the manager,the team. AND the fans if the Final was reached,but promotion was not achieved.I never meant that it wasnt possible to get promotion from the Play offs,merely that it shouldnt be our Goal. Automatic promotion should
  13. Ha ha yeah your right,based on that evidence,the only one thats not there, is the third gunman on the grassy knoll' that killed Kennedy.....
  14. Yes i know,but the play offs (as we know) is littered with heartbreak & disappointment for the fans of all Clubs who dont achieve it
  15. DM IS being given time,are you saying we are incapable with our current squad of doing what Rotherham have managed over 2 consecutive seasons? or WW did last Year ? I just dont want us to have to go through the play offs & play off finals like WW did.. We shouldnt be struggling and getting beaten like we have in the last 2 games,& i like others have simply Q DM tactics...
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