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  1. Classless would be my choice of word but whatever you want to go with. I find the whole pig comments from both sets of supporters rather pointless and leave that to the school kids to call each other.
  2. They look to have a stronger squad than last year. Upgraded on Freeman the defender and Clarke. Only positive is them losing Henderson.
  3. We should if they were better than what we currently have. Be stupid not too
  4. Sadly it will always be associated with them. Can’t stand it when it occasionally plays on radio.
  5. Worst undercover since @sonofbert2 posted pretending to be a Manchester City fan but forgot to log out of his Bert account.
  6. Sharp would still score goals for fun in champ. Mcburnie scored a fair few for Swansea / Cardiff? Before he moved. I’d say that would be a decent partnership in the championship for most teams looking for promotion.
  7. Where have you got the idea PL2 is ever going to be a thing? It’s only a thing on this forum and that’s it. I googled it to see if It linked to any other forums / clubs discussing it. The results of that search...it’s already set up and active....for youth football
  8. He can be the first one back when crowds are allowed.
  9. Norwich Leeds Huddersfield Burnley at a guess Cardiff under Colin?
  10. The EFL aren’t moving any goal posts. It is the clubs who agreed to it. Should we get to the Prem, would you still be against failure payments? All it is is sour grapes from a certain section of fans cause we haven’t got these payments.
  11. The only talk of PL2 I’ve seen is on here. Why would the Premier League and their members vote for any change to it and then losing out on money. You’ve then said club are about to go bust so implement changes so they can spend more . If they’re about to go bust, they’re not gonna suddenly spend more, it’s time to tighten up and spend wisely if anything.
  12. You don’t have to spend shitloads, just build a team on what you can. Quite a few have actually done it.
  13. Just interested but how many exactly are receiving those? Nowhere near “majority of clubs” at a guess. A few of our fans are against these failure payments but how many of us would suddenly change our tune if we got promoted and was in line for them if we then got relegated?
  14. Loving the positivity but he needs drug testing if he seriously thinks a promotion push in on the cards. I would LOVE it tho
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