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  1. How long have they got left? They will go for next to nothing if they haven’t got long left on their contracts. Chansiri will no doubt not sell and risk them walking away for free if they refuse to sign another contract and want away.
  2. I’d still take it tho, we’d be able to celebrate promotion or a cup when it’s safe to do so with a parade.
  3. We need to make our minds up on here. I keep reading comments how toxic the Prem is and how failure payments need stopping and that we are happy not to be part of it. Now I read this thread and we would all take promotion whichever way it could be achieved. Wtf?
  4. Mir won’t be voided, it will end on points per game if unable to finish. I guess hats they fairest way if we can’t finish the season.
  5. So despite all the experts who have said it’s safe to bring football back, these experts who have spent so many years training to be in the position that they are within their jobs have all said that it’s safe to bring football back. Yet Marc on Owlstalk deems it’s to early, irresponsible and should be scrapped. 😂
  6. flip side being their agent has got them another club lined up and told them “whatever you do, don’t get injured”.
  7. Fans don’t win you games, players do and ours didn’t turn up. Hull could have had 4 quite easily on another day looking back at those highlights. I can’t remember any of our chances looking back.
  8. Probably a yo-yo team between the 2 divisions and still owning our stadium.
  9. That just shows you the level of his capabilities/mentality. There’s club in this division that average / get more than us, yet you don’t hear (to my knowledge) their players coming out saying they can’t handle the pressure.
  10. Then you’ve got blokes that are working away all week, bumped in a b&b with a work mate all out trying to earn £500/700 a week and don’t get to see their kids/families till the weekend and miss their kids plays, football training you name it.
  11. We need to continue as if we end on ppg and get fined then we are down.
  12. Only got ourselves to blame. If we played by the rules other clubs wouldn’t be after us. We would do the same if we was in threat of relegation and someone above us had broke the rules.
  13. Yet again we face players having all The power. They will demand decent wages with a new contract or will look at their other options and we are left to play the reserves with a potential points deduction happening. Suddenly I want the season to be null and void.
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