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  1. Yep worked fine for me again. It’s a real shame when things work smoothly so I have nothing to moan about!
  2. No. Went back and edited the post as I couldn’t see how to delete it!
  3. Does anyone have a copy of the season ticket holders instructions for requesting the ifollow code for Saturday? I received an email but seem to have lost it:-( please ignore i just found the instructions on the website!
  4. whatever the club have or haven’t done wrong regarding the sale of Hillsborough and ffp the EFL is clearly guilty of discrimination against the club i the way they have tried to manipulate the outcome especially when you consider the timing of Derby’s case as well. Added to this is the completely unfounded slander of DC regarding his level of English. Time to report the EFL to ‘Kick it out’
  5. How much are the EFL making from advertising having opened up ifollow to the uk market following the lockdown? I am personally boycotting Just Eat because I am sick of seeing it and I now associate them with the EFL! Would be like buying a Sharp or JVC TV in the 90’s:-). Seriously though how much extra revenue are the EFL making out of this?
  6. Starting point has to be prorated % refund for each home game left this season every home game behind close door next season. I paid to go to those games so if they are not available I should be offered a refund. If the club wants to offer some alternatives for fans happy to take another option that’s fine. Personally I am happy to look at any options they put forward but if they don’t included an offer of a refund I will demand one out of disgust at my treatment as a fan. ifollow offer would be an expensive option if your in a household with 4 season tickets
  7. Should start by employing staff that can serve more than 6 pints at half time!
  8. There is nothing in the terms and conditions but I can’t see any way clubs won’t have to give full or partial refunds given the cost to ST holders verses normal tv access costs. With two north stand ST it’s circa £48 a game. If I had £38 a game refunded then that fair enough anything else is shocking treatment of fans. Unfortunately while a life long owl and normally happy to invest in the club. I have been self employed for 10 month so shockingly get no help during this time and as such ever penny counts right now.
  9. Best value football ever could be in its way! My North Stand season ticket at the early bird price works out about £24 a game. Unless season ticket holders get some kind of partial refund then that’s an expensive cost to watch a streamed game played behind close doors! As my wife also has a ticket that’s £48 for me when a normal TV game costs around £10. Anyone with 4 or 5 season tickets in a household is paying a ludicrous amount! Not saying I want a refund but the EFL need to consider this as not all fans will be happy with the cost especially if the streams are opened up to non
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